Nine Perfect Strangers Season 2: Nicole Kidman Is Back With New & Exciting Characters

Nine Perfect Strangers Season 2 is happening, and the show is getting many new and exciting updates. While we’ve already seen a variety of TV shows and spinoffs during past few months (talking about 2024 especially), these new and promising updates are enough to build up a new hype on the internet.

The first season was debuting back in 2021. Starring Nicole Kidman in lead, Nine Perfect Strangers season 2 is expected to bring back the same amount of energy, storyline and more importantly – the addiction. It was the Emmy’s of 2021 when season 1 got filed for grabbing an award in the category of ongoing series, rather then mini-series. This was the moment when everyone starts speculating about the potential return of this beloved saga.

Now that we are officially getting a follow-up, many fans (including me) were expecting to hear more about it and luckily, the popular Hollywood news outlet Variety is sharing many huge updates. Well, if you are really into this saga then you are at the right place.

From the list of new characters to the returning faces and release window – here’s everything that you need to know about Nine Perfect Strangers Season 2!

How Many New Characters In ‘Nine Perfect Strangers Season 2’?

Nicole Kidman in Nine Perfect Strangers
Nicole Kidman as Masha

Whenever we talks about a potential sequel or spinoff, first thing which comes in our creative minds are the number of new faces that we may get right? With no wonder, Nine Perfect Strangers Season 2 is no different then other popular sequel seasons of different niches.

Variety has confirmed that actors Henry Golding, Mark Strong, and Lena Olin are joining the cast to share their talents in this lovely show. Wondering about their characters? I got you!

Henry is playing the role of Peter, Mark will be filling the shoes of a character named David – meanwhile Lena is playing a female lead namely Helena. All these names sounds really cool, however, their part in this journey is still under wraps.

They are not the only one who are going to make a debut. Joining them is a long list of new-commers Murray Bartlett, Annie Murphy, Christine Baranski, Maisie Richardson-Sellers, Dolly De Leon, King Princess, Aras Aydin and Lucas Englander.

Out of all these new members, Golding is the most recent addition. Despite this, let me tell you that he has acted in several high-profile roles and the one for which this actor is known includes Crazy Rich Asians (2018). It would be cool to watch them performing alongside with Nicole Kidman who is also producing Nine Perfect Strangers season 2.

Who Is Returning For Nine Perfect Strangers Season 2?

Nine Perfect Strangers season 2 cast
Nine Perfect Strangers season 2 cast

Now that you knows about three new characters who will be appearing in season two, next big question that you may ask should be the recurring actors. First and foremost, Nicole Kidman has officially confirmed that she will be reprising her role as Masha.

The first season was also showcasing Melissa McCarthy, Michael Shannon, Luke Evans, Samara Weaving, Manny Jacinto, Grace Van Patten, Regina Hall and Bobby Cannavale. While the official update regarding their current status is still unknown, I am speculating their return for another season. Still I will be keeping my eyes on their updates in order to share everything with you.

When And Where To Watch Nine Perfect Strangers Season 2?

Last but at no means the least – what is going to be their release schedule? Are we going to watch it on any popular streaming platform? When could we get a chance to stream it?

Talking about the platform then you can stream Nine Perfect Strangers season 2 on Hulu, which is owned by Disney+. The timings are expected to be consistent just like season one – however, I would suggest you to wait a bit more. The streaming platforms are changing their timings in recent years. Disney+ is known for dropping it’s new shows or episodes at midnight, but it also depends upon the available windows of Hulu.

Apart from this, no release dates are confirmed (as of now). Despite this, both the company and the directors are hinting us by calling “Coming Soon…” While the casting is underway, you should expect it to go into filming by May of this year, followed up by their production/editing which may start by later this year.

So after keeping all these facts in mind, I would say that Nine Perfect Strangers season 2 will release by early 2025 (at the earliest). I will be keeping this section updated, so make sure to stick around the corner with TVPrism. We brings you some of the most engaging content related to everything TV and celebrities. Till then – stay safe, peace out!

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