Will Parasyte: The Grey Season 2 Happen? Director Teases Exciting Updates!

Is ‘Parasyte: The Grey season 2′ happening? This question is now burning in our minds ever since we’ve watched the first season of this popular, which is a direct spin-off of the manga series by Hitoshi Iwaaka. Premiered on Netflix on April 5, 2024 – Parasyte: The Grey season 1 is following a very solid plotline with full of parasites and action sequences. The show was even trending as the ‘Number one’ show worldwide, which is enough to say a lot about it’s potential.

Now as soon as this spin-off meets it’s ending, a question appears in our minds that wants to explore the depths, loopholes and future possibilities of this unique and creepy universe. Luckily, the show’s director has now addressed the speculative questions surrounding Parasyte: The Grey season 2.

Parasyte: The Grey Season 2: Latest Updates by Director!

Parasyte: The Grey season 2 Netflix
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While the Netflix company has not announced any solid detail regarding the renewal status of this show, it is being reported that a sequel season is already on the cards. Series director Yeon Sang-Ho has exclusively talked about the possibilities of a potential Parasyte: The Grey season 2 while dealing with a very exciting cliffhanger which was shown at the end of episode 6 of season 1. We’ve learned that Izumi Shinichi is the one who can be used to build a whole plotline for season 2, and that’s what Yeon is talking about.

When asked about this character and his future in a potential second season, Yeon replied, “I couldn’t have just given [him] one line to say during filming the ending scene and told him to do it. The ending scene is set about eight years after the events of Parasyte: The Grey. I told actor Suda Masaki a very specific story. I explained when this character [Izumi Shinichi] comes into play, and he understood and acted accordingly.

He even teased that the “plans” are already out there by mentioning, “It’s difficult to give details, but there are plans. But if Season 2 is produced, I can say that Shinichi will have a role to some extent.” Hence, it is clear that he is just waiting to get some sort of permission from Netflix before diving deep into the world of this popular manga series. However, it all goes in a circle which starts and ends at the point of Netflix.

Will Netflix Greenlight Parasyte: The Grey Season 2?

Parasyte: The Grey season 1 Netflix
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This is the real deal. I mean, we now knows that the director himself is all set to make a return in Parasyte: The Grey season 2, but what about Netflix itself? Long story short, they will renew this show for more seasons without a doubt, and to be honest – that seems pretty obvious as well.

I’ve noticed that Netflix takes some time in analyzing the performances of it’ latest drops. Despite taking this much of time, this company is still managing a beautiful track record of renewing it’s best shows for multiple seasons. So can we expect the same treatment for Parasyte: The Grey season 2? Well, yes!

The show is trending on social media and fans are sharing a very positive reaction. Even the ending itself is enough to bring us more, but from company’s perspective – “Money game matters!” Director Yeon has also claimed that he can’t do anything regarding the status of Parasyte: The Grey season 2. He said:

“That’s not something I can decide. It’s up to Netflix. I think it [the story] will be about digging into something after eight years have passed. There is no limit to imagination, but it depends on whether it gets greenlit for production.”

One very interesting thing which you can find while reading between the lines is a plot hint. Yeon mentioned that is season 2 happens, then the saga will go for a time jump where they might skip eight years. For those who are wondering why, let me tell you that Izumi appears in this saga after eight years of current events, hence – inviting a time jump for the viewers.

Still it’d be very interesting to watch how Netflix develops it’s characters while sipping through all those years. So hold tight, because the chances are endless. While we’ve not heard any specific line or statement from the company itself, I’d love to ensure you that an announcement will drop very soon. After all the show is moving forward to grab a good amount of profit right?

I’ll be keeping this section updated, so you can check back later for more new stuffs. Also stick around the corner with TVPrism as we bring you some of the most exciting, engaging, original and authentic content related to everything TV. Till then – stay safe, peace out!

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