We Were the Lucky Ones: Release Date, Timings, Episode Titles & Everything You Need To Know

Inspired by Georgia Hunter’s 2017 bestselling novel, We Were The Lucky Ones is coming straight on your streaming services. Starring Joey King as lead, this one-of-it’s-kind story will definitely rule over our hearts for quiet some time. While the show is now premiering across the globe, many people might wonder about it’s schedule – I mean, that’s a tricky question especially in the time when a variety of shows are available to watch online.

We Were The Lucky Ones has reportedly received it’s world premiere and the reactions are mostly positive. We are watching many fashionable and modern TV shows nowadays, however, this special drop is taking place at the time of World War II which itself makes it unique in many realm of cinematography. With a classic theme coupled up with a solid perspective – this show is definitely going to hit the trending bars.

Well, how you can watch this series? How many episodes are there? From release date to plot, from cast to timings – here’s everything that you need to know about We Were The Lucky Ones!

What is We Were The Lucky Ones About?

We were the Lucky Ones Joey King
Joey King

Before talking about anything, it is important to take a look at it’s main theme. What should we expect from We Were The Lucky Ones? Like I mentioned above, the show is a direct adaptation of Georgia Hunter’s bestselling novel. As per the official synopsis of the book:

We Were the Lucky Ones tells the true story of Hunter’s family, the Kurc family. The story takes place in Poland in 1939. Even though the Nazis are growing bigger and coming closer to the family’s hometown, they go on trying to live as normal a life as they can.

The main plot of this TV show is also revolving around the original novel, however, you should expect some twists and changes. The series is showcasing how the above mentioned Jewish family torn apart during World War II. The parents are Sol and Nechuma, who together are gifted with a sweet family of 5 children – three sons and two daughters.

In the story, Genec, Mila, Addy, Halina and Jacob tries to find their own paths but destiny is planning something else. With violence and brutal killings of the war, Kurcs family ripped away from each other. That’s where the plot of We Were The Lucky Ones revolves around. You will be watching their struggle and twists as they shows their strength to reunite and survive.

Where To Watch We Were The Lucky Ones?

Joey King in We were the Lucky Ones
Joey King in We were the Lucky Ones

Buckle Up! We Were The Lucky Ones season 1 will premiere straight on Hulu streaming services from March 28, 2024. Of course you have to buy one of their subscriptions services but I have a good news for you.

Just in case if you don’t know then let me tell you that Hulu has completely merged itself with Disney+. From now on – you can enjoy all the benefits of Hulu exclusively on Disney+ streaming platform with their new combo plan. That means, just go and buy one subscription and enjoy the benefits of two services with variety of new and trending shows, movies, shorts and much more.

When will We Were the Lucky Ones Release?

Alright, what are the release dates? Are we getting everything all together? Well, not really. We Were the Lucky Ones season 1 will release it’s first three episodes on Thursday, March 28. This will mark the grand premiere of this special TV show and will give a good idea to it’s audience to catch up the main theme. The show will drop 8 episodes with it’s finale set to premiere on May 2, 2024. Below are the timings to watch aka stream this beautiful journey:

Time ZoneDateTime
Eastern Standard TimeThursday, March 28, 202412:01 am
Pacific Standard TimeWednesday, March 27, 20249:01 pm
Central Standard TimeWednesday, March 27, 202411: 01 pm

Who Is In The Cast of We Were the Lucky Ones?

We were the Lucky Ones cast
The Cast

Last but at no means the least – who is coming up with his/her talent in We Were the Lucky Ones? Well, starring Joey King as lead (Halina Kurc), the show will feature multiple talented artists and well known faces. First and foremost, Logan Lerman is joining the cast as Addy Kurc who will be portraying the challenges of a brother for his family and sisters.

Joining him is Henry Lloyd-Hughes and Amit Rahav as Genec Kurc and Jakub Kurc. While it completes the main leads and focus points of the story, we have plenty of other members from this house. It includes:

  • Hadas Yaron as Mila Kurc

  • Lior Ashkenazi as Sol Kurc

  • Robin Weigert as Nechuma Kurc

  • Moran Rosenblatt as Herta, Genec’s wife

  • Michael Aloni as Selim, Mila’s husband

  • Sam Woolf as Adam, Halina’s love interest

We Were the Lucky Ones is definitely going to surprise us and I will be following it without a second though. What about you? Stick around the corner with TVPrism as we brings you everything TV. Till then – stay safe, peace out!

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