Daredevil Born Again Leaks Reveals First Look At White Tiger, The Muse & More Surprises

Daredevil Born Again is among the highly anticipated projects of the near future. No wonder that we will be taking a deep look of multiverse via this epic masterpiece. Now that this show has officially resumed it’s filming, many leaks are already circulating online.

Daredevil Born Again is now trending on multiple social media platform- X (formerly known as Twitter), Instagram and TikTok are few of them. Now that the photos and videos are out, here we’ve brought you everything that you are looking for, along with some exclusive leaks.

White Tiger Is Looking Incredible In Daredevil Born Again!

Daredevil Born Again leaked set photo reveals White Tiger
White Tiger on the sets of Daredevil Born Again

Let’s begin with a comic character who was being rumored to appear in this show again and again- The White Tiger! This character is known for making the comic stories way more interesting then they are originally meant to be.

Now in the latest leaks, we can easily spot White Tiger who is entering in a shop. From the 30 seconds long clip, all we can speculate is that he is looking out for something or someone, maybe it could be our Charlie Cox’s Daredevil or any other important protagonist. The interesting part which is coming out after this particular leak is the confirmation of his identity.

We’ve seen a female version of White Tiger in multiple Marvel’s Comics and animated series, so we the fans were expecting the same treatment during this show as well- however, Marvel has decided to surprise us again and again. The company is delivering us a male version of White Tiger and the actor who is going to play this character is none other then our Hector Ayala. We don’t know that whether or not he will play this character for any other project, but still, you will be watching him during Daredevil Born Again.

First Leaked Look At Deborah Ann Woll & Elden Henson!

Daredevil Born Again leaks shows Deborah Ann Woll as Karen
Deborah Ann Woll on the sets of Daredevil Born Again

So who else was garnering a lot of popularity during the Netflix’s version of Daredevil? Of course our charming Deborah Ann Woll, along with Elden Henson.

Many few people knows that she was not confirmed to reprise her role in this show until November of 2023 when a news got leaked, and hence, indicating at her return. Now the new set photos has officially confirmed her appearance as Karen, and without a doubt- nothing has changed. She is still looking pretty in her role along with our favorite Elden Henson.

The leaked video is showing our Deborah and Henson outside a building, waiting for the arrival of Charlie Cox’s Daredevil. The trio can be seen cracking some sort of jokes (as their voices are not really audible in the leaks, so I am just guessing it) as all three of them are giggling at something. Some other pics are showcasing Deborah in her iconic long and beautiful winter coat, standing around he corner of a street- while this time, looking a bit worried.

I would love to mention a new detail that we are getting about this duo. The updates are claiming that Deborah and Henson will not appear during the whole season, but they will land in the first three episodes of Daredevil Born Again. It is possible that they might bring them back by the finale but I feels like we now have to wait a bit more (at least wait for some more leaks).

Daredevil Born Again leaked image shows The Muse in
The Muse from the sets of Daredevil Born Again

Next big development is another leak which brings a solid confirmation that ‘The Muse‘ will appear in Daredevil Born Again. In the leaked set video (image above), we can spot Muse who is trying to spoil the poster of Kingpin with his paint cane on the streets of New York City.

Muse and White Tiger are of course not the only one who will appear during this iconic TV Show. Tons of other rumors and reports are claiming multiple cameos during it’s run, but we at TV Prism can not share them before their confirmations. After all, we do wants to share only authentic and official stuffs with you because nobody loves fake articles right?

Daredevil Born again is currently under filming and we knows that more set photos and videos are definitely going to get leaked in upcoming days. Talking about it’s release schedule then neither Disney nor Marvel has suggested any fixed date, however, we do knows that it will not release before early 2025 (at the earliest). You can stick around the corner with TV Prism as we covers some of the most trending and authentic updates surrounding your favorite TV Shows and celebs- followed by some crazy theories, explanations, predictions and everything that you are looking for.

You can also join our beautiful community on Instagram and X or just stay connected with us or Movie World Network for more Hollywood updates. Stay Safe, Peace Out!

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