Invincible Season 4 & 5 Confirmation Reportedly Leaked Online [Exclusive!]

Invincible season 4 and 5 are seemingly on the way, as confirmed by the recent crowdfunding page of the franchise itself. While I do knows that you sre just way too excited for Invincible season 3, the [almost] confirmed updates about more seasons are like a cherry on top. Set in a very brutal world with full of blood, suffering and killings — Invincible has also delivered us multiple romantic and beautiful moments with Mark, Eve and others.

Season 2 has concluded it’s story recently, and the finale was totally mind-boggling. Securing the record ratings of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, it is the popularity of this universe that now, the company itself can’t wait to announce more. Talking about the confirmation then it is coming straight from the latest and official crowdfunding initiative for an Invincible game. The game is exclusively going to be a triple-A Invincible game, but the real fun comes in it’s Q&A section.

Republic, the official site which is launching the new investment opportunity in tandem with Invincible has suggested that Amazon Prime Video has locked in an order for Invincible season 4 and 5. Yes, I am not even joking. The information stays on their site for couple of minutes, enough for the eagle eye viewers to take screenshots and share on social media. As soon as the renewal status and information about Invincible Season 4 starts spreading like a wild fire, the site takes the next step and deletes it completely.

Invincible season 4
image via Amazon Prime Studios

It is this step which is now making everyone believe that Invincible season 4 and 5 are already down the line, doesn’t matters how much the company or a site tries to hide it. Just in case if you don’t know then let me tell you a bit about this upcoming game.

The creators of Invincible are working within Skybound to create a AAA video game set in the superhero universe. The game will most likely deliver us multiple cameos and unexpected plot twists. Crowdfunding and investment opportunities are the new ways which is adopted by multiple online entities to engage and fund themselves up. Believe it or not, but the investment has already garnered a huge amount of more then $400,000 already — and it is just moving up and up with every new day.

If you wants to invest in thus golden opportunity then just go on the official page of ‘The Republic,’ follow some simple steps, complete the payment process and you are good to go. However, just like any other funding campaign, this particular investment will also ask you to dump a minimum amount of $100, so yeah! It indeed is a decent amount but will eventually benefit you in the near future. The show and so this franchise is easily sweeping every other animated project of recent time. Perfect pitch, plot, cast and characters — so this investment is definitely a win-win condition for you.

While neither Amazon Prime nor any other official member has spoken a single word on this latest ‘leak,’ I’d say that something is definitely cooking inside the company. Even shows creator has already confirmed that they want to deliver one episode every year to their audience, which also gives us a good hint about the future of Mark × Eve. The investment page is live till April 30, so hurry up if you really want to take part in this opportunity.

Both Invincible season 1 and 2 are currently available to stream on Amazon Prime Video, so grab some popcorns and enjoy it from the ease if your home while I keeps my eye on the status of Invincible Season 4. Also make sure to stick around the corner with TVPrism as we brings you some of the most engaging, original, authentic and trending content related to everything TV from our POV’s. Till then — stay safe, peace out!

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