Oscars 2024: What’s Inside the $180,000 Gift Bags For Our 20 Nominees!

Happy Oscars 2024 day! Finally the event is here and so the celebs. Oscars is known for it’s star-studded night coupled up with the variety of nominations and winners- but hey, ever wondered about those shiny looking gift bags? What’s the secret? Well, I knows what exactly is present inside those mystery bags!

Oscars 2024 will begin in couple of moments and we knows that social media is going to get flooded with tons of hashtags and trends. We will be witnessing multiple fashion styles via our idols/artists along with their unique presentations and performances. It is the beauty of Oscars 2024 that the show is trending on the popular platform X/Twitter for the last couple of weeks continuously.

We’ve seen many different types of awards and gifts at red carpet events, but there’s one specific set of bags which always grabs our attention. Yes! I am talking about those shiny looking gift bags which are presented to our nominees from very specific & special categories.

Just in case if you don’t know then let me tell you that for 22 years, Los Angeles-based marketing company Distinctive Assets has been distributing “Everybody Wins” gift bags to the nominees recognized in the Oscars’ top categories. The number of categories may change, but these bags never change themselves. This year at Oscars 2024, 20 nominees will get to enjoy gifts worth $180,000.

While neither any artist nor the host reveals anything about these bags, I’ve got everything which is present inside these mystery baggage. Let’s find out!

The Most Expensive Gifts of Oscars 2024…!

What's inside the gift bags of Oscars 2024
Oscars 2024

These bags contains multiple gifts and these are arranged in an ascending/descending order. This year at Oscars 2024, the most expensive gift is a three-night stay at Chalet Zermatt Peak in Switzerland worth $50,000. You may ask about this specific place. I mean, why Chalet?

That’s simply because Chalet is the reigning winner of the “Best Ski Chalet” from the World’s Ski Awards. Now whoever wins this bag will get a chance to use the entire chalet for themselves- however, if they want then they are also allowed to bring up to nine guests, CNBC reported.

This is not the only gift which the nominees are going to get. The other “Everybody Wins” gift bags contains:

  • An invitation for a seven-day stay at Southern California’s Golden Door spa. Talking about it’s cost then it will land somewhere around $24,000. While it may sound way too much for a spa but let me tell you that it offers not only massages, but also farm-to-table meals, and mindfulness and wellness classes.

  • A $10,000 worth micro-needling treatment from Cynosure. Getting confused? Don’t worry. Cynosure is “designed to tighten and revitalize” skin while minimizing the common signs of aging. This treatment is also helpful in reducing blemishes. Huh! A perfect treat for our female actors right? 

  • Then comes a $25,000 live show from mentalist Carl Christman. This one is more like a fun-time where the winner/nominee can feel the combination of magic, mind reading, hypnosis and comedy.

  • The next gift is our portable Schwank Grill worth $1,350. This one will work like a cherry-on-top right?

  • Then comes a bag which is “handmade entirely by Master Artisans” from Canada-based Elboque. It sounds expensive but it’s not. The cost of this specific gift lies somewhere around $335.

  • Finally the last drop of gift contains a retro-themed 50th anniversary Rubik’s Cube and a luxury gift set from Miage skincare which is valued at $515. The skincare thing is beneficial for everyone whereas the Rubik’s Cube features the puzzle’s original logo and color scheme (more like a collectible right?).

Well, these bags are more like a mine with full of gold and diamond. No matter whoever wins, the person is definitely going to spend a quality time while enjoying these merches. Oscars 2024 will also mark the 96th year anniversary of Academy Awards and we’ve witnessed many ups and downs throughout these past 95 years.

We’ve lost many great actors and legends but at the same time, we’ve also got many new, young and multi-talented artists as well. Well, Hollywood is full of surprises- you never knows what’s going to land. Stick around the corner with TV Prism as we brings you some of the most trending and original content related to your favorite TV shows and celebrities. Till then- stay safe, peace out!

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