Reacher Season 2 Episode 8 Preview: 3 Ultimate Twists That May Happen In Finale

I am literally out of words to describe my hype for Reacher Season 2 Finale. It feels like a whole bag with full of surprises is just around the corner but there is still some time left to reveal it’s gifts.

The whole story of Reacher season 2 was that bag which has delivered us those surprises in the form of unexpected deaths, hostages, narrations and what not. Now that we are finally moving at the end of this season, the hype and feelings are just reaching at their peak level. We all knows that a lot has happened and a lot is still left for the finale, but what are those things which are going to deliver us an unexpected ‘surprise’ in the season’s finale?

What are those ‘cameos’ or stories which can leave us with an interesting cliffhanger? And more importantly, which type of showdown is going to leave us in the state of shock? Here are my quick predictions for Reacher season 2 Finale!

Reacher VS A.M: The Fight Of Blood!

Langston and Alan in Reacher season 2
Langston in Reacher season 2 | Image via Amazon studios

Finally after waiting for the seven phenomenal episodes, I am writing it- ‘Reacher versus A.M is going to happen!’ We all were waiting for this day and why not, after all this intense fight was waiting for us since day 1. What a hype they’ve build for this battle.

By the end of Reacher season 2 episode 7, our Jack surrenders in order to save his friends. Now we knows that Langston will take him to the base for fulfilling his evil intentions. You might say that Reacher will instantly start attacking on Lang as soon as he will enter into his base, but I have a different opinion. According to me, Reacher will have to face some torture before executing his plans. Our hero’s friends are under the control of Lang, so he can never go for a direct attack or else, he will be putting the lives of his beloved team under threat.

So I am going to predict that Reacher will act like a fool. He will face the torture of Lang until his support arrives. He can also try to go as near as he can to the hostages aka his friends in order to help them in a smoother way.

We also knows that Neagley, Tony Swan, Senator Lavoy’s two former Navy SEALs and one Ranger are on their way to give a strong support to Reacher. If our Jack will try to go all alone then the possibilities of unexpected deaths are high, hence, he will have to go for a wait and watch policy. As soon as his support will arrives, we will finally witness the bloody battle of our Reacher versus those two individuals whole initials are A and M.

Roscoe In The Reacher Season 2 Finale?

Roscoe May appear in Reacher Season 2 finale
Roscoe in Reacher Season 1 | image via Amazon studios

One of my biggest question during this whole saga was the absence of Roscoe. Of course you can say that her presence is not making any sense in any of these episodes, but the finale is the thing which can set up everything while following a smooth pattern.

In Reacher season 1, we saw how Reacher arrives at the final battle to help Roscoe in a very heroic way. If season 2 finale is promising us a bloody battle, then Reacher can not win it alone, especially with his small team. If you can remember then Langston is going to take him at his base where he do have a huge support of his weapons, gangs and other deadly members, So it would be a ‘no-brainer’ to show a battle of Reacher versus the whole gang.

Roscoe is now at the safe governing position and she do have a huge support of both the legal system and the army (I can say this on the basis of Reacher season 1 finale), it is possible that either the Ranger or any other team member who is going to provide a backup to Reacher may inform Roscoe about the whole situation.

Hence, she can finally arrive with her own support to help Reacher in the final battle. Totally iconic right? In fact, it would be cool to watch her paying back to someone she loves.

What About A Cliffhanger?

Reacher season 2 behind the scenes
image via Amazon studios

Reacher season 3 will happen and it has been confirmed officially by both the director and Alan Ritchson (the actor who is playing the role of Jack Reacher). So now the company is left with two options: either drop a small hint via cliffhanger to setup a third season or just skip some moments and start Reacher season 3 with a whole new pespective.

The book which is going to be followed by Reacher season 3 is still hidden, however, we do knows that it’s story is going to get connected with the second season for sure. In this case, I would suggest them to leave Reacher season 2 episode 8 aka the finale on a small yet an interesting cliffhanger. These are the best and proven ways to build a hype among the fans for the future of any saga. But what type of cliffhanger can they leave for us?

As much as I knows about this main protagonist and so the Lee Child’s novel, it is highly possible that they can introduce a new face by the end of Reacher season 2 finale. We never knows what exactly is going to happen in this saga, however, we do knows that there is always a bigger wish who is providing all those resources to the ones who is teasing our Reacher.

Langston is working for those two mysterious individuals whose name starts with A and M, it is also possible that there could be any other face who is controlling these two. Think by yourself, how many enemies do Reacher have? I will have to bring my calculator to calculate the numbers right? Then how can we neglect the fact that nobody else can try to kill Reacher?

Okay so I do have an alternate way to setup a third season (especially for those who are not ready to agree with me on the prediction of a new face). The second way can be ‘An Escape!’ The finale will showcase a deadly battle and nobody can stop it. If any external support arrives for our Reacher then it will also create a lot of chaos at the fighting spot, hence, giving a perfect chance for some people to escape. I would say that if it happens, then either Lang or one of those individuals can escape which will create a plot of “Revenge” for the third season.

Remember that all three plots which I’ve mentioned above are just my speculations that I would love to watch in the finale of Reacher season 2. We are only few days away from witnessing an epic drop from the masterpiece and I personally just can’t wait for it. Make sure to renew your Amazon Prime subscriptions (if you haven’t already), and also stick around the corner with TV Prism as we drops some of the best, authentic and original content related to your favorite and trending TV Shows.

Stay Safe, Peace Out!

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