Sonic Prime Season 4: What The Future Holds!

Sonic Prime Season 4 may happen and the possibilities are really endless (especially after those leaks from their official DVD’s). If you are looking for it’s release updates then you may have to wait for quite some time, however, I do have some plotlines that are still untouched.

Some Hollywood outlets are reporting that ‘something’ big is cooking inside the studios of Sega and Netflix which is very obvious, I mean, nobody hates money right? So let’s take a look at the possibilities which may happen in reality, or, in Sonic Prime Season 4!

A Spinoff Show Might Land On Netflix!

leaked hint from the DVD

Like I’ve mentioned above- nobody hates money! Now we are talking about Sonic Prime and it should be noted that this show has already mentioned it’s name in the list of top 30 most popular TV shows on Netflix in 2023.

If you don’t know then Netflix has previously hinted at the future of this show by calling it a “cash-cow”. It means that they are not going to leave it at the moment. Sonic Prime Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix and the show is already trending on the recommendations lists of many. Don’t worry, if you’ve not watched the third season yet then I am not going to spoil it for you.

So as of now, the biggest updates are confirming that Sonic Prime is now available to buy in the form DVD. Surprisingly, the company has mentioned “Four Chapters” (image above) at the back of it’s packaging which is now making fans to question about another season. Even if they don’t move forward with a fourth season, then we can still expect a spinoff show. To me, characters like Amy Rose, Shadow and Blaze The Cat has a lot to uncover.

It would be a dream come true for many Sonic fans to discover the back stories of these characters. The reason why I am saying this is quite simple- look at the live-action Sonic The Hedgehog saga which is now officially getting it’s first spinoff with the title of ‘Knuckles The Echidna’! So yes, a spinoff show may land on their cards.

If Sonic Prime Season 4 Happened Then…?

Sonic Prime season 3 official poster
image via Netflix

After talking about the possibility of a spinoff show, next thing that you may ask is: ‘What If they moved with a fourth season?’ To be honest, your question is very logical so we should deal with it.

By the end of Sonic Prime Season 3, Nine and Sonic enters into the lab where the Palm tree was established by Nine. Despite multiple attempts, Nine keeps firing his lasers at Sonic until our other buddies enters into the scene. They shouts at Nine with their full intensity to stop him and finally he stops. He then reveals that the main reason behind those evil actions was nothing but Sonic. According to him, Sonic never listened to Nine and that’s why he wants to take control in his hands.

After a short conversation, they finally convinces Nine to help them, however, the evil buddy explains his problems and challenges that they might face while fixing everything. Sonic, as always, takes the responsibilities and Nine starts fixing everything. It was that moment when The Chaos Council attempts to capture the prism for themselves but after a short fight, the team knock them into the endless void (and it was so satisfying to watch isn’t it?).

Now everything is normal and Sonic is back into his Green Hills, and this season has no such cliffhangers which can fix a base for another drop. That means, it is a ‘no-brainer’ to expect anything from this side. I would say that the only possible way to pick this story from here is to take a deep dive into the life of our blue blur. Netflix can try to show the normal lifestyle of our hero where they can later bring some new adventures, however, it still feels a risky way to deal with a story which is already looking perfect.


Sonic and Shadow in Sonic Prime season 3
image via Netflix

Now as per my analysis, Sonic Prime Season 3 is concluding this journey in a very beautiful manner, however, if they wants to bring it back then they do have a big shoe to fill. Nine is not an evil anymore, Sonic is happy, the world is a safe place and The Council can not return- all these factors are closing the doors for any other season (atleast for now).

If the company is trying to give us a hint via their DVD then it means that something is definitely cooking inside this company. As of now, you can expect a long gap before getting anything else, but I think that a spinoff show is the only possible way to bring back our beloved characters. Of course they have to go for a whole new plotline but a show based on a separate character is a much better option rather then spoiling a perfectly concluded story.

Well, I am going to re-watch this show from the very beginning once again (for publishing some new theories and mistakes for you!). What about you? Make sure to stick around the corner with TV Prism as we covers some of the most authentic and original content from your favorite and trending TV Shows.

Stay Safe, Peace, Out!

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