Knuckles Series: Exact Release Date, Time, New Poster & Where To Watch?

Knuckles series is just around the corner and we are just ‘all-in’ for it right? This red-colored Echidna warrior is known for his bravery and fighting tactics, even Sonic is a huge fan of this character. Making his live-action debut in ‘Sonic The Hedgehog 2‘ movie, Knuckles has garnered a lot of praise for both his dialogues and designs. It is the popularity and demand of this hero that finally we are getting a whole dedicated TV series prior to the release of ‘Sonic 3‘ movie.

While the show is going to land straight on our small screens, it is important to know about every single pinch of update. Release date, timings, total episodes, plotline – we’ve a lot to talk about. So if you are a die-hard fan of this gaming saga and is lurking around to know more – then you are at the right place. Here I am going to reveal everything that you should know about this special Knuckles Series!

When Is Knuckles Series Releasing?

Knuckles series release date
image via Paramount+

First announced in early 2023, Knuckles series wrapped it’s production by late 2023. With the advancement in technologies comes the elevation in Hollywood’s cinematography. Finally after a lot of work and dedication, the company has managed to finish everything just on time. So what’s the big question?

Well, Knuckles Series will officially premiere on April 26, 2024. The date is kept same for it’s worldwide release schedule irrespective of your location – so make sure to check it out just on time. Additionally, the first official trailer is also available to watch on various social media platforms including YouTube. Just take a look at it’s VFX and all those CGI stuffs because that’s what is exciting me. The series is created by John Whittington and Toby Ascher.

Wondering about the timings? Well, I got you!

Streaming shows nowadays are known for premiering after midnight. Take ‘The Bad Batch season 3‘, ‘X-Men ’97‘, ‘The Regime‘ and various other TV shows for example. So you can expect the same treatment from Knuckles series as well – however, no exact window is announced yet but it may release before 12:30 P.M ET without a doubt.

Where To Watch Knuckles Series?

Paramount plus streaming services
Paramount plus

This question is not that important because we already knows the answer, right? Still if you don’t then let me tell you that Knuckles series will be premiering exclusively on Paramount+ streaming platform/services. The show is the property of Paramount pictures, so it’s not a big deal.

Of course you have to buy one of their streaming subscription but it’s not that expensive. Plans for Paramount+ start at $5.99 per month, $59.99 for the year, and go up to $11.99 per month, $119.99 for the year. The biggest advantage is that you will get an ad-free experience, so hey! Say good bye to all those distractions!

How Many Episodes Are There In Knuckles Series?

Streaming giants like Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime and HBO Max believes in releasing one episode every week. While this tactic is a perfect weapon to engage audience and also dominate over social platforms for weeks [and even months], Paramount+ is following a different approach. The company is known for delivering a user-friendly experience when it comes to releasing it’s shows and movies or special featurette – and that’s why they are my personal favorites as well.

Following their friendly approach, Knuckles series will drop all it’s 6-episodes on the same day, hence – no waiting for 7 hard days. Just grab some popcorns and beverages to watch this special show in one go!

What Is Knuckles Series About?

Knuckles series
image via Paramount+

Here comes the biggest and the most important question – what exactly is happening in Knuckles Series? As per the official synopsis, “The new live-action series will follow Knuckles (Idris Elba) on a hilarious and action-packed journey of self-discovery as he agrees to train Wade (Adam Pally) as his protégé and teach him the ways of the Echidna warrior. The series takes place between the films Sonic The Hedgehog 2 and Sonci The Hedgehog 3.

The official trailer is also revealing multiple sequences and plot themes. In the trailer, we can spot Knuckles who is sharing some “quality” time with his new companion. While he is facing difficulties in training his new intern – the echidna warrior has to deal with multiple external chaotic scientists and big bad guys as well.

Who Is In The Cast of Knuckles Series?

Knuckles Series cast
image source: Paramount Studios

The biggest factor which plays a very vital role in these live-action adaptions is the casting. I mean, we want some of the most well-trained and experience holder faces who can adopt this unique environment while delivering the beautiful emotions right? Luckily, Paramount is coming up with a very similar and perfect cast which includes:

ActorKnuckles Role
Idris ElbaKnuckles
Adam PallyWade Whipple
Ben SchwartzSonic the Hedgehog
Coleen O’ShaughnesseyMiles “Tails” Prower
Tika SumpterMaddie Wachowski
Cary Elwes“Pistol” Pete Whipple
Edi PattersonWanda Whipple
Stockard ChanningWendy Whipple
Julian BarratJack Sinclair
Scott MescudiAgent Mason
Ellie TaylorAgent Willoughby
Rory McCannThe Buyer
Christopher LloydPachacamac
Paul ScheerUnknown
Rob HeubelUnknown
The Cast

Knuckles Series Gets a New Poster!

Knuckles Series new poster
image via Paramount plus

Last but at no means the list, Paramount has released an exclusive promo poster following the premiere of this highly anticipated TV Show. In the poster [attached above], we can see our Echidna warrior who is looking just way too perfect. Behind him are some exciting weapons and other stuffs which are enough to give the vibes of a true RPG based game.

So long story short – Knuckles series is definitely going to be a masterpiece. It is the power of this IP that we still follows it’s gaming series irrespective of our age. So mark your calendars and get ready to dive into the world with full of adventures and speedy tasks.

Also stick around the corner with TVPrism as we brings you some of the most exciting, engaging, original and authentic reviews, analysis, updates, explanations and everything related to your favorite TV shows and celebrities. Till then – stay safe, peace out!

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