Netflix Shared Squid Game Season 2 First Official Trailer, Release Date & New Updates

Alright so, what is trending on all over the internet? Of course it’s ‘Squid Game Season 2‘! Netflix has finally released it’s first short promo teaser trailer of the second season of Squid Game saga and wow, it is enough to build a new hype among fans.

Now that you’ve seen it (or even if you don’t), then I think that it’s a perfect time to talk about this show. When is it landing? Who is returning? Why this short promo trailer is already surprising everyone? Well, I knows everything that you are looking for. So let’s take deep dive into Squid Game Season 2!

Squid Game Season 2 Short Trailer Is Epic!

Promo via X

I was just skimming through my X (formerly known as Twitter) account for finding some latest and trending topics to talk about, suddenly I got a notification from the official account of Netflix that was saying- “Squid Games Season 2“! Now here we are, with it’s short yet a very impressive teaser promo or you can simply call it as a short trailer.

The twenty-second long promo shows our Yoo Seong-Ju (reprising his role as Byeong-Gi), who is talking to someone on a call. On first look, we can say that he was either at an airport or a railway station. More importantly, whoever behind that phone call was, Yoo can be seen giving some sort of serious impressions while saying- “I’ll find you, No matter what it takes!“. The man behind the call is not yet revealed but he can be heard giving a deadly warning.

All I can say is that maybe, not officially because I am just predicting it after all, Byeong-Gi has taken a decision to take down the boss who is behind this deadly game. Now that the ‘man‘ has found it, he is warning Byeong to stay back or return, otherwise they might engage in some serious clash. Whatever the main plot is- it looks just too good to be true right?

If you are thinking that it is the only promo that we got then I have a little surprise for you. Netflix has also shared an exclusive first look image from Squid Game season 2 where we can clearly spot Gong Yoo and Lee Jungjae sitting around a table.

image via X

From this particular snap, I can say that Lee is clearly looking under some sort of tension or stress- I mean, just look at his facial expressions. It seems like Gong Yoo is giving some kind of warning or it is also possible that he might be revealing his secret yet dangerous plans. Well, whatever the moment is, all I can say is that Squid Game season 2 is definitely going to surprise us.

When Could We Get Squid Game Season 2?

So now if you are wondering about it’s release schedule then let me tell you that it is still under wraps. Despite releasing a short promo, Netflix has not revealed anything in particular about the release schedule, however, I have some sort of reports which are enough to say a lot about it.

As per these reports, Squid Game season 2 has almost finished it’s production and the company is looking forward for it’s marketing. This update is way too important because it clearly means that the show is now just around the corner. If rumors to be believed then Squid Game season 2 may land by late 2024, and hence- expect it’s full length official trailer by summers of this year.

I will make sure to keep this section updated, so stick around the corner with us. You can also check out our website ‘TV Prism‘ for more exciting, authentic and original content related to some of your most beloved and trending TV shows and Celebs. Till then, stay safe, peace out!

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