Reacher Season 2 Episode 6 Release Date, Predictions And Episode 5 Explained

Alright, so another episode of Reacher Season 2 is here and this was far better then it’s previous one. I mean, every new episode is just getting better and better from it’s previous drops, which is also a beauty of this show.

Now we will be watching it’s sixth episode next week, however, there were some moments in episode 5 which are now creating a lot of burning questions in our minds. We want to know more about this thrilling story and more importantly, we just want to find the answers of all those events which left us amazed.

If you are one of those then stick with me because I will be revealing everything about Reacher Season 2 Episode 6, followed by the deep analysis of it’s previous episode along with some questions!

Reacher Season 2 Episode 5 Explained!

Reacher Season 2 Episode 5 Explained
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Before jumping on the next episode, it is very important for us to understand it’s previous drop, because we have to connect every single dot in order to conclude any story. Well, I will be explaining Reacher Season 2 Episode 5 in my own words, and in a very precise manner!

The episode starts with O’Donnell, who is at home with his cute kids and a happy wife. Meanwhile, Neagley and Dixon were investigating the New Era Technologies at their distribution warehouse in Denver, Colorado. If you are wondering how, then both of our protagonists were pretending to be a government regulators and used their clipboard and demeanor to gain access.

The episode becomes interesting when they discovers that 650 missiles have left the factory. Moments later, Azhari Mahmoud’s henchmen appears on our screens and they were taking out a truck driver, stealing the bombs.

As expected, Frances and Dixon leaves the New Age Technologies warehouse and faces off those henchmen, who starts shooting at our duo. After removing those bad guys, our duo discovers that it was Azhari Mahmoud who signed off those missiles. Now this is a big twist because neither Dixon nor Frances knows much about this particular individual. His identity, ethnicity, profession and everything was hidden that brings a new angle in this show.

After leaving the crime scene, they calls Reacher and O’Donnell and explains them everything that happened during the shootout. They also tells Reacher that Swan is “Alive”.

Finally Mahmoud makes his appearance, he called Langston and warns that prices may go up if the problem keep persisting. I mean, I didn’t knew that Mahmoud is the one who is controlling Langston. Anyways, Langston ensures him that everything dot will be connected before his arrival and Reacher will be managed by his mens.

Big Question From Reacher Season 2 Episode 5: Who Was The Shooter?

After the shootout, Dixon and Neagley also discovers that Swan has been approving the New Age orders, including the shipments of those missiles. Still I was wondering that Swan will be needing the help of hundreds of people because the whole process involves tons of digital signatures, verifications, shipments and more.

Despite all this, Reacher was defending Swan, but WHY? Actually, Swan was the one who saved MP’s life by taking a bullet meant for him during an operation.

The final scenes from this episode takes place at the funeral. O’Donnell reveals that Franz’s body has been released and now they have to go New York to funeral. It was that moment when our detective Russo meets Reacher and reveals everything that he found during his investigations. It is revealed that the only guy who was not a former NYPD is Swan, however, his military background was enough for him to get recruited in the team.

Now we are entering into the final and most interesting part of this show: “The Ending of Episode 5”.

When Reacher and gang was in the funeral, two shots are fired from a sniper. The aim was to kill Reacher, however, our hero saves himself by taking cover behind the headstone. Neagley manages to kill one shooter, while Russo and Jack manages to crash the car of the second one.

They also manages to catch the shooter, who later reveals that Swan hired him. After forcing, he agrees to lead Jack to a predetermined position in Queens where the shooter is to be paid. However, when they reaches their destination, an explosion engulfs the building and hence, eliminating the Swan and ending this episode.

Now one thing which I liked in this particular episode was the way they showed Swan. Mahmoud is the one who is controlling Langston, whereas Swan is helping the wrong end which makes it’s upcoming episodes very important for the whole gang. It’s up to Reacher and team to bring Swan back in order to complete their mission successfully.

Reacher Season 2 Episode 6 Predictions!

Reacher Season 2 Episode 6 predictions
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After explaining episode 5, now I am going to talk about my very own predictions because it’s the thing which I enjoys a lot. So, what’s the big deal? What is in the faith of Reacher? Well, I’ve mentioned my predictions below:

  • First of all, it feels like now we are done with the number of cameo from Reacher season 1. If anything, then Roscoe is the only one who might appear, but not before this season’s finale.
  • Secondly, we are definitely going to witness a big loss at Reacher’s side, but who? According to me, Neagley is way too important for the current season, so he is on the safe side, that means O’Donnell might be the next individual who can die for the sake of Reacher. I also feels like Serinda’s Swan is in danger as well. So we have to take a closer look at this character in Episode 6.
  • Thirdly, Reacher might continue to defend Swan, after all it seems like Swan is getting manipulated by someone, and if Reacher wants then he can easily bring her back on his side. So episode 6 might cover this plot as well.
  • Lastly, we may get a chance to take a deep look at Mahmoud and his evil plans. It is possible that episode 6 might uncover some other gang members who are trying to trade some illegal weapons to him, hence, more chaos.

In short, I’m pretty sure that Reacher Season 2 episode 6 is going to deliver us something unexpected and surprising. Also the fact that I am following this season from the very beginning makes my above mentioned theory more impactful. So again, one of these incidents are definitely going to take place in this upcoming episode.

When Is Reacher Season 2 Episode 6 Landing?

So let’s end this article with some updates, because I just want to deliver everything to my lovely audience. We’ve covered the detailed yet a precise explanation of Episode 5, I’ve also shared my personal predictions about it’s future episode, and now it’s the time to talk about it’s release schedule!

Reacher Season 2 Episode 6 will be landing on Prime Video on Thursday, January 5th, 2024. If you are wondering about it’s time then as usual, it will be airing at 8:01 p.m. ET/5:01 p.m. PT.

Additionally, the title of the sixth episode is: “New York’s Finest, and the runtime is 49 minutes, as per IMDB. Make sure to take your subscriptions of Amazon Prime that costs $139.99 a year or $8.99 a month, because this show… is worth it!

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