Blake Lively Apologizes For Making Fun Of Kate Middleton!

For the past few months, Kate Middleton was getting a lot of attraction and time throughout the globe. Even celebrities were busy in joining the trend with the audience and share a joke or two. It all started back in January 2024 when the princess suddenly got disappeared after her abdominal surgery.

In the time when we gets hundreds of new topics every single day to share our point-of-views and reviews, Kate was the one which was topping the trending charts for not days or weeks, but for 2 months (and still counting). From social media influencers to the Hollywood giants like kim kardashian, almost everyone was posting their version of jokes on our Princess.

One name in this long list of five-star celebrities was our beloved Blake Lively. This pretty and talented actress is also known for her humor and healthy trolling, so how can she leave this opportunity? The popular Hollywood girl took a step forward and made fun of a pic which was shared by Kate Middleton on the occasion of Mother’s Day in UK.

The pic itself was poorly edited (I don’t know why, even though she could’ve ask her rich editors), and it quickly got triggered by millions of fans and people who were waiting for any such moment.

Kate Middleton family pic
Kate Middleton family pic

Everything looks good and funny until the real reason appears. Now recently, Kate Middleton has officially took the internet on storm after announcing her unfortunate health conditions. In an official video, the princess can be seen sharing her appreciation to all those who were worried about her for the past few months and later reveals something that nobody was expecting.

Kate Middleton has officially revealed that she has been diagnosed by cancer, a deadly disease which is known for taking millions of lives every single year. Sometimes it becomes incurable while many times people dies due to lack of treatments (as the costs are unaffordable for most of us).

This news has landed like a bomb for all those who were trolling Kate, and now all of them are busy in presenting their view points and apologies.

Here comes our Blake Lively because why not? She also made fun of Kate Middleton but just like others, Blake was also unaware of this deadly and serious situation. Now that everything has been presented after the eyes of the world, Blake has shared a heart-touching short message on her Instagram story where the actress can be seen apologizing.

Blake Lively message to Kate Middleton
via Instagram

The actress can be seen calling this moment as “mortified,” and I am pretty sure that she is regretting her previous post a lot at the moment. While Blake has shared her sweet words for Kate Middleton, how can her fans stay behind?

One user wrote on Reddit, “A ton of people, celebs and non-celebs, were making jokes about the whole thing, so I don’t really fault any individual who jumped on board (although it says a lot about society as a whole) but I respect that she immediately owned up to it.” He’s gotten over 5000 upvotes (and counting). While another user wrote on X/Twitter, “@blakelively You are a class act,”.

I would also love to add that there was a group of people who were supporting our Kate Middleton during all these times. In regards, one of those ‘sensible’ persons wrote:

“While this shows that we need to be careful with assumptions, to me it never felt like Kate herself was the target of the jokes. When the photoshop fail came out, everyone was dragging the [royal family] for making Kate take the fall. Blake, Kim [Kardashian], etc. never mocked Kate herself, her frame, etc. 99% of the conspiracy theories were about the [royal family] who indeed managed this pretty badly. I do respect Blake for this statement though.”

Well, social media has the power to change the perspectives of anything or everything. We’ve seen many similar moments in the past, but this one was a bit too heart-shattering as Kate Middleton is suffering from a very deadly disease.

I, on behalf of TVPrism (in association with Movie World Network), shares my prayers for the sake of health and happiness for the royal family – and more importantly, our dear Kate Middleton. Recover soon, we are waiting for you dear!

Stick around the corner with us as we brings you some of the most trending and original content related to everything TV and celebrities. Till then – stay safe, peace out!

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