BLACKPINK Lisa In Big Trouble For ‘Rockstar’ After Travis Scott Plagiarism Allegations

‘Rockstar’ from Lisa of BLACKPINK is currently streaming everywhere. I enjoyed the song and I am pretty sure that you too did. But now it seems like the comeback solo of Lisa is bringing her some serious problems.

While netizens are now getting divided into two parts, let me tell you that plagiarism issues with her solo comeback song is now causing some big troubles for our BLACKPINK member. On June 28, she dropped this single which quickly triggered the trending charts. Like always, the LaLisa is dominating the music industry with her release but this time, she have to face some pretty big challenges by Travis Scott allegations.

Just in case if you don’t know then let me tell you that in ‘Rockstar,’ there is a specific scene where our beloved LaLisa can be seen with multiple uniformed kids who are just standing still. The allegations are claiming that this shot has been stolen from the music video of FE!N that was originally released three months before Lisa’s comeback single.

The FE!N was directed by Gabriel Moses, who is a self-taught photographer and videographer hailing from London. He has worked with some of the greatest talents such as Travis Scott, Skepta, Pharrell and more.

Moses Took Instagram On Storm By Sharing ‘Rockstar’ Shot Of BLACKPINK’s Lisa

Lisa Rockstar plagiarism issue
image via Instagram

Now Moses has expressed his worries and disdain on his Instagram Story where he shared the snap of a chat. He can be seen saying, “got mad love for all my snitches man!” Later he also added the said clip in another story.

To be honest, this clip indeed looks very identical to the one from FE!N, but I just don’t know how can the director of Lisa’s song Henry Scholfield can make this silly-looking mistake? The exact same POV has been shared by many Blinks on X/Twitter where some are asking Travis and Moses to give a claim to Henry and not the entire song.

Meanwhile one group of Blinks is targeting the Travis by saying that this is a very normal concept and no artist can ever push his/her rights on it.

Things are getting even more interesting but twisted for LaLisa as Moses has now contacted to her company LLOUD Entertainment for an answer. In his story, Moses revealed that he has given this company a time of 30 days (or say till last week of July).

The music video is currently available to stream on YouTube and make sure to stay tuned to TVPrism where we brings you everything TV and with bunch of exciting and trending updates related to your favorite Idols and celebrities. Till then – stay safe, peace out!

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