Zendaya Grabs Attention With Her Iconic Suite At The Premiere Of Dune Part Two

Dune 2 aka Dune Part Two is just around the corner and Warner Bros studio is already busy in it’s marketing. The movie is bringing back the iconic cast which involves some of the most talented actors of the Hollywood and one of them is our Zendaya.

This talented girl from Hollywood can do anything for her role, doesn’t matter how much work she have to do for it. After playing an important part in the Sony-Marvel shared universe of Spider-Man, she was garnering everyone’s attention via the Dune franchise. Now that Dune 2 or you can say Dune Part 2 has received it’s fixed release schedule, it is the time for a world premiere- a star studded red carpet event where the first official screening takes place in order to take the reviews of experts, critics, various influencers and others.

We were supposed to talk about the reviews of Dune Part Two but the lime light got shifted as soon as Zendaya appears in the event. The twenty-seven years old Californian girl grabs the attention of the show with her iconic look which is definitely going to rule over your hearts for next few days (or maybe weeks!).

She can be seen wearing an armored theme dress, in fact, it was the whole armor (that’s what I can say after analyzing the pictures and videos). It is not the first time when she is wearing such dresses which are dedicated to her own films, especially at the time of such world premieres. Now that Dune Part Two has received it’s premiere, the internet is going tog et flooded with it’s reviews and explanations (yes, I will also publish my review without a doubt), but this look of Zendaya is also enough to say a lot about the marketing strategy of this franchise.

It was earlier this year when Warner Bros studios revealed it’s first exclusive look at the popcorn bucket of Dune 2 which is still gaining a good amount of attention throughout the social media platforms. I mean, it was that design of it’s face which makes it unique in every sphere of popcorn buckets- and now it’s Zendaya who is taking internet at storm.

Before Dune Part Two, we got a chance to watch a similar marketing strategy by our Dakota Johnson who was busy in promoting her latest installment “Madame Web“. This experienced actress was wearing a beautiful and ‘almost’ transparent dress which was sharing the vibes of Spider-Verse- but hey, let me return to Zendaya right?

It is not the first time when Zendaya is trying this hard for promoting her movie, but I feels like she shares some special kind of special bond with this Dune saga. If you are active on social media then you may’ve notices her other looks which are also getting a lot of love from fans.

Zendaya during her promotion of Dune Part Two
Zendaya during her promotion of Dune Part Two

During her Mexico tour of promotion, she wore an ultimate ‘Saharan-themed’, black colored and short dress. It was enough to spread her beauty at the event and no wonder why many Hollywood outlets were going crazy on her marketing strategies. It was her French tour where she wore a dress which was inspired by the theme of ‘Indian Lehangas‘. The exact same dress can be seen in one of her previous tours that was taking place during the promotion of Dune.

If you are someone who loves to go in details about such type of iconic dresses then don’t worry, I am also among those girls who loves to read such details and here I will share the details of her latest armored themed dress (in few sentences to make it even more precise for you). Alright so here we go:

The name of Zendaya’s dress is ‘Thee Thierry Mugler Couture Robot Suit‘. Yes! You read it without a mistake. It is actually a robot-based suite (and not the armored one). Don’t get confused in these two suits because I knows that they do looks similar. The difference is in their material and the manner of wearing.

This dress was first inspired by the early eras of fall 1995 and when I searched about it, I found that it was among the most trending suite of females.

Another thing which makes Zendaya’s look more authentic is the fact that her whole dress is not a remake- but it’s the actual Suite which is directly taken from ‘Manfred’s Archives‘! Sounds interesting right? This is definitely a piece of fashion history that clearly shows us the development of our dressing sense. Well, Dune 2 aka Dune Part Two will release in your nearby theatres on March 15, 2024 and I am just way too excited for this masterpiece. Are you?

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