Expats Episode 5: Quick Recap, Shocking Twists & Ending

Nicole Kidman lead Expats is getting way too exciting with every new drop. The show is definitely ruling over our hearts and no wonder why Nicole is known for her talent and expertise in Hollywood. I was not going to stream this show but still I gave it a try and wow, definitely the best decision of this year till now.

Expats episode 5 was supposed to deliver us some of the major twists which may eventually lead us near the conclusion of Margaret’s story arc coupled with that of the mystery of her long lost son Gun. I am not surprised with the events that were taking place in this particular episode because I predicted them in one of my previous articles.

Now if you are wondering about the ending of Expats episode 5 then you are at the right place. I’ve watched this week’s episode with a lot of concentration in order to take a precise guess of it’s next episode. I will take you through the quick and precise recap of Expats episode 5. So hold you emotions, pick up your popcorns and let’s dive into the world of Margaret!

Expats Episode 5: At A Glance!

Mercy in Expats episode 5
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Before jumping down on the explanation of episode 5, let me tell you that Expats episode 5 is the one which was shown to the audience at TIFF 2023 (Toronto International Film Festival). Now that I’ve watched it, I got the reason behind them, choosing this particular episode rather then others (SPOILERS WARNING AHEAD!)

The whole episode is showcasing the challenges of women who belongs to the different parts of the world. I would say that Expats episode 5 is the only one which shows the pure narration of the females and as a girl myself, I can sense a feeling of attachment throughout this episode. In fact, Expats itself means a person who belongs to another country but living in some other parts of the world dur to his/her personal reasons or works.

Well, it also depends upon your own perspectives and how you analyses such strong stuffs. Remember that I am going to include some of the most important points or events from this episode to keep this article precise for you- so let’s take a quick glimpse at Expats episode 5!

Puri Finds The Truth!

One of the biggest plot that we’ve witnessed in Expats episode 5 was the heavy inclusion of Puri. This character is being played by Amelyn Pardenilla who is also known for spreading perfection in her roles. In episode 5, we gets to know that she is practicing singing in order to take part in the competitions and follow her passion. The show reveals a shocking truth to Puri when she finds out that Hilary’s husband is sleeping with Mercy.

If you are following this show from the beginning then you do knows that Puri always takes the side of Hilary, so you may think that she will be the one who will reveal everything to Hilary. To be honest, I was on the other side. I was not expecting any such sequence from Puri in order to bring in some more twists in this show- however, Amazon Prime is taking a different route.

Later in the episode, we finds out that Hilary invites Puri for a company. Both of them chats about many stuffs and both of them can feel a strong connection like they normally do. When Hilary was doing the makeup of Puri, the shocking truth about her own husband gets revealed and that’s where her life becomes like a burden for her.

Margaret Takes A Big Decision!

Expats Episode 5 explained
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The family of Margaret is the one who never believes on god. Ever since her child got lost, her faith has taken a wild turn. Despite the fact that Margaret is not believing on god anymore, her husband Clarke is the one who still goes for prayers. It is because he believes, or just prays to find the body of his long lost son Gus.

Yes I knows it’s hard for a father to pray for such thing, however, just put yourself in his shoes. It’s much harder for him to live without any answers right? Later in the episode, we finds out Pastor Alan who was sitting in Margaret’s apartment. She was not pleased with the fact that a religious person is present inside her house. The family of Margaret later shares the dinner with Alan (because he was not able to book a taxi due to storm).

He reveals hard hitting realities and challenges that he’s faced in life to show a religious path to Margaret. It was the moment when I knew that Margaret has had enough and it was just the matter of time before she announces something big. She declares that her family will now move back to United States of America, hence, delivering us a huge twist in this show.

In fact, Margaret later asks Essie to arrange everything in an immediate manner because she just can’t live here for another moment. Many of us (including me) were thinking that Margaret might fire Essie, but guess what? She didn’t!

The Twists In The Life Of Olivia!

Olivia is the friend of Hilary and let me tell you that her life is no different from that of her friend’s one. In the time where Hilary is filling a divorce against David, Olivia tries to control the situation and motivates Hilary to not take any such decisions. This time, Hilary is not going to listen to anyone and she decides to let the process of divorce begin.

Later in the episode, we gets a chance to witness the present life of Olivia and Woah! I was not expecting any such things. I mean, her own life is a living mess and nothing is going as per her own plans. Her husband is not listening to her and when she returns back to home, she finds out her husband who was busy in watching some sort of television show.

He later leaves her all alone in the middle of the night when a storm is about to hit the city. Olivia tries to take comfort via phone call (to her mom) but we do knows Asians and their strong decisions very well right? Her mom asks to stay there and let the night pass out. I don’t know why but this show is becoming a bit too harsh and emotional for our female leads with every new drop. It’s definitely not that easy for any female (like me especially) to watch it in one take.

How Does Expats Episode 5 Ends?

Margaret in Expats episode 5
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The show ends on many different plots. First and foremost, we gets a confirmation from Olivia that she is not going to leave her husband. I mean, in Asian countries, it is very normal for a women (even for men as well) to keep their relationships as long as they can, rather then opting for divorces. We also gets a chance to watch Mercy, standing next to a mirror and watching her growing belly (as she is pregnant).

I don’t know whether she will keep the baby or not, but it will definitely bring in another storm for sure. Charly on the other hand leaves in a rush as she gets a call from someone. Puri was going to her singing competition but Hilary stops her by asking for breakfast. Don’t get mad at Hilary as she was suffering from the after-effects of hangover and stuffs, so she can’t really remember anything about Puri’s competition.

Now Expats Episode 6 is definitely going to take us one step closer to the conclusion. I can se many big revelations and turning points which will affect the lives of Hilary, Margaret and Mercy. All three of them knows that a lot is going to happen with them, but none of them can change the faith right?

Make sure to stick around the corner with TV Prism as we brings you our very own, authentic and original explanations, predictions, theories and updates related to your favorite and trending TV Shows and celebrities. Till then, stay safe, peace out!

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