Pirates of the Caribbean 6 Officially Replaces Johnny Depp With A Shocking Face – Elon Musk Slams Disney

Tell me the name of the most beloved international franchise which has played a vital role in providing you many beautiful memories throughout your childhood. Of course it is none other then our Pirates saga. Now that we are getting Pirates of the Caribbean 6, the hopes for the return of Johnny Depp were sparking once again.

Despite the return of this wonderful saga, Disney has shared an official update claiming a shocking detail about the replacement of our talented actor- Johnny Depp. The update is now trending on all over the internet and almost everyone is busy in expressing his/her views over this decision. In fact, a massive number is now moving forward to boycott the sixth part of the Pirates of the Caribbean saga.

Social media is getting a mixed reaction. While most of them are negative, highly successful and popular billionaire Elon Musk is now expressing his anger over this decision which is made by Disney. It is not a first time when this company has shared something which is very controversial, Bob Iger lead Disney is repeating it’s mistakes by delivering us unwanted and bad castings even for it’s own popular franchises.

What exactly is happening on social media and why everyone is now busy in slamming this ‘woke’ decision of Disney? More importantly, who is replacing Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean 6? Here I am dealing with many exciting stuffs which is trending on all over the internet- so let’s begin!

Ayo Edebiri Officially Replaces Johnny Depp In Pirates of the Caribbean 6!

Ayo Edebiri is replacing Johnny Depp in Pirates Of The Caribbean 6
Ayo Edebiri

The biggest question which was occupying our minds were the casting of Pirates of the Caribbean 6. Johnny Depp is the one who was leading this saga ever since it landed on ‘Box Office’. He has played the lead role in all five movies and almost all of them were breaking records while achieving new milestones in the history of cinematography.

It was the popularity of this actor due to which even after a decade- fans who are now grown up, are still demanding him and so the Disney company to recast him for a sixth part which is officially happening. Despite all these requests, Disney has officially confirmed a shocking name who is going to replace our talented actor from this memorable saga.

Johnny Depp was all set to reprise his role, however, Disney fired him due to the popular ‘Amber-Depp‘ controversy. Now that he has officially won the case, people like you and I were expecting him to make an epic return in Hollywood via one of the most popular and highly established franchise of Pirates of the Caribbean 6.

But things never works as per our choice right?

Disney has officially revealed a shocking name who will lead Pirates of the Caribbean 6. The name is none other then Ayo Edebiri. Yes, I am not joking guys. She is the one who will be replacing our beloved and innocent Johnny from our favorite saga of Pirates.

Amber Head and Johnny Depp
Amber Head and Johnny Depp

I mean, Disney could’ve try to recast him- however, there’s a thing with the name of ‘self-respect’. I’ve gotten some reports which are claiming that Disney indeed tried to recast him but Johnny has denied it’s offer. I mean, it’s not a big surprise right?

You fired someone who’s spent years to develop a franchise and deliver you a huge blow of money flow. The thing which makes it even more shocking is the fact that they fired him way before the official hearings of court- so no wonder if our favorite Johnny Depp is neglecting the offer, because he too have a good amount of self respect.

Another big revelation that I want to share with you is the main theme. Pirates of the Caribbean 6 is going to transform the entire saga in a very different way. We’ve seen many powerful and mature pirates during this beautiful journey- but this time, Disney is going to deliver us a younger version of our protagonists.

It simply means that almost all of our main members are going to portray the younger self. Hence, I think that this movie may suffer due to lack of maturity and sincere clips.

To be very honest, a lot is going to get changed and Disney has already hinted by sharing it’s first update on the casting. In fact, I can’t even predict anything about the status of Pirates of the Caribbean 6 because this company is looking just way too confused, especially about this particular franchise. Still I will keep this section updated, so keep an eye on us!

Elon Musk Slammed Disney (Again!)

Elon Musk has slammed Disney for Pirates of The Caribbean 6
Elon Musk

If you are reading this article till now, then it simply means that you too want to know exactly why Elon is getting mad at Disney– in fact, most of you already knows the answer. As soon as the casting update got released on the internet via various giant Hollywood outlets, everyone started sharing their wild opinions. Some were demanding to ‘CANCEL‘ the movie while many were asking the fanbase to ‘boycott’ this project.

It was the time when a very popular and billionaire businessman who owns X (formerly known as Twitter), Tesla, Space X and other multi-national giant corporations comes and drops two words to destroy the decision of Disney.

The two words are: “Disney S*cks!

Yes, I am talking about Elon Musk. While every single person was busy in roasting Disney and it’s decisions- the richest person of the planet comments on it to express his anger and disappointment. It is not the first time when Elon is sharing his opinions on Disney. If you are following him or even if you are a bit active on social media, then you may have heard about some recent interviews of Elon Musk where he was criticizing the decisions of Bob Iger (CEO of the Walt Disney Company).

The owner of X (Elon) has recently shared an emoji of {thinking face} while replying to a comment of a user who was asking him to buy Disney. Previously the popular billionaire was criticizing the policies and marketing of Bob Iger and no wonder why. After all, there’s a reason why Disney is failing very badly on box office right?

Now despite all these comments, hate and anger, Disney is officially moving forward with it’s Pirates of the Caribbean 6 along with this so-called modern and modified casting. No release schedule is out yet but you can expect it to land somewhere by late 2026 or 2027.

I would say that it is just a beginning and the internet will blow up with anger again and again for sure. Many big casting revelations are yet to be announced, so be ready to feel the heat and rage of the huge fan-base which Johnny Depp has built over the years through his works and performances.

Well, I will be covering everything for you, so make sure to stick around the corner with TV Prism. We brings you some of the most up-to-date and trending content followed by our very own wild theories, reviews, analysis and predictions. Till then, stay safe, peace out!

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