The Last Of Us Season 2: Huge Plot Predictions And Release Schedule

When we talks about gaming adaptations, movies like Sonic The Hedgehog and Uncharted leads the race but 2023 is known for delivering us a TV show that was dominating the streaming platforms for months. Yes, I’m talking about “The Last Of Us“!

Now that it’s second season is currently under development, you may wonder about it’s present state, and why not, after all our Pedro Pascal is here to deliver us some of the most iconic moments from this gaming saga. Well, internet is full of rumors and updates but in this article, I am going to take a deep dive into my “Five Predictions” about The Last Of Us Season 2, followed by some of the most authentic, official and latest updates.

So hold your breath, pack your bags and pick your weapons because this article is going to surprise you with tons of new and unique possibilities!

The Last Of Us Season 2 Gets Huge Official Updates!

Ellie and Joel in The Last Of Us Season 2
image via HBO Max

Now before jumping onto my predictions aka the possibilities, we should talk about some latest updates that are looking way too promising. First and foremost, what are the release schedule?

To deal with this question, I have to talk about their production schedule because it all depends upon their filming and stuffs. Now you may feel happy because in an interview with Variety, showrunner Craig Mazin shared that production on The Last of Us season 2 will start on Feb. 12, 2024. Finally after waiting for months without getting any solid update, this news matters a lot for us right?

As per his interview, I can assure you that this production/filming/editing task will get finished by August-September of 2024, hence, giving enough time to the company for preparing it’s marketing strategy. And if I am talking about marketing, then it means that I knows something about it’s release schedule as well.

So according to my knowledge of these Hollywood stuffs, we can expect The Last Of Us Season 2 to land by early 2025 (at the earliest). Yes I know that it is disappointing but production of these adaptations takes time. Next big update that I want to share is regarding it’s casting, and that’s because we are getting a ‘new’ Abby in ‘The Last Of Us Season 2’.

Many Hollywood insiders and outlets has officially confirmed that Kaitlyn Dever is reportedly playing Abby in Season 2. This update seems very interesting to me because we may get a chance to watch some huge character development in Abbie, but we should still wait a bit more before speculating any such developments. Apart from these release schedules and casting, the second season is eyeing to premiere on HBO Max once again while releasing one episode per week. However, this schedule might change in the near future, so keep an eye on us as we will be covering everything.

The Last Of Us Season 2: ‘Top 5’ Surprising Possibilities!

Now that you knows everything about it’s release date, it’s time to talk about my predictions. What is going to happen in ‘The Last Of Us Season 2?’ More importantly, are we going to witness any new cameo? Well, I have five interesting theories to deal with your questions, and to make my predictions easy to understand for those who are not into these games, I’ve shortened them. So let’s begin!

Joel’s Death!

Pedro Pascal in The last of Us
image via HBO Max

Wow, what a ‘sweet’ way to start predicting anything about a highly anticipated show. I mean, Yes, I do knows that you won’t believe it but Joel’s death is more like a ‘canon-event’ of The Last Of Us saga which have to happen at any cost in order to keep the original storyline alive!

Now if you are someone like me, who’s spend hundreds of hours while finishing all those levels with Joel, this moment of his death is definitely going to be a ‘heart-shattering’ moment. But to be honest, we knew that it will happen at some point in the near future and season 2 is a perfect time. The reason why I am dead serious about this possibility is quiet simple: the company has officially confirmed the casting of Abby, and it clearly means that she will be killing our Joel (just like she did in the original game’s story).

Just like the original storyline, Ellie will be helpless and all alone with a dog. But in which episode are we going to witness this sad twist? Well, I would say that Joel’s murder will take place in the very first episode and that’s because of it’s original storyline where he got killed by Abby in the very first minutes of The Last Of Us Part 2.

Abby’s Origins!

