The Boys Season 4 Episode 4: Full Episode Recap & Shocking Cliffhangers

The Boys season 4 episode 4 is here and without a doubt, it is what we were expecting it to be. Homelander has delivered his one of the most finest performance of this saga and the whole episode was full of epic twists, conspiracies and what’s not.

Season 4 premieres with it’s first three episode. It indeed caught our eyes but also made it hard for us to wait for another seven days just to watch what is happening. Although, the fourth episode was worth our waits and I personally would love to call it as a perfect setup for second half of this season.

So what happened in the latest episode? What did you missed and how many deaths (yes, deaths!) are incoming? Here’s my quick and precise explanations aka recap for The Boys season 4 episode 4!

[NOTE: If you’ve not watched The Boys season 4 then you may want to leave this article as it contains some of the major spoilers. So, SPOILERS WARNING AHEAD!!]

The Boys Season 4 Episode 4 Begins Perfectly

The Boys season 4 episode 4

Episode 4 starts with a very interesting sequence where Homelander visits his old home. If you can’t remember then it was the same home where he was the victim of all those brutal tests of scientists which was done on him just for the sake of knowing, ‘what and how much can Homelander and his powers tolerate!’

As soon as our mighty hero enters, everyone freezes like shiver runs down there spines. One of the scientists refers to Homelander with his real name ‘John’. The scene becomes even more interesting because we’ve seen how Homelander calls himself with his real name only when he is alone. However, he gets pissed off if someone else calls him.

Someone Wants ‘Compound V’

This someone is none other then Hughie himself. The ‘old house’ scene quickly gets shifted to the hospital. This particular scene is kinda engaging and giving me chills because we see how Hughie is watching Hugh, seemingly wanting to save him.

For saving him, Hughie is trying to give a new life to Hugh by injecting Compound V into his bloodstream with the help of 1v drip. This sequence might bring a huge cliffhanger in future episodes because we’ve already seen the powers and effects of this compound right?

Frenchie Catches Our Eyes

The Boys season 4 episode 4 also gives a very interesting look at Frenchie. Colin’s mom was a lawyer who used to work on some of the most brutal cases. However, she somehow crossed the paths with Nina and I am pretty sure that she ordered Frenchie to kill her.

We also knows that Frenchie was an addict, so he went straight and killed Collin’s mom and everyone else in his vicinity. Although the attempt was to kill everyone but Collin managed to hid under the bed where he saw the marks on the ankle of the “killer.”

Now in the latest drop, we gets a chance to see how Frenchie immediately covers his ankle with a bedsheet. It simply means that he is still not sure to come and tell Collin the truth about his involvement in his family’s slaughter.

Another Brutal Murder By Homelander

The Boys season 4
image via Amazon Prime studios

The Boys season 4 episode 4 finally delivers what this whole saga is actually known for – Murder! After paying some time on Frenchie’s motives, the scene shifts back to our mighty hero. It was taking place in the same underground lab where Homelander was previously present.

He reveals the incidents from his childhood where Frank, a scientist, used to play waste paper basketball while subjecting him to scorching levels of heat. Our mighty hero also reveals that it was just way too much and how those day were very traumatizing for a child.

Finally he takes the famous step and realizes ‘hey! I am a Homelander. What the heck am I doing this polite huh?’ [Just kidding!!]

Anyways, the scene takes a wild turn when Homelander decides to give Frank a taste of his own medicine. He forces Frank to get into the oven room and burns him to a crisp while he casually plays paper basketball. Wow, this moment is still giving me chills!

The Deal Of Hughie

Highie meets A-Train and asks him to steal Compound V. On hearing this line, A-Train reminds him that all drops of this Compound are present in Homelander’s room, making it impossible to steal. Hugie then reminds A-Train how Homelander killed his girlfriend and how he has a chance to redeem himself in this universe.

Hughie also reveals that the main reason behind stealing this V is his dying father and nothing else. So like always, A-Train gets agreed to risk it all just for the sake of ‘redeem.’

Another Murder By Homelander

The series of murders is still on. The scene shifted to Homelander who was busy in recalling his traumatizing days of John. He reveals how Marty used to keep an eye on John when he was locked up. He also tells everyone how John used the absence of Marty to rub one out but somehow got caught. Marty used to poke John by calling him a “Squirt,” which brings a feeling of rage in Homelander once again.

Now in this scene, Marty tries to apologize to Homelander but our mighty-one was in a different mood today. He asks Marty to rub one out right one, before the eyes of everyone and if he failed then Homelander will give rest to his “Johnson” for ever.

