Captain America In X-Men ’97 Exclusively Confirmed Via New Promo!

While I was still recovering from the events of X-Men ’97 episode 5, here comes the Marvel studios with a short promo trailer for this ongoing universe and GOSHHH!! All I can say is “Expect the Unexpected!” With the death of Magneto and Gambit, this saga is already taking us deep in it’s darkness coupled up with tons of nostalgic yet heart breaking moments. The show is initially left with five more episodes and none of us are ready for what is going to happen in it’s near future.

Now the latest promo teaser has officially teased the upcoming appearance of Captain America in X-Men ’97. Yes, I am not even joking. These are not my predictions or any other reports – but the Marvel themselves are confirming it via their official promo or TV spot.

It is not clear how and when our Captain will appear in this ongoing battle field but his shield can be seen in a very clear manner. It should be noted that Steve Rogers has already appeared in the original X-Men storyline [if you’ve read the comics, then you knows what I am talking about right?] It was the episode titled as ‘Old Soldiers’ in X-Men: The Animated Series where Captain America can be spotted in the flashback sequences of Wolverine. He later appears in ‘Red Dawn’ as well.

X-Men '97 Episode 6
image via Disney+

Just in case if you don’t know or can’t remember then Wolverine can be seen remembering his old days where he was fighting against Nazi in World War 2 and eventually breaks into them in order to save a scientist. When under attack, Captain America appears there who was also present for the same reason. Together, they battles against the big bad and compliments each other as well.

The X-Men ’97 saga is in a state where we can literally say nothing. Yes, I mean – who could imagine the deaths of two of our main protagonists in the matter of what? TEN minutes?? I would say that the appearance of Captain can also bring a new hope for many, especially for Rogue. Cable is the one who can bring back Gambit, but will he? This is still a mystery. The team is now waiting for it’s next leader and the fact that Rogue can be seen broken into pieces – I don’t think that she can face more challenges [atleast for quiet some time].

Well, things will get clear in upcoming weeks so make sure to follow them. The first five episodes are now streaming on Disney+ and you can watch them on loop. Also stick around the corner with TVPrism as we brings you some of the most authentic, engaging, original and analytical content related to everything TV. Till then – stay, safe, peace out!

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