Invincible Season 2 Part 2 Is Officially Delayed And More Shocking Revelations For Future

We knows that Invincible season 2 is not over yet and we do have a lot to cover. While the second season of this deadly saga was full of brutal actions, bloody jokes and heartbreaking twists, the only thing which was truly ‘soul-shattering’ is it’s release schedule.

Generally the studios believes in delivering a season all together, especially when it contains only six or eight episodes. Surprisingly, Amazon Prime studios decided to break our hearts (especially mine) by splitting the second season into two parts. In fact, for what? ‘FOUR’ episodes? Now that we’ve entered into 2024 and no official statements are out yet regarding the second part of the sequel season, I am going to reveal some of the most interesting characters and plots that may appear in it.

Don’t worry! I’ve got some official news that I will be sharing here, and those are enough to give you an idea about it’s possible release date. So let’s jump into this ‘bloody’ saga!

Invincible Season 2 Part 2 Latest Release Date News!

Invincible Season 2 part 2 latest release date news
image via Amazon studios

The first part of this saga was premiering on Amazon Prime Streaming Services between the timeline of late November and early mid December of 2023. At that time, it was reported that it’s part 2 will be premiering sometimes in early or mid 2024- but neither Amazon nor any cast member was ready to give any specific hint.

As soon as we entered into 2024, I felt like a storm of TV Shows is waiting for us. Reacher season 2, Percy Jackson, Ted and what’s not. But we still didn’t got Invincible Season 2 Part 2, however, now I got the full list of TV Shows (of Amazon Prime only) which has officially confirmed that it’s second part will not release in January. You too can take a look at their detailed list which is now available on their streaming platform itself but believe me, I’ve checked it THREE times and Invincible season 2 part 2 was nowhere.

That mean now we have to wait a bit more, but streamers loves surprises. I’ve noticed a pattern of Amazon Prime that says “whenever a show is being split into parts, they delivers the second part all of a sudden!”

Don’t get confused. In simple words, Amazon may deliver the other half of this saga in January itself (only if they decides to treat us with a New Year present). But I don’t think that there is any chance for the delivery of this saga. That’s because the streaming schedule of this company is very tight (especially in January), so it would be better for us to expect Invincible season 2 part 2 by late February or early March at the earliest.

It also means that they can release a short promotional trailer or a clip by mid February to build a hype among the audience and to be very honest, something is better then nothing!

Invincible Season 2 Part 2 Will Reveal Something Big!

Invincible season 2 part 2 predictions
image via Amazon studios

Now is the time to talk about my ‘three’ theories because I have some very strong facts which are confirming that it’s second part is going to surprise us!

By the end of episode 4 from Season 2 part 1, we came to know that Ollie represents a connection with Nolan and that’s because he helps in filling a void that was missing from his life. Maybe that’s why he calls Mark as a brother (which feels more like a Hulk-Hulk thing to me). Now the very first thing which is almost confirmed for episode 5 or Invincible season 2 part 2 of is that Ollie will not meet his kids. For me, this sequence is still far away and it needs a proper explanation before landing on TV.

It is also possible that we may get a chance to witness some sort of distractions that will make it even much harder for our Ollie to reach to his destination. It will eventually open the doors for more brutal and bloody fights for which this Invincible saga is known for.

In fact, I would say that a ‘second invasion’ is waiting for us in Invincible season 2 part 2 and that’s because of the incidents which were taking place with Smith during episode 3 and 4. However, we should not forget that this saga is also known for proving us wrong, so hold tight for some uncertainties.

The Viltrumite Lucan!

Lucan in Invincible Season 2
image via Amazon studios

Yes, I am moving forward with Lucan- the killing machine from Invincible comics. I’ve read many editions of this saga (I’m a huge fan-girl of such things) and I can bet that Lucan is just around the corner. If you don’t know then Lucan is a powerful member of the Viltrumite Empire who tracks Omni-Man to Thraxa.

Now the reason why I am very sure about his appearance is pretty simple. Our Omni-Man is not present on Earth, which creates a golden opportunity for other strong Viltrumites to create some mess on this planet. As per the comics, it’s the exact time when Lucan made his appearance and started killing people like a grinding machine. It should be noted that the fight of Omni-Man versus Lucan is considered as one of the deadliest fights in comics history which makes it even much logical as well as a perfect time to bring him into this saga.

Well, the only thing which can stop him from debuting in this TV Show is the entrance of other strong Viltrumite, such as Conquest. Still we should not forget that Lucan is the only one who is playing a very important role in this storyline during multiple editions, which gives him a bonus point for landing during this season. In fact, it will also help them to set up future seasons or spinoffs!

Thragg May Also Appear But…!

Thragg in Invincible comics
image via Invincible comics

We knows that Amazon studios has already renewed Invincible for a third season, but do we have a big bad guy for it? That’s why I am talking about Thragg!

As per the comics, Thragg is the Grand Regent of the Viltrumite Empire and if you are wondering about his position then let me tell you that he got the position of ‘Chief’ after the original Viltrumite War. According to me, it was the best decision because in comics, it was his leadership when the empire landed into the list of one of the most powerful kingdoms in the galaxy. Yes it’s true that a virus appeared which later makes them weaker, but those few years were truly phenomenal.

Now that the company is trying to establish it’s future seasons, Thragg is the only option for the title of ‘Final Boss’. It is confirmed that some new characters from the Viltrumite Empire will be appearing in the Invincible season 2 part 2, so it would make sense to introduce Thragg BUT as a cameo. I mean, we do need a cliffhanger for season 3 right?

Like I mentioned above that Lucan may land in the upcoming episodes, it is also possible that if not him then Conquest may appear. The names can change but not the final boss. Who knows, maybe it is Thragg who is sending his Viltrumites to test the real powers of Omni-Man?

Well, things will get clear within next few months, and I personally just can’t wait to watch the future episodes of this astonishing and bloody saga. Don’t worry, you can stick around the corner with TV Prism where we brings you not only the updates, but also the combo of some of the best and original theories, predictions, critical reviews, analysis, explanations and what not!

Stay Safe, Peace Out!

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