Shogun Episode 5 Preview, Release Date & Shocking Plotline

Shogun episode 5 will bring some of the most intense moments as it will mark the beginning of a war which is now looking unstoppable!

Set in the world where the faith of Japan and it’s capital is at stake, Shogun is trending on all over the internet. From the casting to the plot line, everything is looking just too good to be true and no wonder if this one of it’s kind TV show pulls an award or two at the red carpet events.

Shogun episode 4 was filled up with many surprises— but if you are following my articles then you already knew about them (Thanks to my predictions which I made in my previously published drop right?). Anyways, Toranaga has committed a mistake which will now make a bad impact— or I will call it as a “mistake of blood” which will now bring a lot of blood chaos in Japan.

While you may be wondering about it’s future events, here I am going to take you through the series of updates regarding it’s future episodes. I will also talk about the possible plot and events which may land in the next episode. So wear your armor, hold your sword— let’s take a look on everything that I knows about Shogun episode 5!

Shogun Episode 5 Release Schedule, Time & Where To Watch?

Shogun episode 5 release date
image via FX

Streaming projects usually follows a strict pattern of release schedule. They have a fixed distributor (company or any streaming platform), coupled up with the solid release time— but things are taking a different route for Shogun. The show is actually releasing on three different platforms at two different timings, and maybe that’s the reason why fans are getting confused. Don’t worry, I got you!

Shogun is premiering exclusively on FX at 10 p.m. ET before it’s landing on the streaming platform of Hulu/Disney+ the next day at 3 a.m. ET. You can opt for any of their basic subscription to watch this exciting and engaging saga and believe me, you will definitely thanks me later.

Talking about it’s date then Shogun episode 5 will release on March 19— with it’s other episodes set to premiere every week. The full schedule is looking something like this:

  • Episode 6: “Ladies of the Willow World” — March 26

  • Episode 7: “A Stick of Time” — April 2

  • Episode 8: “The Abyss of Life” — April 9

  • Episode 9: “Crimson Sky” — April 16

  • Episode 10: “A Dream of a Dream” — April 23

Shogun Episode 5: My Plot Predictions!

a still from Shogun episode 4
a still from episode 4

If you’ve already watched it’s previous episode, then the chances are high that you are looking around to know more about the future events. Well, here you’ll get everything that you are looking for— BUT WAIT! If you’ve not watched the fourth episode yet, then I would suggest you to leave this article as I wi be mentioning many spoilers. So hey! SPOILERS WARNING AHEAD!!

Titled as “The Eightfold Fence”, the fourth episode was busy in setting up a base for it’s upcoming episodes. In fact, I would call it as one of the most important episodes of this show. Blackthorne is training the lord’s army in many different ways— one which is not yet known by most of them. Even their enemies are unaware of these “tactics” which shows his expertise and strategy at the same time.

I would say that Shogun episode 5 can dive deeper into their preparation— the only thing which may make a huge difference is the starting of war. Indeed, Blackthorne is not in the favor of war but he can’t really stop it. Our John is saying, “the fine art of naval warfare” is— But for me, war is looking just unstoppable. The whole theme of Shogun is revolving around the establishment of Japan and Tokyo, So the war is inevitable to stop.

Second big plot that I am predicting is revolving around Toranaga and his bloody mistake. We learnt how he escaped in episode 3 under Ishido’s nose, however, this moment was not making that much impact until the events of fourth episode. We have witnessed a very unexpected moment where Toranaga has indirectly initiated a war. The moment he killed one of Ishido’s favorites— I knew that a war is now about to begin. To be honest, I am feeling like 97% of fifth episode will revolve around the plot of war, so there is no need to dive deeper into their previous events.

Just in case if you don’t know then met me tell you that co-showrunners themselves are hinting at it. “It’s the point of no return, especially after Nagakado draws blood the way that he does.“—warns co-showrunner Justin Marks. His full quote reads:

“Up until this point, the escape is an escape — it was a ‘misunderstanding’ where Toranaga simply wanted to leave and so he left, and we’re all polite about it. But no one’s polite about a surprise cannon attack that murders one of Ishido’s prized retainers. Once you cross that line, you can’t uncross it.”

He teases, “The more interesting question that this middle portion of the show gets into is, ‘How does Toranaga, who wasn’t even there, respond to those kinds of things? The surprise assault on Ishido’s men is “going to force a response,” including, “it will be an interesting one to see.

Well, long story short— expect a lot of blood and chaos in Shogun Episode 5. We are just a week away from this drop of Shogun and things will get much clear and tense with the premiere of Shogun episode 5 and I just can’t wait to watch this intense action. Stick around the corner with TVPrism as we brings you some of the most engaging snd original content related to your favorite TV shows and celebrities. Till then— stay safe, peace out!

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