Shogun Episode 4: Release Date, Time, Title & Shocking Plot Predictions

Shogun episode 4 will reveal some of the biggest secrets and Twisted surprises to it’s audience. The popular saga of Toraga is trending on streaming. Charts and non wonder if it ends with tons of major milestones in it’s pocket.

Shogun episode 3 showed us pretty big surprises. With Toranaga escaping through the mess, John Black thorne is preparing the aliiace for an upcoming war which is just around the corner. Now it’s just a matter of week when we will be watching a great clash on our small screens.

While we still have a plenty much amount of time, I know that fans like you and I just can’t wait this long. Well, I got you! Here’s everything that you need to know about Shogun Episode 4 (coupled up with my very own and precise predicton).

Shogun Episode 4: Release Date & Time

Shogun episode 4 release date and time
FX Network

Before talking about any of my plot predictions, we first have to go through the schedule of Shogun saga. So what’s the release date and timings for Shogun episode 4?

FX network is releasing this TV show on a weekly basis. With first three episodes getting a record breaking screening number, FX is looking very excited for this saga. You don’t have to wait that much because Shogun episode 4 will release on March 12, 2024— hence, following the original and classic release pattern.

Now, one confusion which usually surrounds people from different countries is the timings of premiere of these TV Shows. Practically It’s hard to remember anything which is landing on any streaming service other then Disney+, Paramount+, Amazon Prime and many more. I mean, these few names are the most common ones right? Just add HBO max and you’ll get the whole universe.

Despite this, FX is trying their best to maintain a consistent delivery of their content. So in order to fulfill their promise, they are releasing Shogun on a fixed time. Long story short, Shogun episode 4 will release on your FX Network streaming services at 12:10 a.m E.T. Just in case if you dont know then let me tell you that the release timings are same throughout the globe, so just convert it into your local time zones.

Shogun Episode 4: My Twisted Plot Predictions!

Shogun episode 4 plot predictions
FX Network

Episode 3 was easily engaging us in It’s eye catching palaces, valleys and views. We never felt lost in their storytelling and that’s the beauty of this show. Based on the real life incidents of Japan, Shogun is revolving around Toranaga and his alliance. I won’t go in details because if you are here, reading my article then you are definitely expecting something more precise right?

So what are the plot details for Shogun episode 4? How many deaths are we going to witness? More importantly, is the war approaching the alliance of Toranaga? I’ll deal with everything, so without any ado— let’s begin!

In episode 3, it has been revealed that John Blackthorne is now busy in working with the troops of Toranaga. He won the trust of Toranaga which helped him in getting the role of Vassal. A very safe prediction for Shogun episode 4 will be to move forward with a huge battle which is approaching Edo, that will later known as Tokyo.

If you are following this show with a keen interest, then you might have noticed many hints which are trying to warn the main protagonists about an upcoming war— however, nobody can ever stop it. I would say that we will get a change to explore the preparations of Toranaga and Blackthorne. The samurai knows nothing about English, so episode 4 can deliver us some moments with practices of English lessons coupled up with a bunch of action as well.

Shogun episode 3
FX Network

Next big event that might land in Shogun episode 4 includes Portuguese. We’ve seen how they were helping our Toranaga in escaping through hell. While the episode was trying to justify this action— we never really got a perfect and detailed explanation. So I will be putting my eyes on this side of this show as well.

It is possible that someone from Portuguese loves or maybe is very close to Toranaga (which the previous episode was also revealing). Now if that’s the case then I would love to explore the depths. What made them fall in this journey together? Are they helping each other truly with their souls or is there some kind of greed?

Additonally, the story arc of Mariko can be introduced in episode 4. Toda has already delivered us a lasting impression from episode 3. We’ve already witnessed her incredible courage and strength. Now that a war is just around the corner and the faith of every single character is at stake, I am pretty sure that Mariko will have to face some of the most toughest challenges in her life.

It would be interesting to watch the journey of a character who is trying to establish herself as an independent, strong and courageous protagonist in the era where women are usually kept under the shed of male dominated society.

Last but with no means the least, Shogun episode 4 can also deliver us some moments with Usami’s baby. The character is dealing with many tragic and brutal incidents, so I would love to take a deeper look at the current status coupled up with the faith of their journeys.

Long story short, Shogun episode 4 has a lot to deliver and with no wonder, we will be getting tons of major surprises and twists (and believe me, we are not even expecting many of those events at the moment). Either way, this saga is getting even more exciting and thrilling with every new drop and I would not be surprised if it pulls some of the most iconic awards in the red carpet ceremonies.

Don’t forget to renew your subscriptions (if not already) and mark your calendar to watch Shogun episode 4.

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