Reacher Season 3 Officially Gets 3 Shocking Faces & Plot Updates From Seventh Edition!

We knows that Reacher season 3 is currently under development at Amazon Prime studios and no wonder why everyone is waiting for it’s upcoming episodes with a lot of hunger. The first two seasons were dealing with a perfect theme that were adapted straight from Lee Child’s novels and now that we are moving forward in this saga, it is just too hard to wait any longer.

It was the month of December 2023 when season 2 was about to land on streaming services- but we got a huge update two weeks earlier then the release date of second season itself. The updates were enough to shape the future of our Jack as it was the announcement of Reacher season 3.

Now that we have entered in 2024, Amazon Prime studios is releasing back to back updates and hints for it’s upcoming installment and believe me, almost all of them are unique and surprising at the same time. Well, if you are someone like me who is addicted to this saga and just can’t wait anymore to watch more of Jack, Swan and others- then you’ve found your place. Hold your emotions because I am going to dive into the world of west while revealing 3 shocking plotlines which are going to land in Reacher seaosn 3′!

Reacher Season 3 Cast Has 3 Huge Surprises For You!

Reacher Season 3 have some big surprises
image via Amazon Prime studios

I am not even kidding. In fact, almost every single detail which you are going to read in next couple of minutes are official (coupled up with my own explanations), authentic and precise. The second season has ended on a perfect note and many fans believes that it stills leaves some space where we may get a whole new adventure- but hold on! That’s not the case.

Amazon Prime studios and Alan Ritchson has officially confirmed that Reacher season 3 is not going to get connected with the ending of season 2, but it will deal with a ‘new world’. Now if you are following our site then you knows that in one of my previous articles, we’ve revealed what that new world’ really means.

In short, Alan is referring to the seventh edition of the popular Lee Child’s novel which takes our Jack Reacher in new town where he deals with some pretty big guys. Let’s jump into more details!

1) Two (Or More) New Characters In Reacher Season 3!

Anthony Michael Hall and Sonya Cassidy is in Reacher season 3
Anthony Michael Hall and Sonya Cassidy

The very first detail that I want to deliver you is regarding two new characters who are officially joining the journey of Reacher season 3. So as per the official updates, Anthony Michael Hall and Sonya Cassidy are joining the cast of third season and both of them are set to play a very vital role, especially in the mid episodes.

Talking about their roles then Anthony will be joining the series to fill the shoes of a character named Zachary Beck. If you don’t know then let me tell you that Zachary is officially described as “a formidable and successful businessman” who is also a widow and single father of a 20-year-old son, Richard. One additional information that I am getting is related to the profession of Zachary. I’ve found that this character owns a rug import company that Reacher and his associates believe is covering for a more nefarious operation.

As per my own theories, I am feeling like Zach is going to one of those guys who is going to bring in a chaos for others and Reacher is going to chase him down. On the other hand, my speculative mind is also suggesting me that Zach can also play a card of so-called ‘twisted villains’ as well. So I guess we have to wait a bit more to know more about this character.

Apart from Anthony, let’s deal with the character named Susan Duffy which is going to be played by Sonya Cassidy. Her character is described as an extremely intelligent and tough DEA agent from Boston with a sharp and sarcastic sense of humor.

I mean, the description itself is enough to say a lot about her. I feels like she is going to land by the side of our Jack, just like Dixon, and will end up falling for our man right? Either way, now I can confirm that these two characters will definitely bring in a new theme and no wonder if we gets more new faces as well.

2) Reacher Season 3 Will Follow The Seventh Edition!

Reacher Season 3 book edition confirmed
image via Amazon Prime studios

Just in case if you don’t know then let me tell you that Reacher season 3 is officially based on the seventh book in Lee Child’s “Jack Reacher” series. It is titled as “Persuader.” I’ve read this edition so I do knows exactly what is going to happen with our protagonists- however, I won’t share those details here in order to avoid spoilers.

To take a basic idea, you can take a look at the short description of this edition. It says, “Reacher goes undercover to rescue an informant held by an enemy from his past.” Hence, it also marks the return of many old faces who may bring some trouble to share it with our Jack.

Every edition of this series is mind boggling and that’s the major reason behind the immense success of this saga. So no matter which book will land next on our screens, the show is still going to be out of this world.

3) The Return Of Francis Xavier Quinn!

Reacher Season 3 will bring old rivals
image via Amazon studios

If you are following this saga or have read it’s editions, then you knows about this character very well. As per the novel, Quinn is a former Military Intelligence agent who, ten years before, had brutally murdered Dominique Kohl, who is one of Reacher’s colleague. It was this reason why our Jack was trying to bring him down (in fact, he almost did that.)

Jak was once engaged in a brutal battle with Quinn where he thought that he has killed Quinn- however, as per the novel, it was later revealed that Quinn somehow manages to escape the scene. Now in third season, the chances of this particular plotline are quiet high.

If the company decides to move forward with the classic story of the novel, then Reacher will decide to take another shot at Quinn and hence, finally completing his revenge. In fact, I also want to share a key detail with you (SPOILERS WARNING AHEAD!!) ..!

So if you don’t know then the seventh edition reveals that Quinn is actually Zachary Beck’s boss in a lucrative international gun-running enterprise. It is also revealed that Zachary was forced into working for Quinn and his family was tormented by bodyguards appointed by Quinn. That’s the main reason why I was calling Zach as a ‘Twisted Villain’ in the above section.

Well, if you’ll take a dive in this universe then the possibilities are endless. You’ll literally find thousands of plots that might take place in this saga and to be very honest, that’s the beauty of this best selling novel of Lee Child. These three were the details (or you can call them as a plot hint) which are definitely going to take place in the upcoming episodes, and no wonder if we gets more (of course we will).

Reacher season 3 is currently under filming in Toronto and we will be covering everything about it. So stick around the corner with TV Prism for more authentic and original updates, predictions, analysis and much more. Till then- stay safe, peace out!

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