Percy Jackson Episode 5 Release Date, Time And Mind Blowing Possibilities

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Episode 4 is out and now this show has officially touched it’s halfway mark. With four episodes still left to land on Disney+, it’s fourth episode was the best one so far. I’m glad to say that my predictions about this episode were precise and if you’ve not read them yet then you can check them out on our website.

But now, it’s the perfect time to talk about Percy Jackson Episode 5. I know that you are willing to know more about this ongoing saga and why not, this is a perfect holiday treat for everyone. Well, no need to go anywhere because in this article, I will be revealing the release date along with my very own predictions for it’s fifth episode.

I would not be surprised if my predictions becomes a reality, just like the last time, because I know that my theories are always accurate! But before that, let’s know about the release schedule of Percy Jackson episode 5.

Percy Jackson Episode 5 Release Date And Timings Revealed!

Percy Jackson and the Olympians is streaming on Disney+, and we knows that Disney believes in sticking with a fixed release schedule. So just like it’s other shows, Percy Jackson is also releasing one episode per week.

Keeping this in mind, just note that “Percy Jackson Episode 5 will release on Tuesday, 9 January 2024.” You should also note that Percy Jackson is an eight-episodes long series that will premiere it’s finale on 30 January, 2024. Hence, the detailed release schedule of it’s remaining episodes is looking like this:

  • Episode 5: January 9
  • Episode 6: January 16
  • Episode 7: January 23
  • Episode 8: January 30

If you are thinking about it’s timings then let me assure you that “no big changes are going to take place in the release time” of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, so expect these episodes to go live on Disney+ at 9:00 p.m E.T. per week. If you are following any different time-zone then no need to worry about, just convert this schedule into yours because Disney+ shows never follows different premiere time for different countries.

Percy Jackson Episode 4 Recap!

Before talking about the predictions and possibilities of Percy Jackson Episode 5, it is very important for us to just recall some important moments from it’s previous episode. Don’t go anywhere because I am going to explain it to you in a very quick yet a precise manner.

So episode 4 starts with a dream! Percy watches his mother (Virginia Kull) in his dream along with some other memorable moments of his family. Upon awakening on a train alongside Annabeth and Grover, the trio engages in a conversation about their backgrounds. It was that moment when I came to know about the complex relationships of our protagonists with their parents.

The episode later reveals some details about Echidna which also hints at her part for future episodes, however, the inclusion of Echidna was not that impactful for me, especially when I compares her with that of Medusa. I feels like the human form of Echidna is the only reason which leaves her far behind our Medusa, who was covered with stone sculptures and of course those snakes.

This is not all! The episode further shows a chase scene of this character, followed by some sort of action sequence which was literally not enough. I mean, they were building a hype for past three episodes and now you are finishing her role in just a matter of minutes? Not fair!

Anyways, the biggest twist lands when the truth behind Annabeth’s birth is revealed. We knew that she is a daughter of Athena, the goddess of wisdom from Greek mythology who gives birth BUT in a different way. Feeling confused right? Just go through the following quote:

Rather than being born as all children are through childbirth, the offspring of Athena are genetically constructed from a thought in the goddess’s brain as a “gift” to whomever she falls in love with.

It means that Annabeth was not born conventionally but is genetically constructed from a thought in the goddess’s brain as a “gift” to whomever she falls in love with. Beautiful! Annabeth further reveals that her childhood was happy, maybe because her father was treating her as a gift from Athena. She also claims that her father falls in love with some other women which turns their relationship from sweet to sour.

Percy Jackson Episode 4 via Disney+
image via Disney+

If you don’t know then it was the exact reason why she ran away and was later found by Luke and Thalia. Now as we moves forward in episode 4, it is revealed that Grover wants to become a searcher to look for the ‘Lost God Pan’. These discussions were going on when Chimera and Echidna attacks them, however, our kids protects themselves but ends up in downtown St. Louis.

Another shocking revelation takes place when our trio rushes into the building for their protection. Annabeth tells Percy and Grover that Athena has removed her magic from the building, hence, both Echidna and Chimera can enter into it in order to catch the kids. Later a battle begins between Percy and the duo of Echidna and Chimera. Percy locks himself along with this evil duo in order to give some time to Grover and Annabeth for their escape.

After a battle, Percy falls from the top of St. Louis, just for another big revelation. Under the Mississippi River, Percy meets a Nereid – a water nymph. It reveals that he has been sent by Percy’s father Poseidon to tell him that he do care about his son. Episode 4 finally ends with Percy discovering his ability to breathe underwater. Wow!!

Percy Jackson Episode 5 Possibilities!

Percy Jackson and the Olympians
image via Disney+

Now I’ve explained the fourth episode from this show and you might ask me about the plot of it’s upcoming episodes. Well, it’s not an easy task to predict anything with 100% accuracy, but I do have some thoughts in my mind for Percy Jackson Episode 5:

  • First and foremost, the title of Percy Jackson Episode 5 is: “A God Buys Us Cheeseburgers“, which sounds interesting.
  • As per the short teaser that was released by the end of fourth episode, we can expect to see the Waterland and Tunnel of Love sequence. Don’t get confused by their names because I think that it’s the perfect time for them to finally adopt The Lightning Thief from this story.
  • In this sequence, it is revealed that Ares asks the trio to go on a side quest in order to find his shield from a water themed park named “The Waterland”, but as usual, Percy Jackson falls in a lot of trouble.
  • I also believes that we will be getting some close moments of our Percy and Annabeth, where this duo can build a chemistry.
  • Additionally, I am definitely going to move forward with Tim Omundson, and why not? After all his art is revealed in the credit scenes of fourth episode which creates a possibility of his appearance as Hephaestus in Percy Jackson episode 5.
  • Finally we may get a chance to see a ‘faith-test’ type of scene for our Percy, and the reason why I am feeling like that is quite simple. We are moving forward for it’s finale, so it’s a perfect time to test our main protagonist.

Now these were my theories or you can say the predictions for it’s upcoming episode. What are your thoughts about Percy Jackson Episode 5? You can stick around the corner with TV Prism as we covers everything related to some of the best TV Shows out there, whether it is predictions, theories, updates, reviews, explanations or anything!

Stay Safe, Peace Out!

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