Life-Sized Taylor Swift Cake Goes Viral During The Eras Tour 2024

Usually I covers everything related to pop shows, TV Series and celeb gossips- but Taylor Swift is truly exceptional. I mean, how can a fan-girl who always craves for Taylor can leave anything which is directly or indirectly related to her? Now is the time to talk about a cake which is gathering a lot of love throughout the internet.

Taylor Swift is currently very busy for The Eras Tour 2024 which is currently taking place at Tokyo, Japan. She rarely have any time to relax but hey, Swifties are here to take care of everything. The following of Taylor is truly iconic, it is the power of Swifties that this talented idol has become the highest grossing pop star of recent times. In fact, we’ve witnessed many moments where fans takes one extra step to prove their love for our Tay!

Same story is now trending on the internet where a very talented baker has made a life-sized cake which is not only inspired by Taylor– but also looks identical to her.

The post first went viral on Instagram when an account named ‘LaraCakes‘ uploaded a video where a woman can be seen making a life-sized cake of a person. As we moves deep in the fifty-seconds long video, it reveals that the cake is taking the shape of none other then our iconic Taylor Swift.

By the end of the video, this talented girl transforms the basic structure of cake which was looking identical to our beloved idol. The artist has also paid some extra attention on detailing which is paying off a tribute to ‘The Super Bowl 2024‘ which is going to take place in Las Vegas on February 11. Things are not clear about the presence of Taylor Swift during the game but when we takes a look at the teams which are going to compete, especially the Chiefs, it becomes almost confirmed that Taylor indeed will land at the show.

All things aside, let me talk about this cake because I am not over yet (or you can just simply scroll down to view more life-sized cake which are posted by this talented user). The account has also shared some other videos prior to the release of the main video where we can spot her making the facial structure of Taylor using her tools, breads, creams and other yummy stuffs. I don’t know whether I should say it or not but after taking a look at this cake, swifties like you and I can say “Let’s eat Taylor… I mean the cake lol!

I don’t know what will she do with this cake, maybe she can deliver it to Taylor or to one of our idol’s foundations. I am pretty happy because now this artist is receiving the attention which she deserves. The reel is now getting shared on cross platforms which mainly includes X/Twitter, Tik-Tok, YouTube, Reddit and other social media platforms. It has garnered over a million views (combined) already- even within the first twenty-four hours of it’s landing.

Who knows, maybe Taylor may pay some attention on this creative form of artwork!

More Life-Sized Yummy Cakes!

If you’ve already checked out the above images then you may’ve noticed the detailing. I mean, this level of work can not be done without a good amount of expertise, especially in the baking industry. Guess what? You are right!

When I checked this Instagram profile, I found that LaraCakes is a multi-talented artist who loves to make life-sized cakes. Her cakes are the perfect example of ‘beauty with brain’ (sounds weird for a cake to be honest!). But it’s true.

If you’ll take a look on her account then you will notice more similar life-sized cakes that she’s made over the years. She pays a close attention on trends and delivers a cake on the similar interests and topics- hence, guaranteed amount of views, attention, likes, shares and what not. For example, she’s made a cake of our Isabela Madrigal and Mirabel Madrigal from the latest Disney movie ‘Encanto‘ (image above).

Both of these cakes are the example of creativeness and talent, but she is not done yet. Tell me the name of most successful modern Disney ‘female’ character. Elsa right? And LaraCakes has already delivered a life-sized cake of our Elsa along with her Olaf.

The perfection can be observed by taking a look at the dress of Elsa and the textures of Olaf– Cool isn’t it? To be very honest, I was about to get lost in her Instagram page because it looks way too perfect, magical and tasty! You too can check out her page for more tasty stuffs.

Well, it was pretty much of everything that I wanted to share with you people. Make sure to stick around the corner with TV Prism as we covers some of the most trending, authentic and original content inspired or based upon your favorite TV Shows and celebrities. Till then, stay safe, peace out!

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