5 Highly Recommended TV Shows Of 2024 You Can’t Miss

Tons of original and ‘one of it’s kind’ TV Shows are going to land in 2024, but in the time where you don’t have a time aat all, it becomes a haunting task to select a best one to watch while chilling with your families and friends.

Well, when I was not into these stuffs, I used to wonder about the same problem. Luckily, now I am here to serve you the list of some of the best TV Shows of 2024 that you must stream from the ease of your home. Don’t worry, I am not going to mention a long list, but will keep this article straight on point along with an ‘easy-to-catch’ tabular way!

To make it even much easier for you, I’ve shortlisted the best five upcoming shows which are definitely going to shatter tons of streaming records. You’ll get humor, action, thriller, mystery, romance and a lot. So let’s dive into the world of streaming!

Avatar: The Last Airbender!

Ang in Avatar The Last Airbender
image via Netflix
Release Date:February 22, 2024
Cast:Gordon Cormier, Kiawentiio, Ian Ousley, Dallas Liu, Ken Leung, Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, Daniel Dae Kim
Quick Details

I am personally very excited for this show and the reason is quite simple. Unlike other animated makeovers, this is a direct Live-Action adaptation of the famous Nickelodeon animated series. As per my personal knowledge and after watching it’s official trailer, all I can say is that this show is going to represent the original storyline.

According to this saga, there is a young Avatar Ang who is also a center point of the whole universe. His story covers his journey where he tackles with the earthly elements of Fire, Water, Air and Land. This series also features a villain who belongs to a terrifying Fire Nation. Now it’s upto Ang to master his ways and learn the tactics to defeat this cruel villain.

The original plot is still under wraps but the trailer and it’s official synopsis is enough to confirm that Avatar: The Last Airbender will adopts the same storyline which I’ve mentioned above. Still you can expect some modifications for the sake of modernization which will give a unique touch to this elemental saga.

Make sure to check it out because I’m pretty sure that this show is going to be worth it!

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live!

A still from The Walking Dead: The One Who Live TV show
image via AMC
Release Date:February 25, 2024
Cast:Danai Gurira, Andrew Lincoln, Pollyanna McIntosh, Terry O’Quinn, Matt Jeffers, Lesley-Ann Brandt
Quick Details

Did anybody said Zombies?

Well, we’ve watched tons of zombie-related stuffs in recent times. Projects like ‘The Last Of Us’ are already bringing us their second part, so what’s bad in diving deep into ‘The Walking Dead’ universe? Rick and Michonne are back together at last.

If you can remember then we’ve watched in it’s previous spinoff that both of our main characters are thrown into the changed world years after being devastatingly separated. Now this time, they have to find each other. In fact, they don’t even knows that whether their mate is alive, dead, or a ‘walking dead’! As per the official synopsis of AMC, all we can speculate is the fact that this installment is going to conclude the arcs of Rick and Michonn which makes it a ‘must-watch’ TV Show of 2024!

It can also include some easter eggs (hidden details) about it’s future spinoffs because we knows that it is going to conclude the story of Rick and Michonn only, and we do have tons of other characters with some new and wrapped storylines!

The Regime!

Kate Winslet in The Regime TV Show
image via HBO
Release Date:March 3, 2024
Cast:Kate Winslet, Matthias Schoenaerts, Guillaume Gallienne, Andrea Riseborough, Martha Plimpton, Hugh Grant
Quick Details

Our beloved Kate Winslet is back! This ‘one-of-it’s-kind’ show is going to be full of thrilling experiences with a combo a mysteries. The best part is that the story is taking place in a classic, modern European regime where our Kate is going to uncover some of the most mysterious secrets of her palace.

I don’t have much information about this particular project because it is still under works, however, as per the reports and it’s short official teaser, Kate’s character is going to struggle a lot during her journey of finding the truth behind the mysterious deaths and other threats which are taking place in the palace. The producer is none other then Will Tracy, who has recently finished working on “Succession” and “The Menu.

So I can assure you that you are definitely going to enjoy the show (and so do I) because we’ve seen the potential of his other projects. Also the fact that Kate is going to play a role of a classic women makes it more special!


A still from Fallout TV Show
image via Amazon studios
Platform:Amazon Prime Video
Release Date:April 12, 2024
Cast:Ella Purnell, Aaron Moten, Walton Goggins, Moisés Arias, Kyle MacLachlan, Sarita Choudhury, Michael Emerson, Leslie Uggams, Frances Turner, Dave Register, Zach Cherry, Johnny Pemberton, Rodrigo Luzzi, Annabel O’Hagan, Xelia Mendes-Jones
Quick Details

Alright, so why are we not talking about any gaming adaptation? Well, Fallout is here!

I used to play this game in my early teenage years a lot, and wow, the fact that now I am going to watch it’s adventures in a Live-Action TV Show is like a dream come true for not only me, but for all those thousands and millions of fans who are diving into this world every single day. But what exactly may happen in this show?

Don’t worry because I do have an offical plot detail for you. According to this, “Fallout” is based on the video game series, telling the story of have and have-nots set 200 years after the apocalypse. The citizens are now living in underground, and why not? After all none of us wants to die due to that deadly radiations of nuclear annihilation.

The show will also feature tons of bandits and mutants and now I have a feeling that we may get a chance to watch a theme of a zombie movie. If you’ll ask me to predict more about this show, then all I would say is: we may get a couple who can try to come out of their underground shelters to find the best way to live in fresh air. But just like any other movie or show of this genre, they’ll meet mutants and bandits who may try to kill them.

So the show might cover their journey of survival, and who knows, maybe they may find a way to end these after effects. I’m personally all in for it!

Bridgerton: Season 3!

Bridgerton Season 3
image via Netflix
Release Date:May 16, 2024
Cast:Nicola Coughlan, Luke Newton, Claudia Jessie, Luke Thompson, Golda Rosheuvel, Adjoa Andoh, Ruth Gemmell, Lorraine Ashbourne, Hannah Dodd, Simone Ashley, Jonathan Bailey, Harriet Cains, Bessie Carter, Jessica Madsen, Florence Hunt, Martins Imhangbe, Will Tilston, Polly Walker, Julie Andrews
Quick Details

The #Polin romance is officially back! This is the show for which millions of fans are skimming through the internet every single day (count me please!)

The season is being split into two parts (the second part will land on June 13), and third season is just going to be out of this world. When Colin returns from his summer trip, he’s upset that Penelope isn’t showing him attention, and agrees to help her find her confidence to find a husband. Now here I feels like we will be getting some cameos for future spinoffs, because Bridgerton saga is not complete without them.

Anyways, as per the producers, fans can expect a romantic relationship between Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton. However, the sad part is that Penelope will have to give up on her crush because of his past comments. Still we should not forget that our Penelope is a ‘Lady Whistledown‘, and she will be getting the love of her life for sure. To be honest, Bridgerton Season 3 is definitely going to be a perfect family-friendly show and that’s what makes it different from the other members of this list.

Now no matter what you are going to watch this year on your TV’s, your list is not complete if you are not adding these five beauties. I just can’t wait to stream them from my couch, what about you? Make sure to stick around the corner with TV Prism because we delivers some of the most entertaining and authentic articles about your favorite and trending TV Shows!

Stay Safe, Peace Out!

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