BLACKPINK Jennie Is Collaborating With A “Child Predator,” Sparking New Controversy

I just can’t believe that Jennie from BLACKPINK is taking another controversial step. Although the female idol, who is very well known for her performance and iconic singles in the world of K-Pop – now she is under the rage of audience after collaborating with a “Child Predator.”

It’s not the first time when she is taking such steps, in fact – how ironic is that to sing about feminism to show the world how good you are, meanwhile joining someone who is officially busted for engaging into “harassing-activities” with a minor.

The news has been confirmed officially by none other then Jennie herself. The idol has shared a post on her instagram account announcing the collaboration with ADIDAD and CLOT, a fashion label which is run by singer and actor Edison Chen.

Both Jennie and Chen has shared similar posts on their handles where we can spot them, posing for a picture and hence – confirming the collaborations for their upcoming project. While people were initially happy, things changed when the dark past of Chen came into play.

The Dark History Of Edison Chen!

Edison Chen scandal
Edison Chen Leaked image

Edison Chen was once known for his works, but internet went wild when he was exposed in “explicit” images with the number of female celebrities and models where some of them were not even at their legal age.

The celebs who was found in those images includes names like Cecilia Cheung, Gillian Chung, Bobo Chan and others. Meanwhile the biggest bummer was when this artist found guilty for sharing “explicit” time with a teenage model namely Cammi Tse. The girl was just 16-years old at that time whereas Edison himself was 31-years old.

The scenario was revealed when Cammi apparently lost her device, hence, the leakage of all those shared images and text messages.

While you may be wondering about the charges and punishments, let me tell you that Edison never got charged with any such acts since the legal age in China was 16-years old. The incident was taking place back in 2010 – 2011, and media was not that active, especially when we talks about some specific Asian countries where the real development has taken place in recent years.

Jennie Gets Backlash For This Collaboration

Jennie and Edison Chen gets backlash for collaboration

As expected, the BLACKPINK star Jennie is now receiving a lot of backlash on all over the internet – and why not? I mean, isn’t it ironic how she always shows her acts for supporting feminism and LGBTQIA+ community (which is all good), but at the same time gets agreed to work with someone who has committed a sin?

It is not the first time when she is engaging with any such actor or artist. As much as I knows and follows K-Pop as a fan-girl, I’ve seen her collaborations with some of the most controversial names such as Sam Levinson, Alexander Wang and more.

Dealing with the same, one twitter/X user with the handle @globalitgirl mentioned, “Working with Sam Levinson, being friends with Alexander Wang, and now posting pictures with another (child) predator Edison Cheng… I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt but it’s not looking good for her.” She continued, “And now they wanna say “he’s an adidas collaborator!!!” to defend her, well she didn’t have to post a picture with him OR publicly engage with other predators so what now?”

While another user with handle @naushinul added, “Working with a [censored] while singing about a song for feminism. Pathetic!” One even mentioned, “Alexander Wang, Sam Levinson and now him. Jennie is truly collecting criminals and weirdos like infinity stones.”

Well, I indeed am a huge fan-girl of BLACKPINK – but I myself just can’t tolerate this level of insanity form an idol who shows herself as an icon for young girls and backstabs them by collaborating with their predators. What do you thinks about it?

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