Expats Episode 5: Surprising Plot Preview & Episode 4 Recap

Another day and another episode, this time with our Nicole Kidman‘s Expats Episode 4. The previous three episodes were enough to build up an initial hype for this TV Show and now that we’ve officially covered half way through this journey, many new twists and tricks are waiting for us. Expats episode 5 will land next week, however, it is very important for us to know everything which has happened thus far right?

After all we do wants to cover everything without leaving a drop from this magical show. Well, if you’ve already seen Expats episode 4 and wants to know about it’s fifth episode, then you are at the right place as I am going to take you through a series of updates including the release schedule, timings and more importantly, the surprising plotline for it’s future episodes.

Even if you’ve not seen it’s fourth episode then don’t worry- I am also going to deliver you a very precise and quick recap from Expats episode 4 which will be followed by the exciting surprises of Expats episode 5. So without wasting much time, here’s everything that you are looking for!

Expats Episode 5 Release Date And Schedule!

Expats Episode 5 Preview, Release Date & Everything
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The Expats is the first international TV show of 2024. Starring our beloved Nicole Kidman as the lead, the show is focusing over the life of a couple who has lost one of their kids named ‘Gus‘. The entire show is taking place at many different places, but majority of the sequences are taking place in Hong Kong.

If you’ve watched the first four episodes then you should have an idea about it’s release schedule. Just like any other show, Amazon Prime Studios is following it’s classic pattern of releasing one episode per week. Each new episode from this show is getting premiered on Amazon Prime Video every Friday at 12:00 A.M. GMT. Hence, Expats episode 5 will release on February 16, 2024 at the same time.

If you are not following the G.M.T. timeline then checkout the timings as per your country (just convert it into your own timeline). Still to make it even more comfortable for you, I am mentioning the Expats episode 5 timings in some timelines (thanks me later):

  • 4:00 A.M. Pacific Time Zone (PT)
  • 7:00 A.M. Eastern Time Zone (ET)
  • 12:00 A.M. Greenwich Mean Time Zone (GMT)
  • 1:00 P.M. Central European Time Zone (CET)

Expats Episode 4 : A Quick Recap!

Nicole Kidman in Expats
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Now that I’ve revealed the whole release schedule of Expats episode 5, next thing that you may ask is the plot for it’s next episode. So before jumping onto my predictions and surprising details about Expats episode 5, we should first take a look at the quick recap on it’s previous episode right?

I mean, it is very important for us to catch up everything which has happened in this saga thus far. After all, none of us would ever want to get confused at any point just because of skipping something which is important. So without talking about any random stuffs- here’s my explanations, or you can say a quick recap, of Expats episode 4:

The Truth Behind The Dead Body!

Expats episode 4 Nicole Kidman lead Margaret
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By the end of Expats episode 3, we found that a body was discovered and now it’s up to Margaret and her husband to identify whether it is of her long lost child Gus or not. The fourth episode was the one which was going to reveal a shocking truth behind this body.

As soon as we enters into this episode, we see Margaret and Clark who goes with the officers in order to identify the body. It was the moment where we witnesses a mother trying to convey herself that her child is all fine and she will be good to go. I mean, I’ve never seen Nicole Kidman doing such type of stuffs. Especially the scene where she starts laughing when they were about to reveal the body was truly deep and weird at the same time- but I enjoyed it!

After controlling her emotions and feelings, Margaret finally asks the officials to reveal the body by taking off the sheets. The officers do the same and finally after a long suspense- it is revealed that the body is not of her long lost child Gus.

Margaret takes a deep breath while Clark breaks down into tears. It was that moment when I discovered that dads are not always the strongest person of the family, there are some feelings and things which can break them and Expats episode 4 has showed it in a very beautiful manner. The episode further shows how Clark tries to convince Margaret to behave normally in the family, especially around her other children as they are feeling a bit uncomfortable around her (due to her over protective nature).

Hilary’s Problems!

Hilary and her mother in Expats episode 4
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Expats episode 4 further shows us the mother of Hilary who has landed in Hong Kong. Hilary picks her up and as soon as she picks her- the mom starts cursing her (I’ve seen many such moms, but they are cute right?) Anyways, we later finds how Hilary and her mom were in an elevator when it suddenly stops working- hence, both gets trapped inside it with another random woman.

It was the moment when Hilary’s mom starts cursing her daughter once again but the reason was a bit sad this time. Her mom curses her for not having a child at this age. In fact, she even blames her for her condition and the problems which she is facing in her relationship with David.

