Disney’s Iwaju Is A Very Delightful & Magical Experience – Honest Reviews!

In the time when many Hollywood giants (including Disney) are struggling on box office, Disney’s Iwaju is now garnering a lot of praise worldwide. This one of it’s kind TV Show has officially received it’s world premiere on February 28, 2024– and believe me, this is one of the best projects I’ve watched in recent times.

This wonderful show is dealing with an original plotline, coupled up with some of the most pretty and interesting characters. In fact, audience from different age groups can sit along to enjoy this fun adventure. Well, if you are still feeling a bit confused then you’ve found your place. Here’s my honest review for a show which is now trending everywhere on the internet!

“Disney’s Iwaju Is Too Delightful But A Bit Techy To Handle!”

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The show is not wasting much time in introducing us with it’s main characters. Focused on Nigeria, Disney’s Iwaju is showcasing a duo of Tola and Kole. Don’t worry, I won’t leave any spoilers here so you can take a good idea about this show without getting spoiled- however, I will still talk a bit about character’s description to make this article engaging and understandable for you!

Tola is a girl from an affluent island suburb, who longs to connect with her father, a successful tech entrepreneur. His father knows almost everything about some of the most advanced technologies such as AI & Blockchain. The show deals with such a heavy stuffs in a very beautiful way which makes it even more interesting.

Studios are scared from originalities and that’s the major reason why we are getting back to back sequels- but things are way too different with Disney’s Iwaju. If you are a tech enthusiast then this is a perfect show for you. You’ll get a chance to explore the depths of these latest and advance technologies where the father of Tola plays a vital role in the development of his region.

The fact which makes it even more eye catching is it’s way of portraying all these stuffs in a balanced manner. Remember Black Panther from Marvel Cinematic Universe? Of-course you do. I mean, how can someone forget about this legend right? Black Panther was living in Wakanda, a nation where future is present. Just put Wakanda into animation and you’ll get your Iwaju!

Disney's Iwaju review
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Next thing which I personally enjoyed was the way of storytelling. I am a tech-addict, so it was a piece of cake for me to understand all those fancy words- but if you are not the one then no need to worry about. Unlike all other reviews, I would say that Disney’s Iwaju indeed is dealing with some heavy and technical stuffs which sometimes makes it much harder to understand (especially by the younger audience), but it also delivers us many explanations as well.

The whole show is having a linear way of storytelling where the endings of each drop is connected to the clouds of it’s next episode which collectively gives you the rain of excitement (Duhh! I should be a poet right?).

Talking about it’s cons then Disney’s Iwaju becomes a bit too much for a classic audience. The show will share many new places and styles of animation (especially due to Kugali studios), but it also comes up with many information about all these Ai and blockchain technologies. So if you are looking for some entertaining experience coupled up with lots of jokes then Iwaju may disappoint you.

In fact, I would say that you may have to take some notes for catching up their knowledge about these stuffs. Flying vehicles and vibranium are just a noobie for this show, you’ll get many hard hitting moments.

The only thing which is making me a bit sad is the way of releasing Iwaju. I mean, it lands and it goes away- that’s how I would love to describe my experience. Disney’s Iwaju has a total of 6 episodes and almost each of them are twenty-minutes long. It could’ve easily be a movie (or maybe it should). This level of fun experience in a unique way of technologies and crimes is just too good to stream.

The casting is perfect, the animation is catchy, the plot is engaging- what else do we need? Disney’s Iwaju is, hence, a very delightful and entertaining experience which deserves a try without a doubt! So don’t forget to stream it on Disney+.

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