The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live Episode 2 Preview & Shocking Twists!

The Walking Dead indeed has a word ‘Dead’ attached to it’s name, but this saga never ends. Now is the time for The Walking: Dead The Ones Who Live! Season 9 of the original franchise was marking the end of this journey (almost) and I was literally not expecting more projects but hey- ‘never say never’!

Rick is back and so the rest of his gang. The adventures are looking wild and so their chemistry. The first episode has officially landed on the streaming platform and without a doubt- I would love to treat them with a five-star ratings. I mean, it is not that easy to bring back the cast and deliver a perfect plotline without repeating any sort of previous sequences.

Now that we’ve already watched the first episode, I know that you are looking for more news. If you are really looking forward to watch this unique show then you’ve just found your place. From release schedule to the official timings and plots- here I am revealing everything that you need to know about The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live Episode 2!

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live Episode 2 Release Date!

Rick in The Walking Dead The Ones Who Live
image via AMC+ studios

If you are among those who are still waiting to watch the first episode from this show then I would suggest you to simply leave this article- because I may reveal some spoilers while talking (I mean writing) about the future episodes of The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live. So what’s the big question? When is the next episode releasing?

First and foremost, you should just take a look on the release patterns of AMC+. This company believes on simplicity which is quiet impressive to be honest. They really follows a sequential approach while dealing with one of their most popular IP’s (intellectual properties). The Walking Dead saga is definitely one of them, so it’s logical to say that they won’t be causing any uncertainties during the running of it’s spinoff.

To make it even more precise for you, let me tell you that AMC+ has officially confirmed that The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live will follow a weekly schedule starting from February 25, 2024. The detailed schedule of it’s upcoming episodes says:

  • Episode 2: ‘Gone’ – March 3
  • Episode 3: ‘Bye’ – March 10
  • Episode 4: ‘What We’ – March 17
  • Episode 5: ‘TBA” – March 24
  • Episode 6: ‘TBA’ – March 31

The official title for The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live episode 2 will be ‘Gone’, and it is going to deliver us many big surprises. The titles for last two episodes are still unknown but I believes that AMC will announce them in next few days for sure.

Wondering about it’s timings? Don’t worry, I got you! This time you are lucky because The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live is landing on Sundays- hence, you can enjoy your weekends with your families and friends while watching something which is just way too special, nostalgic and exciting. So hey- The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live Episode 2 will premiere on Sunday at 9:00 p.m. ET.

Who Is In The Cast Of The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live?

The Walking Dead The Ones Who Live cast
The Walking Dead Season 5 cast

Now that you knows everything about the release schedule, timings and streaming platforms on which this spinoff show is premiering- don’t you think that you are still missing something? Yes, the casting. So who is in the cast of The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live?

Well, no need to look around because the company has already released it’s first episode along with the full list of casting. The members includes Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes who is making a very epic comeback in this universe. Joining him is Danai Gurira as Michonne who is set to make a deep impact on both our Rick and the story.

We are also getting Lesley-Ann Brandt and Craig Tate as our Thorne and Okafor. Terry O’Quinn, Pollyanna McIntosh and Matthew August are also delivering us their respective roles as Major General Beale, Jadis and Nat. Hence, I can say that this cast has everything that we want to witness in any memorable movie/series right?

What Will Happen In The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live Episode 2?

A still from The Walking Dead The Ones Who Live
image via AMC+ studios

I won’t be revealing too much about the future of this show because I myself want to avoid as much spoiler as I can- so expect a educational-kind of approach in my predictions. First and foremost, we may get a chance to watch CRM in a detailed manner and that’s simply because Rick is planning to help someone. CRM never really excites our Rick but it has many huge secrets which should get revealed later in this show- hence, I would say that episode 2 might go for it.

One of the best moment from episode 1 was when Rick met Esteban again. Yes he was looking a bit surprised but it’s very normal right? Now that this duo is together, we may get a chance to watch some action who will later grab a momentum. Rick is also trying to find his wife which itself creates so many plotlines- however, I won’t go in depth (Yes I want to stay precise for you people).

Last but not least, I feels like Rick is becoming the last hope for everyone once again. By the end of first episode, we saw how Rick was getting forced to stay with CRM if he wants to stay alive. I knows my Rick very well- he will die trying but will never settle for average or slavery.

Our hero can be seen expressing his deep emotions for Michonne which gives us a hint about their upcoming challenges. I mean, if a show is showing such bonds then you should stay ready to witness something unexpected. The upcoming episodes may take a deeper look on Michonne and how she manages to tackle up with the challenges and hurdles which are trying to shatter them.

Well, if you’ll take a closer look then you yourself will find many theories and plotlines. It’s practically impossible to deal with all of them- hence, I tried to mention only the important ones that I personally can speculate. Things will get clear next week with the release of The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live episode 2, so I just can’t wait anymore. Can you?

Make sure to stick around the corner with TV Prism as we brings you some of the most detailed analysis, exciting updates, trending celebrity gossips and much more from our point of view. Till then- stay safe, peace out!

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