How God Loki Is Now The Heart For MCU? This Wild Theory Explains Everything

Loki Season 2 is among the highly rated TV shows of history and almost all of us was amazed after watching it’s finale. If you’ll ask me about the thing called “character development”, then I will be giving the example of this masterpiece.

But this is not over yet, Loki season 2 is the beginning of a new era where our ‘God of Mischief’ will be dominating over our hearts, minds and of course, the box office.

Let’s talk about Marvel, the company is exploring it’s multiverse and while you might think that those new Avengers are going to play the most important role in this phase, then this theory might surprise you. I’ve found something really interesting which makes our Loki, the most important character for the multiverse saga!

Theory That Makes Loki The Centre Point For Multiverse Saga!

Loki Season 2
Loki Season 2

To understand it, we should first talk a bit about the present condition of this phase, because a lot is already happening in these timelines. To start, we now knows that Kang might get replaced by another villain and that’s because Jonathan Majors has been fired by Marvel studios.

It opens the doors for many other big bad guys such as Doctor Doom and Galactus, however, Galactus will not appear, atleast in the current phase. That clears the path for Doctor Doom to take over the crown of Kang but there are some reports which are also claiming that Marvel is looking forward to recast the conqueror.

Despite all these confusions, the only character who is definitely going to appear in the big projects of Avengers is none other then Loki, and since Marvel will not show any cameo of Kang, atleast for some time, it opens the doors for our God of Mischief to take control over the incidents of multiverse.

Now that’s where my theory is going to take place. Kang is not available, no updates are out yet for Doom either, so why not move forward with this epic character?

As per the comics, God Loki is the ultimate version of Loki who knows about everything. Timelines, universes, canon events or anything, God Loki can change the result of every single incident which is going to take place in this multiverse.

By changing our Loki into his ultimate self, Marvel has opened the gates for many alternate possibilities and the most interesting one says, according to my theory, that Loki might turn the tables by removing Kang from every single timeline and giving Avengers the time they wanted in order to prepare themselves for a bigger threat which might appear in the form of Galactus!

Since Loki knows about everything, Kang is the main threat in his mind whose variants might attack over Earth-616, where our heroes are present. We also knows that Immortus and Beyinder are the variants of Kang which might become the mosr dangerous threat for the universe.

Kang variants might divert Avengers in order to give some time to their higher self and in the same way, Loki can finish those variants in order to avoid Immortus and Beyonder.

But what are the ways using which Loki can connect himself with the Avengers for the sake of this universe? The answer is pretty simple.

Loki Season 2 image
Marvel Studios

The team of Avengers consists of multiple sorcerers and Doctor Strange is one of them. By the end of Multiverse of Madness, we got a chance to see Clea, along with whom our Doctor is exploring the incursions of the multiverse.

Since God Loki is controlling everything aka he is the next “He Who Remains”, it is possible that both Clea and Strange might reach him to solve the puzzles of the timelines and stop the incursions, just like Loki himself did along with Sylvie in Loki Season 1.

If it happens, then Loki might reveal everything to Strange and can also show the duo a path to stop those incursions and avoiding the potential threat of Immortus and Beyonder.

However, my theory contains a second flip also.

According to this, if Marvel decides to remove Kang from it’s current phase rather then recasting this character, then we might get a chance to watch Doctor Doom in the lead role during Avengers 5. But how?

Actually, Beyonder and Doom are the two close friends in Marvel comics, however, when Beyonder gets immense powers from his evil plans, Doom betrays him and takes all his powers. It evolves Doom in his higher self which later makes him the “God Doom”.

Since the present conditions of Kang are looking very uncertain, we should not deny the chances of the appearance of Doom in MCU.

So if they moves forward in this pattern, then Loki might reveal everything about Doom to Strange and Clea that will ultimately set up a perfect plot for Avengers 5.

Doesn’t matter which plot does Marvel choose, Loki will still play the role of most important individual of this multiverse and that’s why I am calling Loki as the heart of MCU!

Loki’s Development In Season 2!

Loki Season 2 official poster
Marvel Studios

Loki is a character who will be remembered for ages. From a random, silly villain in The Avengers Movie to the ‘God of Stories’, this character has travelled a lot and now it’s the time to treat him with respect.

In Loki Season 2, Tom Hiddlestone lead character has mastered the time-slipping powers. He knows how to take control over any ongoing incident and turn the tables for the benefit of the universe. Despite gaining some new powers and knowledge, this character didn’t knew that his faith has decided more for him.

In the finale of Loki Season 2, we finally got a chance to feel the power of faith. He decided to give away his happiness for the sake of his friends and more importantly, the multiverse. This character is now holding every singly timeline in his hands and that’s what makes him a perfect choice for deciding the result of this multiverse saga of MCU.

In movies like Thor: The Dark World and Thor: Ragnarok, Loki was not worthy enough to lift Mjolnir, but now we can safely say that Mjolnir is not worthy enough to get held by our Loki. That’s the perfection of character development, and that’s what brings a beautiful story to life.

I am talking about this development because it was important to know the answer of: ‘Why we are calling Loki the heart of MCU!”

Now it’s upto you. What are your theories about this God-like character of MCU? Will Doctor Doom appear in Avengers 5 and if yes then HOW? Well, we have a lot to cover so make sure to stick around the corner with TV Prism where we shares some of the most interesting theories and TV shows updates!

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