Knuckles TV Series Review: A Fun But Flawed Spin-Off Focused on the Wrong Echidna!

Knuckles TV Series, the new Paramount+ show spinning out of the Sonic the Hedgehog movies, has arrived. But unlike its fast-paced, blue predecessor, Knuckles trades speed for laughs, with a surprising twist: the titular Knuckles takes a backseat to Wade Whipple, originally Sonic’s small-town sidekick’s sidekick, played by Adam Pally.

So, is this a spin-off worth watching? Buckle up, because the answer is a bit more nuanced than a simple yes or no.

Full Non-Spoilers Review!

Knuckles TV series review
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Wade Takes the Wheel!

Knuckles TV series throws viewers a curveball right away. Instead of focusing on the stoic echidna warrior, the show centers on Wade, a well-meaning but insecure deputy with dreams of bowling glory. Pally leans into his signature goofy charm, making Wade a relatable underdog audiences can root for. The show also excels in creating a quirky and dysfunctional family around Wade, with his overbearing sister Wanda (played by the scene-stealing Edi Patterson) being a particular highlight.

This focus on Wade’s journey is both a strength and a weakness. The funniest moments in Knuckles TV Series come from Wade’s interactions with his family and his quest for self-discovery. However, it can’t be ignored that the show is called Knuckles, and fans of the video game character might be disappointed by his limited screentime.

A Case of Missing Mojo in Knuckles TV Series!

Knuckles himself isn’t badly portrayed. Idris Elba brings a gruff charisma to the role, and the show does explore his adjustment to Earth after a lifetime of warrior training. But his arc feels underdeveloped, and the villains are a forgettable bunch compared to Jim Carrey’s scene-stealing Robotnik from the movies.

There’s also a sense of missed opportunity when it comes to the Sonic universe connection. The show doesn’t delve into the movie plots or offer exciting glimpses into the future. Diehard Sonic fans might be left wanting more.

A Fun Ride, But Don’t Expect a Masterpiece!

Knuckles TV Series isn’t aiming to be a groundbreaking show. It’s a light-hearted comedy with occasional bursts of action, perfect for a relaxed evening. The humor lands more often than it misses, and Pally’s performance is a saving grace.

However, the misleading title and underdeveloped Knuckles narrative might leave some viewers feeling shortchanged.

The Verdict: Watch it for Wade, Not Knuckles

If you’re looking for a laugh-out-loud comedy with a charming underdog protagonist, Knuckles might just surprise you. However, if you’re expecting a deep dive into Knuckles’ character or the Sonic universe, you might want to adjust your expectations. Ultimately, Knuckles is a fun, disposable show, but one that fumbles the opportunity to truly explore its most interesting character.

With that said, this was pretty much of something that I wanted to share with you all. Remember one thing, this Knuckles TV series review is based on the first four episodes and chances are high that things can take a wild turn during the events of last 2 episodes. Still I will give it a score of 3.5/5, what’s yours? 

You can stream it exclusively on Paramount+ starting from April 26, 2024. Stick around the corner with TVPrism as we brings you some of the most analytical, deep, trending and of course the original content related to everything TV and your favorite celebrities. Till then — stay safe, peace out

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