Chucky Season 4 Gets An Exclusive Update From Creator [Trending!]

Who wants to watch Chucky season 4? We are currently busy in streaming the third season of the popular horror saga known as ‘Chucky‘. The show has already delivered us some of the most epic, unexpected and ofcourse the creepy moments. Despite it’s intense sequences, fans like you and I always looks forward for more. I mean, why not? Afterall this universe is just too good to be true right? [Until it starts happening in real life!!]

Based on the iconic character ‘Chucky,’ the show has shown us a huge cameo of M3GAN herself in it’s episode 5 [looks like I just dropped a spoiler!] In fact, we never knew that we needed this collab but it is just a beginning of this creepiness. Real fun is now starting as series’ creator Don Mancini has officially shared some of the most exclusive and huge updates online. Not just about the current season, but for future seasons as well. Well, if you are a die-hard fan who always craves for more creepiness, then you’ve found your place. Here’s everything that Don has shared about Chucky season 4.

Chucky Season 4 Is Already Pitched To The Network,” Confirms Creator!

Chucky season 4 updates by creator
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In an exclusive interview with The Direct, Don has shared something that none of us were ready to hear. While talking about the performance and future aspects of this wonderful universe, he said that fans should expect another left turn in future seasons. The quote reads, “There’s very little I can say about that. I can’t tell you my idea for Season 4, but I’m really excited about it. I already pitched it to the network. So fingers crossed because it’s something I really like to do.”

Of course he can’t reveal everything to us, but his comment is enough to build a new hype among us, the audience. He continues, “I think it’s really fun, new, and again, another left turn in terms of what we’ve been doing so far. We don’t know the status of the show yet. So again, fingers crossed that we will get picked up, right?”

Not only the creator, but series’ stars are also very excited to explore the depths in the future seasons – more importantly, in Chucky season 4. Devon Sawa, who plays U.S. President Collins in the ongoing season says that he is already feeling a bit too “optimistic” for the future. His comment reads:

“Yeah, I’m optimistic. I’m optimistic. I’ve heard a little bit of the season unless it’s changed. But again, it’s Don [Mancini] raising the bar.”

While neither creator Don and show’s star Devon were revealing anything regarding the plotline, it is Zackary Arthur, Alyvia Alyn Lind, and Björgvin Arnarson who are exclusively sharing their own speculations and wishes for the events that should take place in Chucky season 4.

Talking with The Direct, Arnarson [Devon Evans] has expressed the desire for getting a separate quest for Devon. The star said, “I’ve been saying this. I think Devon should get back to his detective roots and really go on like a side quest. A side quest where he’s just out there trying to solve something on his own. And I think… I don’t know, maybe discover himself on the way or something. I think that’d be sick.”

On the other hand, Lind [Lexy Cross,] wants to bring back her Mean Girl roots.” Well, I’d love to watch her bad girl type of form once again. After all, that’s what she is known for right? In her interview, Lind said:

“I want to be evil again. I want Lexi to go back to her roots, her ‘Mean Girl’ roots. I’ve been a ‘nice girl’ [for] too long. I want her to go back to her ‘Mean Girl’ roots and I don’t know, do something big that we haven’t seen her do yet.”

Apart from Lind, series’ star Arthur [Jake Wheeler] has also hinted that Chucky season 4 can also explore the new turn for his character. He mentioned that Jake can join Devon in his quest as a good cop to bring the classic theme of “good cop-bad cop.”

The actor mentioned, Season 1 Jake almost went to the dark side, right? Maybe that could be something. I think it’d be really funny if… Björgvin was talking about the detective [side quest]. I could be like the trope with the detective where they have the guy who’s like [aggressive] and I was like, ‘Well, ask him the questions or whatever.’ What is that trope where like the detectives where there’s a really stupid person and a smart…”

While Chucky season 4 is still waiting to get a greenlight from the Peacock studios, creators are already working for more seasons. All these small talks and hints are enough to say that something is definitely cooking between them – and I’d love to consume it. Well, I will be covering everything regarding this particular project, so stick around the corner with TVPrism as we brings you some of the most authentic, original and trending explanations, reviews, predictions and what not. Till then – stay safe, peace out!

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