Shogun Episode 3 Preview, Shocking Plot & Release Date

It feels like 2024 is going to be the best year for streaming platforms. Shogun is just a new addition in the long list of back to back masterpieces which are able to keep the audience on the edge of their seats.
Set in the world of 1600, the events of Shogun are related to the actual incidents of that time, and maybe that’s the only reason why this show can be called as a real documentary of warriors. Now that we’ve got its first two episodes, which are truly iconic, I just can’t wait to watch more of these characters.

What is in the faith of John and others. How will our main protagonists manage to save themselves as well as their loved one? More importantly, when should we expect its future drops? Well, you don’t have to go anywhere as here I am going to reveal everything about Shogun Episode 3!

Shogun Episode 3 Release Schedule!

Shogun episode 3 release date
image via Disney+

First thing first— what is the release date of Shogun episode 3? Are they going to bring in any big change in its schedule?

Nowadays, companies believes in delivering their iconic shows on a fixed schedule, and Shogun is no exception. Set to premiere on Hulu, this show will also land on FX in next few weeks. For those who lives in Latin America, platforms like Star+ can be a great fit to stream this saga. To make it even more easier for you, Disney+ is also streaming its episodes globally— so hey! Now you knows where to catch it right?

Shogun episode 3 will release on Tuesday, March 5. Just like any other classic tale or project, it will follow a fixed schedule and hence— expect it to drop new episode every week. Talking about its timings then you can expect episode 3 to release around 12 a.m. E.T.

Shogun Episode 3 Plot Predictions: What’s Next For Our Samurai?

Shogun episode 3 plot predictions
image via Disney+

Now that you knows everything about the release schedule, you may Ask about a synopsis on which the upcoming episode is going to take place. Luckily, I’ve got plenty of details for you.

The premiere saw the arrival of John Blackthorne in Japan, where all his crewmates, including him, were on the verge of death due to starvation. The first two episodes were delivering us many unexpected sequences however, they were setting up a base to develop more stories and incidents in future episodes.

Later in these episodes, we saw how Ishido Kazunari ordered Toranaga to return Lord Taikō’s wife, but he refused. I was expecting a battle at that point but I felt betrayed when Toranga was attacked with the series of insults. I was not that wrong to be honest. When Toranga was getting insulted, we saw how one of his loyal samurai was about to drew his katana. Finally in next couple of moments, Tadayoshi proclaimed to end his lineage by killing his newborn son.

I won’t go in the depths of first two episodes, instead of this- let’s just talk about the future possibilities. Shogun episode 3 is titles as “Tomorrow is Tomorrow” which itself is speaking a lot about it’s main theme. The brief synopsis of this episode states that: “After Blackthorne survives a brazen assassination attempt, Toranaga realizes he must ferry his allies out of Osaka or risk certain defeat.”

While we can’t really draw much from this, all I can speculate is series of battles and dialogues. On the basis of preview, I would say that Toranaga may make some of the most significant decisions of his life which are definitely going to make a direct or indirect effect on the future of this saga.

We may get a chance to watch more of John, who can later join the military of Toranaga. John is one of the most intelligent individuals from this saga who knows a lot about armies, wars and defence- so he can play a very vital role for Toranaga by giving him advice on ‘barbarians’ tactics. I am pretty sure about the defense area that we are going to watch in Shogun episode 3 and that’s simply because a war is just around the corner.

I would love to say that you should expect many moments related to the preparations of wars and stuffs that is later going to shape Japan’s future. Well, with war comes the politics and that’s why I’ve mentioned the word ‘dialogues’ at the very beginning of this section. Expect some fancy twists where many protagonists may face a betrayal- after all, each of them wants to be on the safer side which can ensure them a good amount of powers.

Well, Shogun episode 3 has a lot to offer and we should not forget that we are at the very beginning of this epic journey. Many unexpected deaths, games and relationships are waiting for us, so we just can’t skip any drop of it. The first two episodes are now streaming on Disney+ so don’t forget to take a look on them.

Make sure to stick around the corner with TV Prism as we brings you some of the most detailed analysis, exciting updates, trending celebrity gossips and much more from our point of view. Till then- stay safe, peace out!

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