Even after trying his best, Marty fails. Homelander beams his private area and a blood stream flows out. Barbara arrives to stop Homelander but he simply puts an end by crushing the head of Marty. He then asks Barabara to to join him in the room with the red door for a relatively private conversation.

The Expose Of Annie’s Past

The Boys season 4 Annie

The Boys season 4 episode 4 also shows a very interesting sequence with Firecracker and Annie. When Firecracker was busy in manipulating millions of people, she starts revealing the personal secrets of Annie. She tells to her audience how Annie was pregnant six months ago but decided for an abortion.

It manipulated the audience in such a way that now they were thinking that their idol was a “false-one.” It brings a rage of feelings in Annie and she storms out and confront Firecracker. She bashed out the daylights out of Firecracker, as expected.

Without a shock, it was all planned by Sister Sage. The aim was to bring the wrong side of Annie after the eyes of millions of people while using the racist Firecracker to reveal more secrets. She also ensured that it all should happen after the cameras and finally, she won in both perspectives.

Homelander Is Not Done Yet

The Boys season 4 episode 4 shows back to back revenge of Homelander, and that’s why even after murdering Frank and Marty – he takes charge on Barbara. Though he didn’t killed her, but manages to give her a traumatizing experience.

The scene takes place after Homelander asks her to come in the room with red door for a conversation. It is revealed that she is the most cunning of all and begins manipulating Homelander. Barbara tells him that Vought knew John couldn’t be overpowered, that’s why they were trying to get into his head.

It was the main reason why some of the best psychologists were invited to plant an insatiable need for appreciation and love deep into Homeland’s psyche. After hearing this, Homelander tries to deviate the conversation but fails to do so. He even tries to talk about his son Ryan but nothing works out.

Finally he probably traumatizes Barbara for the rest of her life by painting the room with the red door with the innards of the Vought employees and then leaves with a big smile on his face. 

Sister Sage Lobotomize Herself Out To Get ‘Freaky’

After getting teased in the third episode, The Boys season 4 episode 4 finally teaches us the way to use orbitoclast. Sister Sage says that since, she is just way too smart, it makes it harder for her and her mind to enjoy something which is as normal as having sex. As a result, she decides to perform a lobotomy on herself and damage a part of her brain.

Before that part gets back to the normal state, it will allow her to function like a normal girl. She shows her trust on Deep and asks him to lobotomize her, then they finally proceed to get freaky.

Annie Pays For Her Acts

Finally we gets back to the Boys HQ where Hughie watches Newman using Annie’s latest stunt to tear her down. Annie reaches there and it gets confirmed that she indeed was pregnant with Hughie’s child, but the couple decided to abort it.

Both tries to comfort each other but the damage was done. The conservative crowd that we saw in The Boys season 4 episode 4 is definitely going to use it as a weapon during polling. As a result, Singer cuts all ties with Annie.

The Boys Season 4 Episode 4 Ending Explained

The Boys Season 4 episode 4 ending
image via Amazon Prime Studios

The ending of The Boys season 4 episode 4 is perfectly setting everything up for future drops. A-Train successfully delivers the Compound V to Hughie and leaves the scene, however, Butcher arrives there and confronts him for the betrayal to the team. Upon hearing this, Hughie again confirms that this V is for his dad and not for himself, and if Butcher wants then he can give some to him too for the sake of curing his cancer.

Butcher says that he took some from Frenchie’s stash a few months ago, and it only aggravated his deterioration. After a short conversation with Butcher, Hughie decided to not give V to his dad. By the end, he reaches back to the hospital but didn’t injects the compound V to his tube.

A very interesting twist appears when Daphne does the unthinkable thing by nicking the vial and putting it into the IV drip. I am not sure but this particular event of The Boys season 4 episode 4 might result in a lot of chaos that will land in future episodes.

Besides this, I guess there is a golden chance to explore the effects of the mixture of Compound V with that of Temp V. It may give us some solid answers behind the worms in Butcher’s body too, though it indeed will give us some nightmares as well.

Long story short, The Boys season 4 episode 4 was the perfect treat for those who wants to take an idea on the possibilities of future events while recalling the past of Homelander. I’d definitely love to give this drop a solid score of 8.5/10. What’s yours? Season 4 is now streaming on Amazon Prime so make sure to check it out. Also stay tuned with TVPrism where we brings you some of the most engaging, detailed and well-analyzed explanations, reviews, updated, theories and everything TV. Stay safe, peace out!

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