X-Men 97: Surprising Cast, Trailer, Episodes And Everything You Are Looking For

Would you believe if I say that we are heading back into the 90’s era? The classic era where we’ve watched tons of amazing movies, TV shows and comics. It was that time when the concept of X-Men and their universe were trending on our minds and hearts (I mean, we are still not over with them right?). Now is the time to take a deep look on X-Men 97, a brand new classic-themed animated project of Marvel studios which is going to land in next few weeks.

The company is busy in surprising it’s huge fan-base by releasing back to back exclusive and latest updates. Whether it is the teaser of Deadpool 3, casting of Fantastic Four, Filming of Daredevil: Born again and now- the official trailer of X-Men 97.

Yes I do knows that you may wonder about it’s main list of casting and to be honest, I myself is very much interested into this specific area. Well, no need to worry about because I’ve done a plenty of research and after spending hours while scanning multiple sources and Hollywood reporters- here I am going to share everything that you are looking for, whether it is the casting, release date, plotline or teaser. So let’s take a deep breath and jump into the classic era of X-Men 97.

X-men 97 Official Cast Revealed!

X-Men 97 official cast
image via Marvel studios

Now if you are reading this article then I am pretty sure that you’ve already watched the official trailer of this masterpiece. As soon as Marvel drops it’s trailer or any other official update, it hardly takes few seconds or minutes before it starts trending on social media. Same pattern is going on with the official trailer of X-Men 97.

The very first person that you are going to hear in X-Men 97 is none other then Ray Chase. The actor is going to give his voice to Cyclops and this character is already looking just way too good in the official trailer right? Next big face is Jennifer Hale who is set to voice Jean Grey– the ultimate and fan-favorite character of many Marvel addicts right? In fact, let me tell you that Jean is set to play the most important role in this series and you may get some unexpected twists in her character development- so Marvel fans, prepare yourself accordingly.

Then comes our Alison Sealy-Smith who will be our Storm. Joining her is Cal Dodd as Wolverine (Yes I knows very well that you were expecting Hugh Jackman, but guys, let him focus on Deadpool 3!). JP Karliak will voice Moph while Lenore Zann and George Buza are joining everyone as Rogue and Beast.

Aj LoCascio will be our Gambit and Holly Chou will spread some magic as the voice of Jubilee. Did I mentioned the name of Magneto? I mean, we can’t forget this important character from the X-Men saga, can we? So Maththew Waterson is officially going to voice our Magneto while Adrian Hough and Isaac Robinson are joining the cast as Nightcrawler and Bishop respectively.

Huh! This is a long list isn’t it? But if they are promising something exciting coupled up with some fun and action-packed sequences then it’s worth our time.

X-Men 97: Release Date & Total Episodes!

X-Men 97 official poster
image via Marvel Studios

Now that I’ve revealed everything regarding it’s casting, I think we should just jump onto the most important update- what is the release date of X-Men 97?

You are way too lucky this time as X-Men 97 will release straight on Disney+ on March 20, 2024. Yes! We are just few days away from witnessing the epic clash of our beloved X-Men while enjoying the classic style of animation after a really long time. This show is a revival of our favorite “X-Men: The Animated Series” that ran from 1992 to 1997.

Talking about it’s total number of episodes then we are getting a lot! And with lot I am really referring to a LOT!! Marvel studios has officially confirmed that X-Men 97 is going to deliver us the total of 10 episodes (hence, breaking the chain of six episodes that they usually comes up with). I would also love to mention a fact which says that Marvel always goes for breaking it’s classic chain of sex episodes via animated projects. Take “What If…?” as an example.

Anyways, all I knows is that X-Men 97 has some big promises to fulfill. I am expecting a lot from this show and it’s simply because of two main reasons- First is our X-Men saga which is returning in both live-action and animated version and second is the animation style which will give us some nostalgic vibes for sure.

Make sure to stick around the corner with TV Prism as we covers some of the most authentic, trending and original updates, theories, analysis, reviews and everything related to your favorite TV shows and celebrities. Till then, stay safe, peace out!

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