Netflix Shares Exclusive First Look At “Nobody Wants This” Starring Kristen Bell and Adam Brody

Yes, “Nobody Wants This” now has it’s first look image & Release Date!

In a recent announcement, Netflix has revealed details about its upcoming comedy series, previously known as the “Untitled Erin Foster Show,” now titled “Nobody Wants This.” The decision to rename the series hints at a shift in tone and perspective, promising viewers a unique and possibly unconventional viewing experience.

Set to premiere on September 26, “Nobody Wants This” centers around the unlikely relationship between Joanne, played by Kristen Bell, and Noah, portrayed by Adam Brody. Joanne is depicted as an outspoken, agnostic woman, while Noah is an unconventional rabbi, setting the stage for comedic clashes and exploration of themes surrounding religion, love, and relationships.

Creator and co-showrunner Erin Foster, known for her work on “The New Normal,” shared insights into the inspiration behind the series. She humorously remarked, “This show is based on the only good decision I ever made: falling for a nice Jewish boy.” Foster further elaborated on the challenges of finding happiness, stating, “I realized that being happy is way harder than being miserable (there’s nothing to complain about).” She emphasized that despite the title’s sentiment, the desire for connection and love remains resilient, adding, “Nobody Wants This, but we do, and that’s all that matters.

The series boasts a talented ensemble cast, including Justine Lupe, Timothy Simons, Stephanie Faracy, Tovah Feldshuh, and others, promising captivating performances and dynamic interactions among the characters.

In addition to the title announcement, Netflix also treated fans to a first-look photo of the series, offering a visual glimpse into the world of “Nobody Wants This.” You can check out it’s first image from above. The pic provides insight into the show’s aesthetic and sets the stage for the comedic and possibly poignant moments that viewers can anticipate.

With its blend of humor, romance, and thought-provoking themes, “Nobody Wants This” promises to be a standout addition to Netflix’s comedy lineup. Audiences can mark their calendars for September 26 and prepare for a delightful and insightful exploration of love and relationships in the modern world.

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