Mandalorian Season 4: Release Date, Trailer Updates And Exciting Possibilities

The Mandalorian Season 4 is happening, although many are convinced about it’s conclusion in season 3. I would say that this is the only show from the Star Wars saga which is still garnering a good amount of views and watchtime on streaming platforms despite the unfortunate performance of other Disney projects nowadays (thanks to Pedro Pascal).

Season 3 ends with some solid answers, however, it also creates tons of new questions that deserves to get answers. While the show’s director is hinting that they are about to start it’s production, fans from all across the globe are already looking around to know more about it’s plotline.

I, a big ‘Star Wars Girl‘, am pretty sure that if you are reading this article, then you are also one of them. Finally after doing some research from bunch of resources along with my gifted Star-Wars-Mind, here I am going to share everything about Mandalorian Season 4 including it’s release date, first trailer update and ofcourse, the possibilities that I think may happen!

Let’s jump into the ‘Galaxy Far Far Away!’

Mandalorian Season 4 Release Date And Trailer Updates!

Mandalorian Season 4 Release date and Trailer news
image via Disney+ and Lucasfilms

Despite the confirmation of writer Jon Favreau, neither Disney nor Lucasfilm has confirmed anything about Mandalorian Season 4. Still we knows that it is just a matter of time before that confirms all these updates.

Now as per my knowledge, writer Jon is the man who completed the script before season 3 even finished airing. The third season was finished in April of 2023 and some updates were coming at that time which were indicating about the production schedule of Mandalorian season 4. Now that we’ve entered in 2024, it sounds unfortunate to know that it’s filming is still waiting to get a greenlight from either Disney or Lucasfilm.

However, now Disney is starting it’s pending productions again (it was stopped due to actor’s strike) and we can now expect the filming of Mandalorian season 4 to begin within next two months. If they moves with this schedule then the whole production work will get finished by late 2024, hence, a release date of somewhere in mid 2025 sounds practically possible (if they avoids any external delays).

The reason why I am speculating a release date of mid 2025 is quite simple. Disney is knows for releasing it’s Star Wars stuffs around March or April, also the Mandalorian has a track record of landing in that season. That’s why we should expect the fourth season to premiere in the same time of the year 2025 once again. It also means that we may get it’s first short teaser by late 2024 (after adding all those VFX, CGI and other works).

Remember that these dates might get change on the basis of their official schedule, but the fourth season has zero to negligible chance of landing in 2024!

Mandalorian Season 4 Possibilities: What Are My Wild Speculations?

Mandalorian Season 3 poster
image via Disney+ and Lucasfilms

After talking about it’s release date and trailer schedule, now is the time to discuss about it’s plots which are going to make this show a remarkable one. So what is going to happen? Are we going to witness anything unexpected? Does season 3 ending really creates a new base for another adventure? We have a lot to talk about, so let’s begin!

Mandalorian Season 3 Ending ‘Almost’ Concludes This Saga But…!

After defeating Moff, Din Djarin adopted Grogu as his son. I would say that Grogu is now Din Grogu and a Mandalorian apprentice. The duo was last seen in Nevarro, the same place where Greef Karga gifted them a small but a comfortable cabin to live. In the final conversation of Mandalorian season 3, we see Din Djarin who reveals to Carson Teva that he is going to be ‘more selective’ in choosing assignments. It clearly means that he will now take tasks one by one, and as per is own comfort.

Finally it is revealed that Nevarro has a new marshal too, but it’s not Din Djarin. For many, it was a complete ending but for me, it is not.

For starters, we can now jump into the selection process of Din Djarin who is going to take tasks with his new perspective. It clearly means that we will be getting many changes in his way of performing actions and executing missions. More importantly, season 4 can reveal the training of Grogu and it is a whole different story which can develop a spinoff show on it’s own.

To support my points, I would love to mention that writer Jon has already confirmed that Mandalorian Season 4 will pick the ending of season 3 and they have a lot to cover with Grogu. In fact, he has also confirmed that Mandalorian saga is not going to end yet, but it is just a very beginning of an upcoming large picture (sounds interesting!).

For now, all I can extract from the ending of season 3 is a plot surrounding the new ways of Djarin and the sessions of Grogu. Hopefully they will not leave these two plots in season 4.

Moff Gideon May Return (Yes! He’s Not Dead)

Moff in Mandalorian Season 3
image via Disney+ and Lucasfilms

That’s what makes season 4 the most awaited one. Djarin and Grogu has killed many individuals in season 3 and everyone was speculating the death of Moff Gideon, but hold a minute- he’s is not dead.

During the fight sequence of Djarin, he indeed killed many clones but my theory suggests that the the one in the dark armor was another ‘clone’! In fact, I would say that the real Gideon was never on Mandalore to begin with, and it was just his clones who met their demise.

If you are still not able to believe then just recall the first two season and the appearance of Moff in them, found anything suspecious? Let me begin: Gideon’s lack of a mustache in The Mandalorian season 3 which he had in the first two seasons is the biggest evidence which confirms that the real Moff is still alive, making his evil plans to finish Djarin. He himself has confirmed in season 3 that despite the death of his clones, tons of other clones are still waiting to take their first breath.

Hence, I am sure that we are going to see Moff has the main villain in Mandalorian season 4.

The Knights of Ren!

After making a great impact in the original comics and stories, now is the time for The Knights of Ren to finally land in the Mandalorian saga. In season 3, it is revealed that the Knights has already entered into Palpatine’s service just ahead of Return of the Jedi. So it would be so cool to see this gang in Mandalorian season 4.

Talking about their part then we now knows that Grogu will be trained in such a way that he can be used as a deadly weapon against the bad forces. Now if the company decides to bring the Knights, it is possible that we can get some action sequences between them and Grogu. Of course nobody will die yet, but the fact that both Grogu and Knights are unknown from each other’s powers makes a perfect plot for a deadly face off.

Mandalore’s New Age!

Mandalore's new age will be explored in Mandalorian Season 4
image via Disney+ and Lucasfilms

Season 3 was showcasing tons of moments which were hinting at the development of Mandalore. Bo-Katan’s leadership is working like a game changer where Kryze’s guidance is like a cherry on top. After the destruction of the darksaber in the finale of season 3, all of them are now working together which makes them stronger then ever before.

I would love to see their development, especially the new technologies that they might be using in order to protect themselves. We can also get a chance to watch the return of mighty mythosaurs, and why not, they were teased in The Mandalorian season 3.

Season 4 can finally fulfill the ancient prophecies where mythosaurs can lead Mandalore and it’s people. Who knows, maybe a new threat is waiting for them! After all some imposters can still play a vital role in destroying the peace and harmony of Mandalore. Well, I’m all in to explore this phase of Star Wars saga.

Final Words!

Now that we’ve talked about the possibilities of Mandalorian season 4, all I want to say is that Djarin and Grogu are definitely going to get tons of new surprises. Mandalore’s faith is still unknown, but they are safe in the hands of Bo-Katan. Moff is going to be our next big bad guy that creates many new plotlines for more seasons and spinoffs. It would be fun to watch the training of our cute Grogu who is eager to explore his powers which are hiding deep inside him.

We can also discover more about the first order and project Necromencer and the chances are pretty high. Well, if writers and directors are hinting us about more seasons, then what’s bad in following their path? Star Wars saga is full of wild possibilities and The Mandalorian phase is it’s most beautiful chapter.

Maybe we can get a whole new adventure, but one thing is confirmed: Mandalorian Season 4 is going to be a masterpiece. Make sure to stick around the corner with TV Prism as we covers everything for you. Stay Safe, Peace Out!

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