Stranger Things 5 Will Have To Deal With These 5 Mind-Blowing And Mysterious Questions

Zombie apocalypse based movies and TV Shows are too good to be true, isn’t it? If you are wondering why I am talking about Zombies in an article which was supposed to be based upon Vecna and gang, then it’s not your fault. However, these zombies are going to appear in Stranger Things 5!

Pack your emotions and control your dopamine because this article is going to take you deep inside the world of Vecna, where I will be sharing some of the most mysterious and must-to-know type of questions that are rising in my theory-based mind, and yes, Netflix and team will have to deal with these questions in order to save their Stranger saga!

Connection Between Sara’s Death And Hawkin’s Lab?

Sara from Stranger Things
image via Netflix

Eleven is among the most favorite characters from Stranger Things saga, and I am pretty sure that she will be playing a very important role in Stranger Things 5 as well. Now when I was re-watching this phenomenal show during my Christmas holidays, I noticed something familiar in the flashback of Eleven’s attempted escape from Hawkins Lab. If you are still feeling confused then recall the scene when Hopper was grieving over his daughter’s death in a hospital room.

Yes, the staircase in that scene was almost similar to the one that we saw in the flashback of Eleven. In fact, I would say that both of these staircases are actually the same thing, and if that’s the case then does it means that Sara’s death is connected to the Hawkin’s Lab?

 I would love to mention the fact that Hopper has revealed in Stranger Things Season 4 that Sara died due to birth defects related to Agent Orange. But why would that have landed her in the secret hospital lab in Hawkins?

Well, I feels like the death moments of Sara are definitely connected to the Hawkin’s Lab and Stranger Things Season 5 should deal with this unanswered question.

Eleven’s Real Dad?

Eleven from Stranger Things
image via Netflix

My next question is revolving around Eleven once again. Remember Henry and Brenner? Well according to my theory, one of these two guys are definitely the biological father of our Eleven, but the question is who?

If you are saying Brenner then you are wrong, I mean, take a look at previous seasons of Stranger Things by yourself. Brenner has committed a sin, with sin I am referring to his deadly experiments that he was conducting inside Hawkins National Lab. If he is the father of Eleven then doesn’t it makes all those experiments very inhuman? How can a father use his own children for the sake of his deadly science experiments?

Now my theory is going with Henry, a guy who is 25 years older then Eleven. We’ve seen some moments in fourth season which were giving the vibes of a father and if that’s the case, then Netflix is creating a Luke Skywalker/Darth Vader-style showdown for Stranger Things 5! Wow!

The Death Patterns Of Vecna?

The only thing which makes Stranger Things Season 4 different from it’s other parts is the way Vecna kills his enemies aka the innocent people. He first takes control over their body, lifts them up in the air, break their bones one by one, Ouch !!, then finally finishes their eyes into their heads! WHAT? but WHY?

This is the biggest question that should be answered in Stranger Things 5. I mean, why Vecna sucks eyes into their heads? A ritual? A way to take control over someone? Or something which might make him even more stronger? To be honest, it feels like Vecna gets powers when he follows this pattern and maybe (I am using the word ‘maybe’ because these are my own theories after all) it gives him more insight into Hawkins? 

‘Will’ Can Control Time?

Nancy from Stranger Things
image via Netflix

We knows that Upside Down is nothing but a copy of the real Hawkins. Whatever you can see in the main city is also available in Upside Down which itself is magical, however, there is one character which I think can control time of Upside Down and he is none other then our Will.

In this saga, Joyce was able to put up the lights and letters in Hawkins and have them reflected in the Upside Down immediately, allowing Will to see the letters and communicate with her by selecting lights over letters to spell out “R-U-N.” It means that the alternate dimension can absorb the changes in real time, but something was changed in Season 4.

During the show, Nance realizes that the condition of Upside Down is not changing ever since Will disappeared. That means the scenarios and settings of this mysterious alternate dimension are still frozen at November 6, 1983.

Now I am wondering why? Is there any special connection between Vecna and Will? We have to find out because it can solve many mysteries about this alternate dimension.

How Did Eleven Bring Max Back From The Dead?

Max from Stranger Things
image via Netflix

Like I was explaining my theory about the killing patterns of Vecna, this question is also connected to him. By the end of Stranger Things season 4, we saw how Vecna was not able to kill Max in his ritualistic and brutal manner. Max’s eye was still at it’s place and her one hand was still unbroken.

Still she was not in her consciousness, I mean why not, nobody can escape these types of critical conditions. As expected, Max lost her breaths, however, it was Eleven who brings Max’s life back, but HOW? We also knows that Eleven can manipulate the reality of the Upside Down in order to escape it, but how can she give someone’s life back?

It’s hard to make any theory at this point of time because the character of Eleven is full of mysteries, still I would say that Eleven do have some connections with some sort of ‘god-like’ powers, or maybe she can manipulate the timelines of our real world as well. Now it’s upto our Netflix, we should wait and watch how they overcomes these questions because we need their answers.

As a true fan of this saga, I tried to deal with every question along with my very own theories. Of course we do have many other questions but these five are the most mysterious ones.

Netflix is developing Stranger Things season 5 very actively and as per some latest reports, it might land by late 2024 or early 2025. Well, we will make sure to update you with everything so stick around the corner with TV Prism, where we brings you some of the best theories, predictions, news and everything about every Hollywood show.

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