Expats Episode 4 Preview, Release Date & Wild Plot Changes

Expats episode 3 is here and like we were all expecting, it was full of surprises and emotions. Nicole Kidman lead Expats, which is the first International TV show of 2024, is already garnering a lot of attraction throughout the internet. The first two episodes were premiered on the same day of it’s grand opening (January 26, 2024).

While we knew that a lot is going to happen in episode 3, now we are at the stage where we can take a clear picture of it’s future. What will happen in Expats episode 4? Will Margaret take an unnecessary action that will later bring a storm in her life? Who wants to kill her kids?

Well, I know that you’ve a lot of questions which are brewing in your sweet brain. So here’s everything about Expats episode 4 that you are looking for!

Expats Episode 4 Release Date And Time!

Expats Episode 4 Release Date and Time
Nicole Kidman in Expats

First and foremost, we should talk about it’s release schedule, because that’s the most important thing for an online TV show right?

Following the classic pattern of streaming services, Expats episode 4 is releasing one episode every Friday. The show has a total of six episodes and the timings are definitely not going to get changed. That means, you can stream Expats episode 4 on February 9 at 9:00 p.m. ET.

It is also possible that some small changes in it’s timings can happen, considering the upcoming streaming schedule of Amazon Prime Video which is looking way too hectic- however, I would say that Expats is getting a good response so the company will try everything to not change it’s schedule in the near future.

The show is featuring Nicole Kidman in the lead role of Margaret, who is among those reasons why many fans are running after it. She is the only Hollywood actress of recent times who’s managed to maintain her sweet and beautiful yet a powerful position in these streaming sagas. Little secret: I am also watching this show because of her :’)

Expats Episode 4 Plot Predictions!

Expats Official Poster
image via Amazon studios

Now that you knows about its release schedule, it is a perfect time to talk about the plot. I mean, a lot has happened in episode 3, so it’s logical that some pretty big changes will take place in episode 4. The fact that we are left with just two more episodes (after episode 4) for the finale is also making this upcoming episode an important one.

Well, I won’t talk about here or there and will try to make it look simple & Precise, so let’s jump into the possibilities (which are of-course my own theories) about Expats episode 4:

Mercy’s Screen Time!

Mercy in Expats season 1
image via Amazon studios

The first two episodes were not paying much attention on Mercy, however, the third episode titled ‘Mid-Levels‘ has flipped the coin in a beautiful way.

During the whole episode, we saw how Mercy is feeling lonely in Hong Kong especially after looking at all those couples who are sharing an intimate and pure relationships. As we moved forward, we got a chance to see a new character named Charlie who is a Korean girl. Mercy attends her Karoake party where she mets with tons of her friends who speaks in English after the ‘orders’ of Charlie.

Now in short, the whole episode was giving a good amount of screen-time to Mercy which is indicating towards her greater role in the future. It is possible that she may contribute in the relationship of David and Hilary during episode 4 which seems very logical when we take a look back at her, spending more time with David.

David has moved into a hotel following his marital discord which again opens the doors for Mercy to take control on our screens. Episode 4 is a perfect time to show her taking deep dive with David and Hilary in a unique way to entertain the audience.

The Dark Secret Behind Gus!

Expats season 1 official poster
image via Amazon studios

Expats episode 4 will definitely deal with this question. When I was watching episode 3, I was wondering about why Margaret’s neighbor will try to stalk them. I felt like it is nothing but just Margaret’s obsession for her children. It took less then ten minutes for then to manipulate my mind when they showed a postcard in her ‘now-deceased‘ neighbor’s home that was revealing a lot.

Margaret and we all came to know that her neighbor was following her family since a while, revealing that he was asked to meet someone in Thailand. Her obsession for her kids grew a lot during whole episode but in the end, we witnessed something unexpected.

The detectives claims that a body is found which looks very much similar to that of Gus, the long lost kid of Margaret. They asks the parents to go with them in order to identify it. Now Expats episode 4 will reveal the biggest secret that may change the whole perspective of this TV show. If the found body belongs to them, then definitely a lot is going on behind this mystery. If it’s not Gus, then Margaret’s obsession is not just an obsession anymore- but it is a logical theory.

If episode 4 reveals that Gus is alive, then it will shift the whole focus point upon Margaret’s deceased neighbor who was stalking her and her family. Who was behind this plan? Was he trying to cause more harm? What was the cause of his death? If it’s a plan, then who is the mastermind? All these questions might meet their answers in Expats episode 4 for sure.

The Collapse Of Hilary & David’s Relationship!

Hilary in Expats season 1
image via Amazon studios

Expats episode 3 has showed us the reality behind women’s choice of pregnancy. Hilary was trying everything to fix her relationship and that’s the reason why she is not having a child with David, however, the societal impact is now making a deep impact on both her soul and mind. Her heart shattered even more when Margaret, her very own and close friend yells at her and blames that she can’t understand a mother because she herself is not a mother.

I mean, we claims that this society is modern and women can take their own decisions, especially about having a child or planning the future. To be honest, Expats episode 3 is revealing the real truth of our society. Hilary don’t want to have a kid but her friends and relatives are indirectly making a deep impact on her to manipulate her for having a child.

Now that Hilary & David’s relationship status has gotten a lot of strains, I am feeling like Expats episode 4 may deliver a conclusion for them. Either they will reunite and will resume their beautiful journey, or their relationship will simply meet it’s collapse- hence, giving a deep pain to our Hilary.

So eagle eye viewers, you have to keep a close look on this duo, because episode 4 is coming with a lot of potential and possibilities for them.

The Breakdown of Margaret’s Family!

Nicole Kidman as Margaret in Expats
Nicole Kidman is Margaret in Expats

Margaret is not way too obsessed with her kids which is making her take actions that are not really necessary. Yes I’m talking about the sequences where she was taking pictures of the birthmarks of her kids. In fact, It cause one of her own child to get mad at her that shows the first strain in her family.

Thankfully the dads are knows as heroes for a reason. He comes up with a cute puppy to manage everything which later changes the mood of everyone and brings a light- however, I know that Margaret’s obsession is not going to get over yet. She will definitely take some unnecessary actions to protect her family which may bring in some unwanted arguments and collapses in her own life. So I am personally expecting more such sequences in episode 4 that will decide the faith of her and so her kids.

To be honest, this show has everything which makes it a perfect family-friendly and entertaining project. Nicole Kidman is just nailing her character as Margaret while David, Hilary and others are enough to do the work of ‘cherry-on-top‘. Expats episode 4 will land on February 9 so make sure to renew your Amazon Prime Video subscriptions (if not already).

Make sure to stick around the corner with TV Prism as we brings you some of the most authentic and original reviews, updates, explanations, Theories, analysis and many more. Till then, Stay safe, peace out!

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