3 Huge Mistakes That Makes Reacher Season 2 The Worst TV Show Of 2024 Already

After posting many articles about Reacher Season 2 episode’s predictions, theories and explanations on this website, I never knew that I will be posting something like this. However, I was rewatching some of it’s episodes to make some theories in order to share over here but surprisingly, I found something which made me write this article.

It’s not about it’s ‘plotholes’ only, but I do have a lot to talk about. From writing to acting and from plots to deaths, many things are going wrong and if you are a true fan of this saga or this novel, then you may resemble with my thoughts very well.

Despite having tons of mistakes, here’s is a short list of “3 Big Mistakes” that are already making Reacher Season 2 the worst show of 2024!

3) ‘Low Quality’ Writing!

A glimpse from Reacher Season 2
image via Amazon studios

First and foremost, let me tackle with their scripts. As soon as I started episode 4 for the second time, I instantly found some of the most silliest mistakes which were spoiling the whole novel of our Lee Child. Believe me, these mistakes can not be ‘detected’ if you are watching this show for the very first time.

Anyways, so the biggest mistake that Reacher season 2 is repeating again and again is related to the clothes of our ‘big guy’. Yes it’s true that finding a perfect match of clothing for a guy who is 6 and a half inch tall is definitely not an easy task, but would you believe that season 2 of this saga is introducing a scene where our Reacher is just busy in buying himself a new set of clothing after every few moments?

I mean, why he is not using his car to put some extra clothes rather then wasting time (or I would say just increasing the runtime of the episodes) of this season? That’s not the only thing which is a result of bad writing. Another sequences where Reacher is just engaging himself in long conversations makes no sense at all.

If you’ve read the novel then you may wonder about his personality. Reacher is a guy who believes in actions rather then words. He is more like a ‘silent-killer’ for his enemies, but he is totally opposite in this season. We can watch him chatting with his mates, enemies or anyone (sometimes for no reasons) which is not keeping up it’s promise from the original Lee Child’s novel.

Other examples of bad writing can include factors like the misuse of some important character such as Russo (about which I will be talking in our next section), Neagley’s change of personality, unwanted action scenes and those “night-outs”. This season could’ve become much better without these useless moments but yeah, nobody cares about their characters, after all monopoly is everywhere right?

2) ‘Let’s Spoil The Characters’!

Detective Russo in Reacher Season 2
image via Amazon studios

After exposing their bad scriptwriting, why not talk about their characters? I mean, we are watching this show because we are enjoying these characters a lot, however, I want to talk about ‘two specific’ characters: Russo and Neagley!

Let’s start with Russo, our beloved and talented detective who is known for playing a very important role in both the novels and the TV Show. Still I have many things to say and I am going to start with episode 6, the episode which showed us the death of our beloved detective. He was trying to save the daughter of Marlo (Jane), but why he was not using his intelligence to escape from the situation along with Jane?

Rather then trying to find a way, he engages in a fight with a gang of four, who later succeeds in killing him off. Totally a waste of an epic character, especially when I think that he was the best character from Reacher’s side along with Neagley. Oh Neagley! Let’s deal with this character as well.

So what we’ve got about Neagley in other episodes of Reacher season 2? The answer is: Neagley don’t want to get touched by anyone, and yeah, this character is ‘smart’ as well. But what we got in episode 6? She reaches at the spot where Russo was fighting for his life, in fact, he was about to die. What she did? She didn’t even tried to save him!

Neagley was there, sitting near Russo who is taking his last breath, and surprisingly, she allows him to ‘touch her’ with his bloody hands? Yes I know that it sounds ridiculous that I am writing this but it is the fact! In fact, Neagley is the one who will let someone die, but she will never touch anyone. That’s something which makes her unique in many ways, but Reacher season 2 has spoiler her personality very badly!

What a way to showcase the two main protagonists!

1) ‘Doing Whatever They Want’?

Alan Ritchson in Reacher Season 2
image via Amazon Studios

Okay so we are now at the last section of this blog and that’s the most interesting one as well. Reacher season 1 was full of mysteries and solid sequences with perfect actions, but the characters in season 2 are “doing whatever they wants”, doesn’t matter if it is making sense or not!

I am going to keep this section short and to-the-point, so let’s start with the car chase of our officer Russo. Throughout episode 4, 5 and 6, our officer was looking very intelligent. But what happened at the chase scene? In that scene, officer Russo is in car, and he is trying to save himself from his enemies, but why is he not heading into any police station?

I mean, the scene is taking place in New York City which has a bunch of police stations, still he decides to just drive his car (in fact in a straight way) thinking what? It will save him? Truly an iconic moment.

Next we’ve watched a scene that proves the fact that AM is the worst villain ever. In which country does a police officer examine a nice SUV parked at a rest stop? Not only this, the officer even gives the driver of the car a written warning for having something hanging on the mirror in the middle of the night. Wow, it feels like our police has no work to do nowadays.

To be honest, this show is not keeping it’s promise. More sequence can include the one where our dear police officer kills a girl with his tiny knife in what? One shot? Well, Amazon Studios have to improve their way of representing this novel in Reacher season 3, otherwise this show may lose it’s popularity.

Now that we are left with it’s last two episodes, I will be keeping my eagle eye on them to spot those silly mistakes in the very first watch. You just have to keep your eye on TV Prism as we delivers some of the best theories, official updates, predictions, critical reviews, explanations and everything related to every new or trending TV Show.

Stay safe, Peace out!

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