Wednesday Season 2 Will Have To Deal With These Three Mysterious And Unanswered Questions

Wednesday Season 1 is among the highly rated TV Shows of recent years. With grossing the record breaking numbers in viewership, this show is now at second position in terms of popularity on Netflix. Now, it’s the perfect time for the company to cash in this ‘one-of-it’s-kind‘ TV show for garnering some millions of dollars in their account with Wednesday Season 2.

While many fans are busy in searching for updates and reports about the second season, I decided to re-watch this masterpiece and now I do have many questions that should get answers in Wednesday Season 2.

More importantly, many of these questions might land in your curious minds if you’ll watch this Netflix series again, however, no need to spend your time while re-watching something because here I will be talking about three most mysterious, thrilling and interesting questions that deserves an explanation.

Will Tyler Escape?

Wednesday Season 1: Tyler

By the end of Wednesday Season 1, Tyler was sent to prison because of his sins that he committed during the show. If you can remember then Laurel was the one who manipulated him while breaking him until he became her slave. This was the moment which turned Tyler into a bad guy.

However, Tyler once tormented Xavier which also reveals his dark reality. When I was re-watching this show, I had few theories in my mind. The most logical one begins with the chemistry of Tyler and Wednesday. Both of these characters were engaged in a dark yet a romantic relationship which gives me a chance to make a sweet theory for the return of Tyler.

In the first season, it was clear that Wednesday was enjoying the company of Tyler, now after revealing his reality to her, it will be interesting to see if Wednesday is still drawn to him.

According to me, Wednesday might show her feelings for Tyler because you know, darkness is her thing. Also the fact that Tyler was manipulated by Laurel can play a very important role, after all he knows how to use his weaknesses as the weapon. So if he wants, then he can easily use the path of sympathy in order to grab the attention of Wednesday once again.

Additionally, Tyler is one of the final images of Season 1 which gives a spark to my theory, I mean, they are definitely not going to leave this character at this stage for sure. Also the concept of ‘enemies-to-lover’ is quite popular in such shows, so make sure to look forward for the return of this classic villain.

The Bigger Role For The Addams Family?

The bigger role of Addams Family in Wednesday Season 2

The whole Wednesday Season 1 was focused upon Wednesday, and why not, after-all the title itself says a lot about it. However, we knows about the rich history of our beloved Addams Family, and almost every single member is unique in itself.

The biggest answer that I want to find in Wednesday Season 2 is about: “Will Addams Family play a bigger role?”

Now it depends upon many factors, such as the storyline, main villain and of course the writers and directors. But what’s bad in making your own predictions? If you’ll pay a close attention on the patterns of first season, you’ll notice that the show was busy in establishing a strong base to build a whole IP with multiple seasons, and that’s the main reason why they were focusing on Wednesday and not her family.

Now we have a strong base, a lot of cash, followed by a talented cast. Wednesday Season 2 can easily dive deep into the history of Addams Family. They can even dedicate a whole episode on them while revealing their secrets and threats, hence, securing a safer route for the whole IP.

This question becomes even more important when we looks at Wednesday, I mean a single character can deliver a single season, but if you want to develop a whole universe, then you have to jump into every single member’s arc. So it is going to be interesting to watch whether or not Netflix will deal with our Addams Family in Wednesday Season 2!

The New Principal Of Nevermore?

Nevermore: Wednesday Season 1

One of the biggest questions that I found from season 1 is the name of our next principal!

Principal Weems died in the previous season and now Nevermore is left all alone, without any guidance or support. What’s next? To be honest, I am going to take a different route from all those traditional answers. According to me, Principal Weems might return in Wednesday Season 2! But how?

The universe of Wednesday is full of surprises and literally anything or everything is possible there. My theory suggests that Weems might become a ghost in season 2, while haunting the whole Nevermore. Now it also depends upon Wednesday because when Xavier asks Wednesday whether she plans to return to Nevermore, she doesn’t answer.

However, the second season is not possible without Nevermore and it can not bring a story without our Wednesday, hence, she will have to return. Now the ghost of Weems can also try to take revenge on Wednesday and if you are wondering how then take a look at Tyler again.

The incidents where some super natural and negative powers possesses the villains in order to give him/her more strength to take revenge on their enemies is pretty normal in these types of shows. So if the company wants to bring some sort of horror vibes, then bringing back Weems as a ghost is a perfect choice.

But who will be the next principle? Well, my second phase of this theory says that the company might show Morticia as a temporary principal, and it is possible that the ghost of Weems can possess her, rather then Tyler which again gives a solid base for the sequel season.

Now there are many other questions which deserves an answer in Wednesday Season 2, however, these three are enough to either make or break the franchise. It is possible that the studio can ignore them, but they eventually have to deal with them at some point in the near future.

Wednesday Season 2 is under active state of development and almost everyone is reprising their respective roles, however, we can also expect some new faces, after all they have to bring some sort of surprises in order to leave some cliffhangers.

What are your questions from the first season that deserves a solid answer in Wednesday Season 2? Make sure to stick around the corner with TV Prism because we shares some of the best theories, reviews and explanations from the world of TV! Stay safe, Peace out!!

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