Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Sae Ron’s Leaks Sparks Another Romantic Date of K-Pop!

It was earlier this month when we were talking about the dating of Ryu-Hee, and now is the time for Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Sae Ron. The ‘future’ couple has accidentally shared a private picture on the internet which is now sparking rumors surrounding their upcoming (or maybe ongoing) relationship.

While I don’t really falls for any rumors, the fact that these pictures has been leaked by themselves (of course accidentally) is something which is making me to write and cover everything which is floating in the air.

Everything starts when actress Kim Sae Ron shared one of their private moment accidentally on social media. While the couple has deleted the post (in the matter of few minutes), the time was enough for us & others to take snaps. Now netizens are showing a mix of shock, excitement, and curiosity regarding the potential relationship.

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Kim Soo Hyun’s Agency Takes The Charge!

Amid all these rumors and excitement, Kim’s agency Gold Medalist has shared a brief statement to Xport news saying, “We just heard about the rumors related to Kim Soo Hyun this morning. We will provide an accurate statement after looking into the rumours and confirming the truth.

While no more words have been spoken by either Kim Soo Hyun or Kim Sae Ron, I am pretty sure that their agencies will manage everything in a very smooth manner. It would be interested to watch them taking their next step.

A Quick Timeline Of Kim Soo Hyun & Kim Sae Ron!

Kim Sae Ron and Kim Soo Hyun.jpeg
Kim Sae Ron and Kim Soo Hyun

Now that they are busy in wrapping up all these stuffs in order to hide the reality from the world, I would love to mention their timeline in a quick manner. The events are revolving around our actress Kim Sae Ron, who is very well known for her roles in films like Bloodhounds” and Kiss Sixth Sense.

Early Sunday morning, around 1 AM KST, She posted a selfie with fellow actor Kim Soo Hyun on her Instagram story. However, the post was deleted within a minute, leaving fans to speculate it might have been unintentional. Quick on the draw, some fans managed to grab screenshots before it disappeared – and that’s how I am managing to cover this update for you.

The latest big project of Kim Soo Hyun is Queen of Tears which is currently streaming on Netflix all over the world. The idol is receiving a lot of praise for both the acting skills and the costume. Wondering about this project?

In the show, Kim Soo Hyun portrays Baek Hyun Woo, coupled up with the multi-talented Kim Ji Won – who is taking on the role of Hong Hae In. The drama revolves around the challenges of post-marriage burnout and the couple’s journey towards reconciliation.

If you are someone who always craves for such dramas with full of emotional imbalances, then I would highly recommend you to check it out. Stick around the corner with TVPrism as we brings you everything related to some of the most trending and popular TV shows and celebrities. Till then – stay safe, peace out!

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