The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live Episode 3 Quick Recap: An Intense Drop!

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live episode 3 is out and we can feel a special bond between Rick and Michonne. Titled as “Bye”, I would say that episode 3 is far better then that of previous two episodes. We’ve got tons of heart touching moments coupled up with come very interesting rescues.

The show is taking a deep dive into a slippery type of plotline where one wrong step can ruin everything for our main protagonists. For those who’s not seen the third episode, I would suggest them to just leave this articles because I will be mentioning some major spoilers- so hey! SPOILERS WARNING AHEAD!!

An Intense Plot of Rick & Michonne!

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live episode 3 explained
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The very first thing that I want to talk about is the development of our two main protagonists- Rick and Michonne. Both of these characters reserves a special place in our hearts, not only because of their action sequences but also due to their unique chemistry.

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live episode 3 starts with a very interesting plot where we gets the cold open of “Bye” via three time periods. First thing first, we see how Rick ran into Jadis for the first time after she “rescued” him. We also learns why she handed him over to CRM and to be honest, there was no need to show this particular moment.

Anyways, as we moves forward in the episode, Jadis reveals that delivering Rick to CRM was a way for her to skip consignment and get a city life. Then we gets our second time frame with the title of “Hours Ago“. Here we see how Rick takes the help of Thorne for making sure that Michonne made it into consignment. Yes! Rick helped Michonne despite the fact that she was a suspected A.

The third and final time frame with the title of “Now” finally picks up the ending of previous frame by showing us the success of Rick’s plan to help Michonne. It was this moment when Jadis threatens Rick to ensure the capture of Michonne. She knew that if Rick and Mich will work together then they can easily escape, hence she tries her best to avoid this situation.

Later in the episode, Thorne takes a step forward and warns Rick that Michonne is on Beale’s radar. It panics Rick and our hero starts planning for the escape of Michonne. He makes multiple notes to guide our Michonne and I don’t know how he manages to plan this much in a very little amount of time. Finally after a lot of hurdles, the final note of Rick asks Michonne to leave rather then waiting for him.

Now you might feel lost here so let me explain you. The only reason behind this was the fact that nobody can escape CRM without an internal help. That’s why our Rick was present inside in order to guide Michonne in right direction during The Ones Who Live episode 3.

How Does The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live Episode 3 End?

Rick in The Ones Who Live episode 3
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So how does The Ones Who Live episode 3 ends? After the escape of Michonne, we got a very useless moment. I mean, I don’t know how this show is managing to stay consistent at the ratings of 90%+. If you’ll ask me then I can make you count tons of moments which makes no sense at first place but still are present.

Anyways, we see Thorne who is now showing us her twisted side. She is interrogating Michonne who is still in her character of Dana. Now hold a minute! Can someone fix this plotline? I mean how are they moving forward with the concept of “Love Triangle”? (Yes! that’s how I am going to call it). See, Thorne can be seen calling Rick as one of her own close friends, or even a part of her family that shows her point of view for Rick. At the same time, Rick is asking her to help Michonne and she indeed helps him. Now that Michonne has escaped, Thorne is once again trying to kill her knowing that some sort of relationship is present between Rick and Michonne.

Well, they can simply skip it but god knows why they’ve decided to make things so complicated!

Finally after all these complicated stuffs, we moves at the ending of The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live Episode 3. Now we are at Cascadia where CRM is taking care of some big tasks. Thorne shows herself in such a way which makes us think that she has been waiting all her life to do it. Michonne on the other hands gets a task to keep the no-kills near the frontline.

While many weird terms were present in these moments, Thorne was trying to control everything by herself. In fact, things were going out of their hands but hey! Hats off to the company for giving us a ‘perfect’ character of Thorne (I hope you are getting my sarcasm!).

Finally Michonne takes control in her hands and finishes off the task all alone (of course she gets some help from Rick who joins the duo just before the end of the battle). While Michonne was breaking her line of rules, it irritates Thorne and she tries to kill Mich- however, Rick comes in her way and hence, saving his “love”. The episode ends with our duo who were struggling in their chopper as it was stuck in a storm. We can spot them going in the wrong direction but don’t worry! Our main protagonists are going to be all fine!

Final Thoughts on The Ones Who Live Episode 3!

The Walking Dead The Ones Who Live Episode 3 Review
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Well, I don’t know how to describe The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live Episode 3. I mean, they should have keep things simple but instead of this, they are just focusing way too much in building the relationships of our main characters. Episode 3 was of course better then our previous two episodes, but it was full of loopholes as well.

Thorne is a character who is looking just way too confused at the moment (or I would say ‘jealous’). She knows that something is cooking between our Rick and Michonne which is now making her feel uncomfortable.

While Rick is focusing more on his mission, our hero is also trying to show Michonne that how much he cares about her. Michonne on the other hand is looking in a rush. I mean, the first two episodes were describing her character in a perfect way but The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Lives episode 3 has changed many things. She now knows that Rick cares about her and so she can’t really stay rigid for our hero.

While we’ve officially crossed the mark of “halfway” of this show, I am pretty sure that some of the most interesting and twisted moments are waiting for us. So keep an eagle eye on this saga. Long story short, I enjoyed this episode (Yes I do!), and I would love to rate The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live episode 3 a score of 7/10. What’s yours?

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