Sonic Prime Season 4 Preview: 5 New And Exciting Pitches For The Future

In my last article, I’ve revealed the two major possibilities that might take place after all those leaks that was hinting at Sonic Prime Season 4. Now some major developments are taking place throughout the internet which is sparking the hype for the future of this beloved saga.

We knows that all those Hollywood insiders are now busy with their investigations to reveal more details about those leaks, but what exactly may happen in the fourth season (if it gets a green light of course)? Well, here I am talking about ‘Five Major Plots‘ that might take place in Sonic Prime Season 4!

Shadow The Hedgehog!

Shadow in Sonic Prime
image via Netflix

During the entire Sonic Prime show, one character who was looking way too confident and consistent is none other then Shadow. This guy was not only calm and composed, but was trying to guide others in right direction.

Now we knows that his mission is over and he, along with his friend Sonic, has saved the world. It sounds like a one complete story and it actually is, but only for Sonic! Shadow’s story is not over yet and I would say that a lot is still left to tackle from his journey. Shadow is a character who is known for bringing a new angle in any storyline, and he did the same thing during the entire show.

It was really hard to believe Shadow is playing a positive role and now he will not tease our Sonic anymore, but now the fact that everything is fine, we can witness a change of heart.

I am not saying that there is any need to put Shadow in the shoes of a villain, but isn’t it nostalgic to watch our favorite character in his original arc? Even if they wants to avoid this angle then I do have an alternate way: They can try to explore the world of Shadow where they can cover his new challenges and enemies, hence, introducing us with many other new faces.

It will eventually allow them to establish a unique perspective while saving the vision of original Sonic Prime’s show.

Silver And Other Big Cameos!

Silver the Hedgehog in Sonic games
image via Sega Games

One thing which we were speculating ever since the ending of it’s first season was the cameo of our Silver The Hedgehog. This character is securing it’s own fan-base which is really passionate as well as dedicated for the future of Silver.

I was watching a video last week which was revealing a surprising fact about Silver. This is the only character from the Sonic universe which has gone through the most number of modifications in both of it’s personality and physical appearance. So bringing him into this ongoing universe of Sonic Prime can give a golden opportunity to both Netflix and Sega for developing something new.

Silver is a character who knows how to use some of the latest technologies in a very efficient manner. He can easily manipulate the entire storyline in a beautiful and an advanced manner, hence, introducing more technologies in Sonic Prime.

In fact, I do have a short synopsis (ofcourse my own fan-made theory) for Silver- What if one of his device accidentally enters into the Shatterverse and starts making incursions? It would be cool to watch Silver, Sonic and others to go on a new mission in order to find that device, while facing some new troubles which may or may not be created by that strange device.

The studio can also deliver us some new cameos via Silver’s storyline, so a win-win situation for both the company and the audience.

The Future Of ‘Shatter-Verse’!

Sonic in Shatterverse
image via Sega Games

Sonic Prime Season 4 can bring back the ‘Council Of Chaos’. Yes I knows very well that Sonic and team has defeated them by sending them into the mystery of void, but is there any way to bring them back? Of course there is!

I will connect this specific plot with the arc of Silver. Like I said: ‘What if a mysterious device of Silver gets lost in the Shatter-Verse?’ Let’s make it even more interesting- “What if it creates a disturbance with it’s anonymous signals while inviting many other entities from different dimensions?” Sounds exciting right?

So Sonic Prime Season 4 can solve the mysteries of ShatterVerse while exploring it in a beautiful way. This concept can deliver us many new stories because we knows that hundreds and thousands of dimensions are present and one wrong step can create a lot of disturbance.

An Epilogue In Sonic Prime Season 4!

Sonic and team in Sonic Prime season 3
image via Netflix

The great stories needs a great ending. The third season was enough to end this journey but it was not complete. Neither Sonic, nor Shadow or any other characters have met their faith. With faith I am trying to give a reference to Spiderman Far From Home that was working like an epilogue for the fourth phase of Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The whole phase of Marvel was full of ups and downs but that story met it’s epilogue via ‘Far From Home‘. Sonic Prime Season 4 can also work like an epilogue for this saga. We’ve witnessed many twists and wild turns during this ‘speedy’ journey of our blue buddy whose story, or we can say a mission is finally completed in it’s episode number twenty-three. Many few people knows that there were supposed to be the total of twenty-four episodes but Netflix has removed one from the ending.

Does it means that they are also looking forward for an epilogue? I don’t have a solid answer for this question but if they are trying to deliver us something like that, then Sonic Prime Season 4 can be the one!

Sonic Prime Season 4: The Movie!

Sonic Prime season 4 prediction
Season 4 fan-made thumbnail by TV Prism | Sonic image via Netflix

Yes, I will finish this list with a movie!

Now we knows that Sonic Prime was originally going to deliver us twenty-four episodes but the last one is still missing. Netflix can try to finish this saga with one final movie. It is possible that they can transform their last episode into a short feature film with many new adventures or events.

If you’ll ask me then I would say that the best way to deliver this movie is to bring an event in the form of celebration. Sonic and team has saved their world, so why not celebrate their victory? In fact, a Christmas Special Short Film can work like a ‘cherry-on-top’ for many of us. Nowadays, many studios are releasing their short films in the form of Holidays Special, so why not release one for the beloved saga which has established many streaming records?

Sonic and gang can finally celebrate an event or a festival in the Green Hills where no more bad guys can spoil their happiness. The short film can cover their sequences where they might be decorating the cities, hills and valleys while treating each other with sweet presents.

To be honest, nobody knows about the future. These five possibilities are the part of my predictions and I have a strong feeling which says that Netflix will definitely bring us something in the near future. Sonic Prime Season 4 is still a mystery but I tried to solve it as per my very own knowledge. You can stick around the corner with TV Prism as we covers some of the best, authentic and original theories, explanations, reviews, explanations and many more.

Stay Safe, Peace Out!

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