Hilary do tries a lot to ignore her but at the end she gets exhausted and faces off her mom. After a good amount of argument right after the eyes of a random person, Hilary reveals the miserable life of her own mother which finally shuts the mouth of mom. She also reveals the present situation of her life and everything which she is trying and facing every single day, whether it is violence, trauma or depression.

To be honest, only a female can feel the pain of Hilary. No matter how much our society grows up- we will always get some people who will blame females on the decision of having a baby. Expats is the best example which is tackling with this problem in a very perfect manner.

Expats Episode 5 Preview: Huge Plot Predictions!

Nicole Kidman lead Margaret Expats
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So I’ve covered literally everything that I promised at the beginning of this article. I’ve revealed the full detailed release schedule of Expats episode 5, then I covered a quick recap of episode 4. Now what’s next? Oh yes- Expats episode 5 plot predictions, my favorite thing to do! I mean, I don’t know why I loves to predict so much about the future drops of any TV show, maybe that’s what makes me a passionate writer.

Well, whatever it is- all I knows is that it is my duty to fulfil my promise and to give you an exact idea about the future event of any ongoing TV show. With that said, here are my quick predictions for Expats episode 5 which are very likely to happen:

Where Is Gus?

Nicole Kidman in Expats
Nicole Kidman in Expats

The biggest mystery of episode 3 was the body which was discovered by the officials. It was said that maybe it belongs to Margaret and it is none other then Gus. Episode 4 has brought a clarity by revealing that the dead body is not of Gus, hence, leaving us on an unwanted yet an exciting cliffhanger.

Now one thing is confirmed- Gus is not dead. I can say it with even more confidence after watching the previous episode. I mean, it was a perfect time to reveal his body. It clearly means that Gus is still alive and a lot is happening in this show. Remember the neighbor who was stalking Margaret? Yes, he is directly or indirectly connected with the mystery of Gus for sure.

Believe me or not but it was this neighbor who has played a vital role behind the kidnapping (that’s what I will call it now) of Gus. Expats episode 5 is definitely going to take us through the series of developments where our Margaret may uncover the dark truths behind her long lost child. The wires will definitely connect her with some new faces who could’ve played a part behind this mess. So keep an eye on those sequences.

Mercy’s Huge Character Development!

Mercy in Expats
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Mercy and David are among those characters from this show who are going to play a very important role in the upcoming episodes (not for Margaret, but for themselves). If you are following our site then you may remember that I was the one who predicted about the upcoming modifications in the character of Mercy and see, she has now become an important part of this show.

By the end of Expats episode 4, it is revealed that Mercy is pregnant. Despite the low fertility problem of David, Mercy is now going to have a baby, yes it’s true that she has not made any decisions yet but if you’ll pay a closer look on the ending moments then you may notice a feeling of acceptance in the facial expressions of both David and Mercy.

The life of Hilary and David is already creating a lot of mess, and now that he is going to have a baby with Mercy, I feels like a storm is going to land for all three of them. We have to see what decision will Mercy make but one thing is confirmed- Mercy will take a good amount of screen time in Expats episode 5.

Hilary’s Problems Will Increase!

Hilary from Expats
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Hilary is the only character from Expats who is facing a lot of problems un both her professional and personal life. I would say that her decision of not having a baby is not hers anymore. Any random person lands in her life for what? For criticizing her because she don’t want to have a baby? This is truly heart shattering.

Hilary’s life is going to deliver her some more troubles when she will find the truth behind Mercy’s pregnancy. I don’t know why but I am feeling like a lot is going to happen with this specific character. Margaret needs help. She will now try die hard to find the truth behind Gus and it is highly possible that Hilary may decide to help her friend- doesn’t matter how much Margaret denies her.

To be honest, it is getting hard for me to predict much about Hilary because the show runner has given a very typical kind of story to this character. I can’t even think about her faith, but there’s something which says that Hilary will shine once again.

Expats episode 5 will land next week and this is going to be a moving episode without a single doubt. Thanks to the talented cast who is just too good to be true. Nicole Kidman is especially nailing the role of Margaret and characters like Mercy and Hilary are more like a cherry on top. I just can’t wait to watch it’s next episode, do you?

Make sure to stick around the corner with TV Prism as we covers some of the more authentic and trending content related to your favorite and latest TV Shows, theories and celebrities. Till then, stay safe, peace out!

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