Virgin River Season 6: Marriage News, Wild Predictions And Everything You Need To Know

Ok so, who’s getting married?

I mean, who’s getting married in our Virgin River saga? And if you don’t know then this article is absolutely for you. Virgin River Season 5 was full of ups and downs for us, and despite giving us some unexpected moments, the ending is again teasing another season.

To be honest, these so-called ending moments are the beginning of a new adventure, especially when we are talking about the Virgin River saga. Season 3 was looking perfect, still we got season 4, and despite delivering us a perfect conclusion (with some cliffhangers), they made season 5. Now is the time for another installment, and luckily, we are getting Virgin River season 6!

Now you might be wondering about it’s plot and other updates, well, I am here for you. As a big fan of Virgin River saga, I am here with everything that you need to know about Virgin River Season 6, along with my very own predictions aka theories for our favorite characters!

Virgin River Season 6: “The Marriage” Is Coming!

Virgin River Season 6 will deliver us couple of marriages
image via Netflix

That’s why I was asking you a simple question at the very beginning of this article, “Who’s getting married?”

So if you don’t know then show runner Patrick Sean Smith has officially confirmed in his latest interview with Deadline that Virgin River Season 6 will be show us ‘someone’s marriage’, and not only this, he has also confirmed that “there “More Then One” marriage will happen. Wow!

Now he didn’t shared any name for these big events, but we can take a closer look at it’s latest season for making our predictions, and as a fan, it’s my duty to share my very own thoughts with you.

So here we goes, by the end of Virgin River Season 5, we discovers that Champ aka Everett Reid is the one who is Mel’s real biological father. It was a shocking moment for me but it is what it is. Anyways, as we moves forward, another big event takes place. Charmaine Roberts, who was a ‘pregnant-character’ since 2019, finally gives birth to her twins and ends her absurd storyline.

Now before moving forward, let me clear that according to me, Roberts is not creating any new cliffhanger or plot for the future seasons, so it is a no brainer to develop any theme surrounding this character, however, she will definitely appear as a side character in season 6.

Moving forward in the explanation of season 5 finale, the Christmas episode reveals that Preacher lets slip that he loves Kaia, and wow, this was the best moment of this show. However, the episode later reveals that Wes’ body is discovered and identified which can also bring a storm for Preacher. Now that’s where we might jump in the sixth season (atleast for one episode).

According to me, one of the episodes from Virgin River Season 6 might take us deep inside Preacher’s life. We are sure to see some big and devastating changes in his life which can eventually affect his sweet relationship with Kaia. I would say that a episode showcasing Kaia and Preacher where both of our characters are trying to control their emotional storms while maintaining a relationship might be a good choice. So hey, I feels like we got our first episode from Season 6, isn’t it?

Virgin River Season 5
image via Netflix

Hold on fam, this is not over yet. After the twins of Roberts, another big development that we are definitely going to see in Virgin River Season 6 is a baby of Lizzie!

Yes, that’s true. Season 5 has revealed that Lizzie is finally having a baby and her mom is happy about that. Now you might feel confused because Lizzie’s mom is not an ‘easy-to-handle’ type of person, especially in such scenarios. So how did Lizzie convinced her mom? Let me explain it for you.

As we were moving forward for the ending of Season 5, Lizzie’s mom lands on our screen. Now as expected, Lizzie was afraid to tell her mom, however, she do reveals everything to Hope. Just like a typical, classic drama, her mom hears everything, but thankfully, our Hope explains everything to Lizzie’s mom and it worked out very well. Later, Lizzie’s mom discovers that her daughter loves her family way too much, but she also finds out hard for Lizzie to handle her baby girl and Denny, who is suffering from a disease.

So here comes my prediction for another episode of Season 6. Yes, we might get some episodes with our Lizzie and her new baby girl, and to be honest, this would be a perfect and a cute choice. The company can take a closer look at the life of Lizzie, how she’s managing everything and how her baby girl is doing!

Finally we gets our final moments and that’s what creates a whole base for the sixth season. Mel was talking to Everett, her biological father, where he asks her to give him a second chance. His excuse is useless for me, I mean this guy is saying that ‘he isn’t a man he was when he wrote the letters, but that he is Mel’s father!

Now the season ends when he handles tons of postcards, that was written by her mom for him, to Mel and she accepts them. Before the credits role, Everett reveals that he has something else important to say. This is where we will be getting our whole Virgin River Season 6, according to me.

The sixth season might jump forward in time and if you don’t know then the studio has already confirmed that a time jump is going to occur in it. So yeah, they can finally reveal those ‘secrets’ that were hidden since past few years and Mel can uncover the realities of both of her mom and her real and biological dad. We also have to see that this man is really changed or not, because we are living in a world where we should never give someone, especially to those who were lying again and again, a second chance. Still Mel is believing on him which itself creates tons of plots and possibilities for the sixth season.

In short, I will be ending my theory with these three episodes, “one where Lizzie’s life can be explored”, then a episode based upon Preacher and Kaia, followed up by the series of episodes based upon ‘Mel’s mom-secrets’, and I guess that I’ve already explained enough to clear the things out.

Virgin River Season 6 Release Date!

Virgin River Season 6 Release Date
image via Netflix

Now I don’t want to end this article on a cliffhanger, like our beloved Virgin River franchise. So let’s talk about their release schedule: “When could we expect Virgin River Season 6?”

To be honest, we don’t have an exact release window yet, however, in the same interview of Deadline, Patrick has revealed that they will stat their production in 2024. In fact, Alexandra Breckenridge has also said that the team is looking forward to start filming by the springs of 2024.

The actress has also showed her interest in shooting both Season 6 and 7 all-together in order to deliver this beloved saga in a continuous way- Nice idea isn’t it?

So keeping all these stuffs in mind, I would say that Virgin River Season 6 will not land before 2025! It’s sad to hear but it is what it is. I mean, these actors do have their other projects and brand deals, so yeah, it will take some time for sure. But hey, we should just stay excited because of those three solid predictive plots, surprise of marriages and that ‘time-jump’ thing!

Well, we will update you with everything, so make sure to stick around the corner with TV Prism as we shares some of the best and original TV Shows content, whether it is reviews, theories, predictions, updates or whatever! Stay Safe, Peace Out!

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