X-Men 97 Episode 4: Top 5 Extremely Hard-To-Spot Details You Missed!

Alright people, X-Men 97 episode 4 is finally here and Whoa! What the drop it was. I was getting lost in back to back nostalgic moments that were enough to take me back in my classic era of Marvel. While the whole series is left to land on Disney+ platform, every new episode is bringing us a lot of surprises and unexpected twists, coupled up with some of the most exciting treats. No wonder why X-Men ’97 has now become one of the highest rated Marvel TV show of history and I can bet – this show is definitely going to grab multiple awards at red-carpet events.

If you are a Marvel nerd who always pays extra focus while watching their shows and movies just to spot some references and hints or connections among their various other projects – then this article is for you. I am among those who can even watch these type of shows in the speed of 0.25x just to find some sort of hidden messages and what we calls them as an ‘easter-egg’. However, here I’ve sortlisted ‘5 Extremely hard-to-spot details’ that you might have missed in your first watch.

While I do talks a lot about future events, predictions and theories – X-Men 97 episode 4 has something which is motivating me to take you on a wild ride of classic Marvel era. So hold your emotions, grab some popcorns and let’s jump into this unique article!

5) X-Men 97 Episode 4 Brings Us Dazzler!

Dazzler easter-egg in X-Men 97 episode 4
image via Disney+

Whether or not Dazzler will appear in Deadpool 3 is still a mystery – but she indeed has made [almost] an appearance in the latest episode of X-Men 97. If you can remember then there was a brief moment between Jubillee and Mojo, where the secret behind the high ratings finally gets unwrapped. Mojo reveals that Dazzler had a gig and that he shouldn’t be asked about it.

Just in case if you don’t know then Dazzler is both a musician and a mutant. As per the comics, she becomes a major pop star in the world of music and she even manages to serve her duties as a mutant – which makes her a feared opponent in any realm of comics. Her iconic voice and dance moves can easily set stage on fire and that’s the reason why Taylor Swift is getting rumored to appear as Dazzler in Deadpool 3 again and again.

4) So… Here’s Marvel’s Most Iconic Comics Cover!

X-Men 97 episode 4 easter egg
image via Disney+

If you’ve paid enough attention in Mojo’s game then you can spot a poster. Yes! Just stop your streaming and zoom-in to that point, you’ll find the iconic comic cover from Days of Future Past. In this story, Kitty is sent to future where she finds a brutal truth [SPOILERS WARNING]. She finds that mutants are being hunted and killed down – even X-Men are getting murdered brutally which shivers her from inside.

So taking from that note, it is kinda funny to catch such type of reference in X-Men 97 episode 4 where the show initially is based solely in different timeline. But hey! We are living in a multiverse about which we knows frighteningly little. No wonder why I am expecting the unexpected right?

3) The Remixing of Jubillee!

Jubillee's new version

This is one of the most interesting type of detail that I’ve noticed in X-Men 97 episode 4. While we were busy in engaging with our Jubillee, there was one specific moment which was so hilarious and special that fans like you and I are not getting over. The episode has revealed a future variant of this character with the name of Abscissa and just in case if you’ve missed then she actually is a remixing of Jubillee. The thing is, she is being made as a beta version just to test the new game of Mojo. Her ending may get a modified plot in X-Men ’97, but her original ending was a bit sad.

If you’ve read the comics then you knows that Mojo enslaves one of Abscissa’s variant. When Mojo fails to capture primary Jubilee, Abscissa meets her end aka she “dies.” In fact, this is still not all. What makes her story even more tragic is the fact that she is completely erased from existence. I can’t remember properly but maybe it was due to that time paradox. So yeah, we are lucky that Marvel has brought us a remixed version of our beloved Jubillee.

2) Forge’s Old Team!

Forge's picture

Let’s jump into X-Men 97 episode 4’s second story “Lifedeath -Part 1“, because that’s where this egg is trying to hide. We learns that Forge was working on something just to bring back the lost powers of Storm. There you can spot a picture resting – I mean, hanging on the wall with full of memorable and beloved characters. Remember those episodes of original animated series with some government authorized mutants? Yes, those can be spotted in this picture.

If you’ll pay a close attention, then you can find Polaris, Havok, Strong Guy, Wolfsbane, and Multiple Man in the picture. A team which should be featured in multiple episodes but sadly, they didn’t served us for long. Anyhow, atleast we got their small appearance here – and I am happy to see them again.

1) The Adversary’s Realm!

The Adversary
The Adversary

X-Men 97 episode 4 ends with a huge cliffhanger – and so the twisted point. We witnesses a moment where storm finally faced a demon with the name of Adversary. Wondering about his identity? Well, during the Vietnam war, Forge uses his shamanic abilities which accidentally allows this demon to escape into the real world. With that said, I am waiting to watch the struggles of Storm and Forge and their plans to stop this dark entity.

Long story short, X-Men 97 is just dropping back to back bombs and surprises. This is what Marvel is known. The first four episodes are now available to stream on Disney+ so just go and check them out. Also stick around the corner with TVPrism as we brings you some of the most engaging, authentic and original content related to everything TV. Till then – stay safe, peace out!

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