Deadpool 3: Every Cameo And Variant You Missed In The Official Trailer

Deadpool 3 aka Deadpool & Wolverine will hit theatres on July 26, 2024. The movie has officially released it’s first teaser and no wonder why this movie is now dominating over the internet. No matter how and which platform are you using at the moment, you’ll definitely find something related to this movie.

Now that we’ve received a bunch of posters followed by a full length teaser, you may be wondering about it’s surprising cameos or variants. Yes I do knows that not everyone can have an eagle eye (and to be honest, that’s why we are here). Deadpool 3 is going to deliver us some of the most exciting moments of the history of MCU. You’ll get variants, cameos, new villains and more importantly- multiple timelines from this vast multiverse.

If you don’t know then let me tell you that the teaser itself has showed us multiple easter eggs (even the variants) and very few individuals were able to spot them. Luckily, I am among those fellow eagle eye viewers who loves to find such little details. Believe me, many of these are definitely going to surprise you.

So without building another moment of suspense, let’s dive into this magical article where I am revealing every single variant and easter egg which has been shown in the first official teaser of Deadpool 3!

Lady Deadpool Is Confirmed To Be In Deadpool 3!

Lady Deadpool in Deadpool 3
image via Marvel Studios

You may have heard a rumor earlier which was claiming that Lady Deadpool will appear in this masterpiece. Now after the release of it’s official teaser- I can confirm you that she indeed is going to appear. Neither Marvel nor any other cast member have revealed anything about it but there is truly no need to do so.

Without talking about any other random stuff, you can take a first look at Lady Deadpool in a sequence where someone who is looking very much similar to that of Deadpool is shooting bullets with a gun (maybe M1 or something).

If you’ll pay some extra attention on the gloves then you may notice a unique pattern which is looking almost identical to that of the gloves of Lady Deadpool. Hence, I am pretty sure that she is going to land in Deadpool 3 for sure.

Patch (A Wolverine Variant) Is Confirmed!

image via Marvel Studios

Next big thing that you should know about is a variant of Wolverine who is officially confirmed to appear in Deadpool 3. It didn’t took them long to reveal him, in fact, he was revealed in the first 40-seconds of the teaser.

This variant of Wolverine is rumored to play a very vital role during the whole movie and things can get a little more crazy for sure. If you don’t know then many new reports are suggesting that Daniel Redcliff is going to play this variant, but we should take it with a grain of salt.

Cassandra Nova Is Officially Landing In Deadpool 3!

Cassandra Nova in Deadpool 3 teaser
image via Marvel studios

Yes you are not dreaming. Cassandra Nova is officially set to appear in Deadpool 3 and Marvel has officially confirmed it in the first teaser. During the sequence where Deadpool was traveling into different timelines, there was an entity in white-colored suite with a bald look. Yes, that entity was our Cassandra Nova.

Emma Corrin is in the movie, but the role is still unknown. It is possible that she may get the suite of Cassandra but some other theorists are assuming that he/she is Professor X or Samuel Jackson’s Nick Fury. Well, time will tell more about this character but I am going to move forward with Cassandra without a doubt.

Hulk’s Ragnarok Bed In Deadpool 3!

Hulk's Ragnarok bed in Deadpool 3 trailer
image via Marvel studios

Thor is an ultimate character of Marvel comics- and so his movies. One of them is ‘Thor: Ragnarok‘ where our Banner gets him into trouble alongside with the ‘God of Thunder’. Remember the bed where he was trying to sleep or sit? Well, it will land in Deadpool 3.

Pay a closer look at the image (attached above) and you’ll notice many similarities in this sequence with that of Ragnarok. Our Wade can be seen sitting near a furniture which is sharing almost everything from Hulk’s bed. So something big should be just around the corner right?

Doctor Doom In Deadpool 3?

Doctor Doom  in Deadpool 3
image via Marvel studios

Another big revelation that may change the whole perspective of this movie is the appearance of Doctor Doom. Of course it’s a bit controversial for him to make a debut in Deadpool 3, especially when some pretty big changes are already taking place inside MCU, a particular scene from the teaser is indicating that he indeed may land in this masterpiece.

In one of the sequences of this teaser, you may’ve noticed some adversary who were wearing a hoodie along with metal mask and other gearings. Let me ask you something: who are these troops and to whom do they really belongs? Are we getting Doctor Doom? Maybe yes!

Secret Wars’ Easter Egg!

Secret Wars easter egg in Deadpool 3 teaser
image via Marvel studios

One of the most easiest yet cleverly hidden stuff which I found really interesting was a card (or maybe a paper) with the print of Avengers: Secret Wars on it. When the official teaser was about to end, we gets a chance to watch our Wade who was lying on the floor. After paying some attention, you can easily spot that paper which was available next to our comedic hero.

The current phase of MCU will get concluded in Secret Wars and if Marvel is teasing it in Deadpool 3 then it simply means that our Wade is going to play a very vital role during this whole saga.

Deadpool 3 will hit theatres on July 26, 2024. The movie is about to begin it’s official marketing and both Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are already teasing about their exciting promotional stuffs. In one of latest tweets, Ryan has teased about the popcorn bucket of Deadpool 3 and said, “wait till you see the popcorn bucket of Deadpool 3!“.

In simple words, many big revelations and fun stuffs are already down the line, and most of them may get teased during the promotion of this movie- however, Deadpool 3 is the only movie of recent time which can break every single record without any promotion.

I will be covering everything regarding this upcoming masterpiece of Marvel so make sure to stick around the corner with TV Prism. We delivers you some of the most trending, authentic and original content related to your favorite TV Shows and celebrities. Till then, stay safe, peace out!

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