Hugh Jackman Trolls Ryan On Deadpool 3 Title At Super Bowl

Hollywood is full of surprises and unexpected twists. It is the beauty of this magical place that we gets some of the best duo every now and then- One of these duos are our Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. I feels so lucky for getting them in Deadpool 3 aka Deadpool and Wolverine and why not, this movie has everything that you and I as a fan can ever think of.

The Super Bowl on the other hand is known for delivering us some of the most epic moments of winters. From the ease of our cozy blankets and a warm bonfire, it is the craze of this game that many giant Hollywood IP’s believes in delivering their first look teasers, TV Spots, promos and official trailers during the game. The Super Bowl 2024 was no different and it delivered us everything that we were looking for.

If you’ll ask me to choose one trailer above all for which I personally was excited then I am definitely going with Deadpool 3 (It has now become a universal truth isn’t it?). Finally after waiting for long days, months and then years- Marvel delivered us the greatness that we were craving for. The first official teaser trailer of Deadpool 3 aka Deadpool & Wolverine is here and now it is trending on all over the internet.

Not only the fans, but many giant Hollywood celebs are sharing their lovely reviews on this masterpiece, and Hugh Jackman is no different. The actor who himself is going to be in this movie is not only sharing his views, but he is also busy in trolling the main lead of this movie- our Wade aka Ryan Reynolds.

Deadpool 3 Teaser still

If you are a regular moviegoer like me or even if you are following both of these celebs on their social media handles then I think you too knows about their strong bond. Both of these multi-talented actors have played a major role in establishing some of the most strongest franchises of the Hollywood history. Hugh has settled the X-Men universe while our Ryan have played the role of Deadpool to set up his beloved saga.

Now that Marvel is dealing with it’s multiverse saga, it was the perfect time for them to cash in both of these characters by bringing them in MCU. Everyone was busy in making many wild speculations about the teaser of Deadpool 3 and thankfully, it was worth it. The teaser is building a hype among fans without revealing too much about the original theme of the movie.

In fact, I should say that we can feel the heat of this movie in the first few seconds of the teaser itself. Remember the glimpse where Wade almost breaks the fourth wall and trolls Disney in this trailer? Oh yeah! I do have something which is even more exciting, interesting and way too funny to handle (Yea, I remembered it from the word ‘troll’).

Ryan Reynolds is among those names of Hollywood who remains in trends , no matter what day or event it is. This actor knows how to bring the lime-light on himself very well. However this time, he’s gotten a good friendly competitor. Hugh Jackman is playing Wolverine in Deadpool 3 and now he has shared something which was truly unexpected yet sensational. In fact, I would say that we didn’t even knew that we wanted it so bad. Take a look at his latest tweet from below:

Official Tweet of High Jackman

Yes, it’s not a joke. You are looking at the tweet which has been posted by the official X/Twitter account of the Hugh Jackman himself. The captions reads “Fixed it!” and he is directly trolling his partner-in-crime Ryan without a doubt.

Ryan Reynolds lead Deadpool is among those superheroic characters who have gathered a huge amount of fame by not only because of his actions, but also because of his dialogues (which also makes his movies R rated). Hugh Jackman on the other hand is a man who’s played Wolverine for over a decade, yet he manages to keep a calm image of himself on both off & on-screens.

Now that Hugh has teased/trolled our Ryan in a very ultimate and funny manner, I am pretty sure that a reply should be under development inside the mind of our Ryan, and he will definitely drop a bomb very soon.

Ryan Trolled The Popcorn Bucket Of Dune 2!

Wade in Deadpool 3
image via Marvel studios

The fun is not over yet. In fact, it is becoming even more interesting with every new minute. The popcorn bucket of Dune 2 was trending on all over the social media because of it’s design (If you knows what I means). It was a clever move of Warner Bros to begin the marketing of it’s upcoming sequel of Dune– however, they didn’t knew that a ‘Marvel’s Jesus‘ was watching them.

Ryan Reynolds has taken his step to begin the marketing of Deadpool 3 aka Deadpool And Wolverine via his social media accounts by trolling the bucket of Dune 2. In one of his latest message, he has referred to the popcorn bucket and said that the bucket of Deadpool 3 is going on another level.

His full comment reads as:

Official Tweet of Ryan Reynolds

It is enough to say that a lot is going to happen in the near future, especially with this Deadpool 3 thing. The movie will hit theatres on July 26, 2024 and I just can’t wait to witness this masterpiece. This was just a teaser and we still have a lot to cover. You can expect a full length official trailer by late May for sure as it will eventually give them a chance to begin their marketing a month earlier from their scheduled release date.

Well, I will be keeping my eyes on this duo of Ryan and Hugh along with that of the promotional stuffs surrounding Deadpool 3. Make sure to stick around the corner with TV Prism as we covers some of the most authentic, original and trending content related to your favorite TV shows and Hollywood celebrities. Till then, stay safe, peace out!

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