Dakota Johnson And Sydney Sweeney Heats Up The Premiere Of Madame Web – One Leaving Little To Imagine

I was personally very excited for Madame Web, not because I am a huge fan-girl of Marvel or something- but because of it’s sensational cast which was going to appear in it. Sydney Sweeney, Dakota Johnson, Isabela Merced, Celeste O’Connor and Emma Roberts. I mean, the names are enough for everyone right?

While the main objective of Madame Web is to establish a base for the upcoming Spider-Verse saga of Sony, it is also meant to play a vital role for the future of Marvel Cinematic Universe as well. The movie is landing in theatres starting from February 14 2024 and finally it has gotten it’s world premiere (just a day before it’s official landing in public domain).

I am not going to jump into the reviews or reactions of the critics because I have something else to talk about. Something which will be remembered by everyone for a good amount of time. Yes, I am talking about the cast of Madame Web. The movie is showing a female powerhouse but it’s female actresses are spreading wild fire on the red carpet.

While Sydney Sweeney and other young and talented girls were looking very pretty- it was our Dakota Johnson who stole the show. The 34 years old actress has dropped everyone’s mouth with her sensational dress which was inspired by the Spider-Man universe itself.

It was her look which grabbed everyone’s eyes and no one was at fault. Her smoking look is now trending on all over the internet which is making everyone go crazy. Well, I know that you just can’t wait anymore to take a look at her dress- and I am of course not going to stop you. From Sydney Sweeney to Dakota Johnson, here’s an exclusive look at the hot appearance of the female leads from Madame Web!

Dakota Johnson Was Irresistible!

The focus point shifted from the premiere when our talented and beautiful Dakota Johnson landed at the event. Wearing a long gown, filled with chained design which was paying tribute to the webs of a spider- she was just irresistible.

The whole media community was trying to compete with each other for taking a glimpse of her and no wonder why she is now trending everywhere. The fact which makes this look even much better is the theme of her gown. It was totally transparent and hence, leaving ‘little to imagine’ for everyone. The actress (now turned 34) is known for keeping her beauty and facial looks ‘up-to-date’ for these types of red carpet events and why not? After all she too wants to grab some lime light right?

This is not the first time when this multi-talented and charming actress has done such stunt by wearing this type of beautiful dress, it was the promotional tour of Madame Web where she landed at the event in Brazil while wearing an identical dress. At that time, her gown was again inspired by Cassandra Web– however, it was containing many visible web-themed strips (which was absent this time).

All things aside, can you believe that Dakota Johnson was the one who sidelined herself from the rest of the cast during the filming of Madame Web?

Yes it’s true. The actress herself has revealed that she was considering her as a ‘way-too-older-‘ actress in comparison to the rest of the cast which includes 24 years old Sydney Sweeny and our pretty Celeste and Isabela Merced. But after this event, I would say that she was easily sweeping the rest of the members easily.

Sydney Sweeney Heated Up The Event!

If you are thinking that Dakota Johnson was the only one who grabbed everyone’s attention then sorry my friend, you are at the wrong side. It was our Sydney Sweeney who was competing with Dakota in all the possible ways.

This beautiful and well-mannered young actress (and my favorite one) wore a long strip-less, black colored gown which was again inspired by the Spider-Verse. The looks of this 24 years old actress were making everyone fall in love with her and no wonder why she is among the most lovable female actresses of recent times.

I loved the design of webs that were present on all over the gown of her. We also got a chance to witness the chemistry of Sydney Sweeney and Dakota Johnson when the duo was busy in posing for media.

Isabela Merced and Celeste O’Connor Has Nailed It!

Isabela Merced and Celeste O'Connor at the premiere of Madame Web
Isabela Merced, Sydney Sweeney and Celeste O’Connor

How can we forget about these two younger leads? I mean, this duo is definitely going to get a lot of praise for their efforts and they do have a long way to go. If you’ll say that Celeste and Isabela are just too young to compete with the hottest looks of Sydney and Dakota then let me bring some correction.

Isabela Merced was wearing a black dress which was truly iconic. In fact, while Dakota and Sydney were looking just way too sizzling- it was Isabela and Celeste who were busy in spreading their cuteness throughout the event. Unlike all other cast members, Celeste can be seen in a long gown of red color and she was the only one(out of other female leads) who was wearing that color.

Now Madame Web is out in theatres and you can watch it from this Valentines. Despite getting a mixed reactions from the critics, I would definitely suggest you to give it a try- especially for these talented girls who are spreading their actions throughout the movie. Make sure to stick around the corner with TV Prism as we covers some of the most authentic, original and trending content related to your favorite TV shows and celebrities. Till then, stay safe, peace out!

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