Abby from The Last Of Us Game Part 2
Abby from The Last Of Us Game Part 2

After talking about the murder of our beloved Joel, Abby will give a perfect reason to the audience to hate her. As a person who has played this game for years, all I can suggest is to ‘not hate her as soon as you witness this sequence’. Wait a bit more because I will explain you everything in next few lines.

So according to me, The Last Of Us Season 2 might deliver us a whole dedicated episode where they can explore the origins of Abby, and so her backstory. As per the game, Abby is a member of a militia group known as the Washington Liberation Front (WLF), aka the Wolves. This group was comprised of former fireflies and we all knows exactly what happened to them.

Hence, season 2 can easily take a deep dive to explore all those important sequence which lead Abby to murder our Joel. We may also get a chance to watch this show in a new perspective where Abby Anderson can guide us through her origins.

Ellie’s Revenge!

Ellie in The Last Of Us
image via HBO Max

We knows how much Ellie and Joel are important for this saga. So after the brutal murder of Joel, it is possible that Ellie will try everything to take a revenge. In fact, if you are following the story of original game, then you already knows that season 2 is going to be all about Ellie and her revenge, followed by tons of cruel and intense action.

Her main target is going to be none other then WLF. With her eyes set on Seattle, Ellie will try everything to take down the members of this bloody group along with some members from the gang of Wolves. Now to make my prediction even more interesting, let’s add Abby in it.

I mean the show can also give us some fight scenes between Ellie and Abby to give a touch of female powerhouses! In the flow of Ellie’s revenge, Ramsey’s acting skills might play a very important role because I feels like HBO Max is definitely going to try something new with her character for potentially setting up some sort of spinoffs and future TV Shows.

So ‘Last of Us’ members, just keep your eagle eyes on this particular prediction because Ellie will be starting her rampage for sure!

The Love Interest Of Ellie!

Ellie and Dina from The Last Of Us Part 2
image via The Last of Us game Part 2

After talking about three possibilities, you can say that The Last Of Us Season 2 is going to revolve around Ellie, and that’s very obvious because she is the one who will be performing action, adventure and romance. Yes, the romance!

Fans of this game can remember a scene from episode 6 of season 1 where Ellie throws a barb at a girl who was lurking around. I think that she was none other then Dina, the one who can do anything or everything for our Ellie (atleast as per the game). Now it is highly possible that Dina might play a huge role during season 2, and that’s because our Ellie will be left all alone after the murder of Joel. In this case, Dina can become her companion and can eventually help her in taking her revenge in Seattle.

According to the game, Ellie and Dina even shares a romantic kiss at a ‘Jackson barn dance’. In fact, she says ‘YES’ to kill people and make space for Ellie to fulfill her wishes. Even in one of HBO’s podcast, neither Mazin nor Druckmann has said NO to this possibility, which I think is some sort of green-light for our Dina, and you know what? I’m all in for this epic duo!

The Time Jump And a ‘Flashback’!

A still from The Last of Us
image via HBO Max

Finally we are at our last, and probably a confirmed plot for The Last of Us season 2. In the first season, we saw a beautiful chemistry between our main protagonists where Ellie was too young to understand all these stuffs. Now I feels like the second season is going to deliver us a time jump of four years, that means now our Ellie will be nineteen years old and hence, keeping up with it’s traditional and original storyline.

Next thing that we may witness is related to our Joel once again. The death of this character is definitely not a last time when we will watch him, if the company moves forward with the second part of game then we will get an episode where the whole narrative of the show will be presented in such a way that it will give us a chance to explore Joel’s untold stories. This would be a perfect choice to give Ellie a chance to explain everything to Dina and hence, setting up the mood of her newly found love interest.

Now all we have to do is to wait for an official trailer or a teaser which, according to me, will be released later this year. Also we should keep an eye on the casting because some new members and characters are definitely going to appear.

As of now, The Last Of Us Season 2 is expected to land on HBO Max by early 2025 and I will make sure to share everything with you, so stick around the corner with TV Prism as we shares some of the best predictions, theories, updates, reviews and explanations. Stay Safe, Peace Out!

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