The Boys Season 4 Exclusive Release Date And Wild Possibilities Revealed

Homelander is not just a character, he is an emotion, a feeling of fear whose name is enough to break streaming records. Whenever someone talks about The Boys, Homelander is the one who dominates over my emotions and maybe he is the only reason why The Boys Season 4 is among the highly awaited TV Shows of Amazon Prime Video.

The studio has already revealed it’s first official trailer and while many fans are busy in finding hints about it’s plots and characters, I’ve got an exclusive update regarding it’s official release schedule. Not only this, I will be sharing my wild predictions which, according to me, are definitely going to land in ‘The Boys Season 4’!

The Boys Season 4 Release Date Revealed

So before talking about my predictions, let me share some very exclusive updates about it’s release schedule. The first official trailer of The Boys season 4 was released on December 2, 2023 but it was not revealing anything about the premiere date of this show.

Now according to the official page of Comicsgig, who is among the well known Hollywood insiders, The Boys Season 4 will premiere exclusively on Amazon Prime starting from June 13, 2024. It should be noted that The Boys was renewed for a fourth season on Friday 10th June 2022, just one week after season 3 premiered on Prime Video. So if these new reports to be believed, then it will mark a gap of two years between these two seasons.

I would also love to mention the words that were spoken by Eric Kripke. In one of his interview, the director was talking about his bad predictions that he made during previous seasons. If you don’t know then many insiders and fans, including Eric himself was speculating the end of this saga after season 3, however, it backfired and now we are waiting for a fourth season.

The Boys Season 4 Predictions

Finally it’s the time to talk about the possibilities of this much awaited show, and fortunately, I am following this saga since the very beginning of it’s existence. But before that, let me give you a short and very precise recap of it’s previous season.

In season 3, Butcher attempts to use Soldier Boy in order to defeat Homelander. As expected, his plan backfired which leads to several deaths followed by the deadly attack of Homelander. Despite all these chaos, Homelander damages the entire political system of America and hence, corrupting the whole legal system. Now we all are looking at other characters because they have to stop this mess at any cost, and that’s where my first prediction lands:

The Powers Of Annie Needs Mastery!

Starlight needs mastery in The Boys Season 4
image via Amazon studios

Yes, I will start my prediction with our favorite Annie, the girl who is getting abused for three seasons. Well, you might feel bad about her but I am glad that they are not following the comic-accurate storyline (if you knows what I mean). During The Boys Season 3, Annie was ditching her ‘Starlight’ getup and finally joins the Boys officially.

The season 3 finale delivers us some of the best Starlight moment where Hughie aids Annie by powering up the lights around her. She absorbs those electricity and starts flying with her full intensity. I was not expecting it but yes, here we are. She then shoots the strongest beam at Soldier Boy which damages him deeply, and that’s where my predictions are indicating.

It is possible that we might get a chance to uncover the hidden powers of our Annie, after all she deserves it. The Boys Season 4 may come up with an epic clash of Annie versus Homelander that will eventually create a fan-favorite event for many. In fact, these types of sequences might open the doors for more possibilities where Starlight may lead the team, and to be honest, I would love to watch that. Now will she lead a team? Are we going to witness that epic clash? Only time will tell but I am crossing my fingers for this specific prediction.

The ‘Kind-Of’ Return Of Noir!

Black Noir may return in The Boys Season 4
image via Amazon studios

Neither company nor the director has confirmed the death of Noir which creates a golden opportunity for the theorists like me to make our own theories aka predictions. Noir is among the most beloved characters and despite receiving all this love, this character is still fighting with it’s identity crisis. You might ask me the meaning of ‘identity-crisis’ and it’s not your fault. All I am trying to say that we’ve not explored the story arcs of this character in a complete manner, did we?

Director Eric has also confirmed that fans may see this masked character in the near future, but what does it means?

Well, as per my prediction, Noir will appear once again. His time of appearance doesn’t matters but I know that he is going to land in this saga at some point in the near future. It is also possible that we might see Noir’s dark history that turned him into a villain. After all we all knows that “villains are not born, they are made!”

So The Boys Season 4 is a perfect chance to deal with it. They can jump into the past of this beloved character while narrating the reasons behind his personality shifts. It might uncover some hidden truths that can later create a chaos of emotions among our heroes.

The A-Train’s Twist!

A-Train from The Boys Season 3
image via Amazon studios

Remember A-Train? I mean how can you forget about this ‘confused’ character. He was following the footsteps of Homelander for the whole season 3, and it was not his fault to be honest. We knows that he was powerless and Homelander was the only one who can protect him. He could’ve find some other ways to escape his miserable situation but our ‘Lander’ sir was blackmailing him again and again. So what’s next?

By the end of previous season, A-Train got his powers back, along with a new heart which can help him in staying alive. Now is the time for his redemption. I mean, he may decide to leave Homelander and help the right side, but we will be needing a series of episodes to develop this type of character shift.

On the other hand my second prediction about this character suggests that he can decide to help the right side, but in a different way. A-Train would like to take a revenge on Homelander, but he can not join the team of heroes, so it is possible that he might develop his own abilities along with a secret team to catch Homelander. It will deliver us a show with three different sides that may lead us towards the most deadly finale battle of all time.

At the same time, it id going to be a big challenge for him to escape Vought’s grasp safely, because yes, it is full of traps and enemies.

So this character will definitely play a very vital role in bringing some extra fun for The Boys Season 4!

The Death Of Victoria Neuman

Victoria might die in The Boys Season 4
image via Amazon

Sorry Victoria, it’s your time to say GoodBye!

I would love to end my list of predictions with the one about which I am dead sure. I mean, ask me to bet and I will. Victoria, who is an independent, open, quick-witted and opportunistic individual, won’t last long in The Boys Season 4, but WHY?

We’ve seen a pattern in this saga according to which: “Those who gets close to Homelander winds up dead!” This pattern is stuck with our power guy since the very beginning of his journey and that’s what makes him different from other traditional villains. Season 3 showed Homelander manipulating American politics from the sidelines, but we knows that this guy loves to be on a center stage.

Yes, you are guessing it right!

In Season 4, he will either try to run for president’s election or will end up using Victoria in a evil way, which is not possible in her case. In both ways, the death is calling our Victoria. But if you want to see her alive, then you have to ask her to follow every order of Homelander because this guy loves domination. He needs someone like Black Noir or The Deep, who can be his puppets for the whole game.

So if the studio moves forward with Victoria, the I feels like an unfortunate death of a talented character is waiting for us.

Now The Boys Season 4 is just around the corner and things are going to get clear very soon. Remember the date: June 13, 2024 (as per the latest reports). I will be updating you if these dates changes in the near future, so make sure to stick around the corner with TV Prism. After all we are not an ordinary team of authors, we are the community of some passionate TV Shows addicts who loves to shares their very own theories, predictions, possibilities and of course the updates that you may enjoy a lot.

Stay Safe, Peace Out!

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